Sonic: Nega is a Japanese-American action-adventure video game based on Sonic the Hedgehog by Sega, serving as a sequel to Sonic Worldwide. It is developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega, being released for Sega Orion on August 7th, 2020.


Set a few months after Sonic Worldwide, Sonic finds out that a new menace forms an alliance with Eggman to take over Mobius, with such figure is revealed to be an Eggman from another dimension. As a result, Sonic ends up joining forces with two figures from that dimension to find out their plans and to stop them before they become successful in their goal: interdimensional conquest.






  • Moto Bug - TBD
  • Crabmeat - TBD
  • Caterkiller - TBD
  • Chopper - TBD
  • Buzz Bomber - TBD
  • Balkiry - TBD
  • Nebula - TBD
  • Snail Blaster - TBD
  • Spinner - TBD
  • Egg Pawn - TBD
  • Eggrobo - TBD


  • Green Hill Nega
  • Whisky Willows
  • Nebula Space Station
  • Retronmedia
  • Camp of No Return
  • Shoot Down Town
  • Edge City
  • Warzone
  • Meldonia
  • Death Egg Nega


See Sonic: Nega/Missions.


The game features three distinctive gameplay styles depending of the character's abilities. Sonic's gameplay, like the previous game, relies on high speed and quick choices. As for Silver, his gameplay relies on his psychokinetic abilities, changing his levels/gameplay to a more stealth/puzzle-based approach. In Blaze's case, her gameplay combines speed with her pyrokinetic powers as a tool to destroy any sort of obstacle in her way.


See Sonic: Infinite Riders.



  • This game is considered a pseudo-reboot to the Sonic Rush duology.
  • Similar to Sonic Worldwide, this game introduces new changes:
    • Silver's future and Blaze's world are merged into a single dimension named the Nega Dimension.
    • Silver was slightly aged up to 15 while Marine was aged up to 11.
    • Similar to Espio in the first game, Blaze is the only character to retain its previous voice.
    • Agent Topaz, then exclusive to Sonic X, is introduced into the game canon as a G.U.N. agent.
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