Son of Godzilla
Directed by Jon Watts
Produced by Jon Watts
Screenplay by Jon Watts
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Music by Henry Jackman
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Production company Legendary Pictures
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures (Worldwide)
Toho (Japan)
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Country United States
Language English
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Son of Godzilla is an American monster film directed, produced, and written by Jon Watts. It is the ???? film in Godzilla franchise, the ???? film in Legendary's MonsterVerse, and the ???? Godzilla film to be completely produced a Hollywood studio. The film stars TBA.


Cast and Characters


  • TBA as Joel Taylor -
  • TBA as Emiko Kitagawa -
  • David Tennant as Dr. Charles Newton - A paranoid former scientist for Monarch who is considered a friend to the kids.
  • Michael B. Jordan as TBA -
  • Margot Robbie as TBA -
  • Amy Adams as Dr. Helena Curtis - A light-hearted and geeky Monarch biologist who works alongside the other Monarch agents in their search for Minya due to the strange signals related to Godzilla.
  • Cristina Vee as Private Rey -
  • Kyle Chandler as Dr. Mark Russell - An agent of Monarch who is still trying to come in terms with his ex-wife's loss and alongside the other Monarch agents are searching for Minya because of that strange signal.
  • Bradley Whitford as Dr. Rick Stanton -
  • Zhang Ziyi as Dr. Ilene Chen -
  • O'Shea Jackson Jr. as Jackson Barnes -


  • TJ Storm as Minya - An infant of Godzilla's species who is befriended by a group of kids.
    • Godzilla - A giant monster who is currently searching for Minya.
  • Alan Maxson as Gabara - 



Weapons, Vehicles, and Races


Filming went into production on TBA under the working title of "Rottweiler". It was filmed largely in TBA


The major influences for the film are E.T. the Extra Terrestrial and The Iron Giant


Henry Jackman will compose the soundtrack.

Track listing

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Home media


Mark Russell: Of course there's two of them


  • Minya's behavior is influenced by the behavior of infant animals like big cats (lions and tigers), bears, gorillas, and elephants.
  • David Tennant's character Dr. Charles Newton is named after Charles Darwin and Isaac Newton.


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