Sonic: Rebirth is a Japanese-American action-adventure media franchise based on Sonic the Hedgehog by Sega, serving as a soft reboot to the series by ignoring all post-Classic Era video games and retelling the lore by adding new and unique features. It was launched in 2018.


Video games

Side games




  • Rings - Rings are used as currency as the player can unlock new powerups and outfits with them.
  • Chaos Emeralds - Chaos Emeralds are used to unleash super forms, being collected throughout the games.

Voice cast




  • The series mostly focus on the video game universe although characters and elements from other continuities (such as comics and animated shows) appear as well.
  • New characters are introduced.
  • Due to being a new continuity, the series' developers granted they'd avoid some of the mistakes done in later installments (like overusing the Deadly Six and Classic Sonic, downplaying some characters in favor of others like Shadow and wasting the potential of TBD).
  • Unlike other games, Rings are no longer used as health as the series establishes a health bar to show how much you hurt, being possible to be filled by smashing TBD.
  • Across Mobius and Freedom Fighters are considered non-canon to each other, yet both follow elements in games.
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