Sonic Down Under is a 3D hand-drawn/computer animated family musical film loosely based on the 25-minute-long live musical Sonic Live in Sydney and the video game Sonic the Hedgehog 3.



Voice Actors

  • Patton Oswalt - Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Katie Leigh - Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Kath Soucie - Princess Sally Acorn and NICOLE
  • Ben Stiller - Knuckles the Echidna
  • Mike Pollock- Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik
  • David Herman - Scratch
  • Bill Fagerbakke - Grounder
  • Billy West - Coconuts
  • Dee Bradley Baker - Animals


  • The characters will sound and look simpler like they did in the cartoon shows: Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog TV series and Sonic Underground
  • The Goodniks will be renamed to Animals.
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