Solace is an evil artificial intelligence and a major antagonist of Monster Kid. She was created by the Blight.



Solace seeks to eradicate all life in the universe.


Early Life

Prior to the events of the show, Solace was created by Blight scientists as a supercomputer and peacekeeper for Photon. However, General Chronos attempt to betrayed his own people by corrupting Solace's systems, causing her to become rogue as part of a plan to take control of Photon, but Chronos' plans were in vain as King Ghidorah arrive to destroy the entire planet.


Powers and Abilities

  • Artificial Intelligence Physiology
    • Nanite Artificial Intelligence Physiology
  • Artificially Advanced Intellect
    • Viral Transferal
    • Programming
    • Body Creation
    • Computer Virus Manipulation
    • Technology Manipulation
      • Technological Possession
      • Technological Constructs
        • Bio-Technology
  • Android Physiology
    • Advanced Strength
    • Advanced Durability
    • Advanced 
    • Flight
    • Regeneration Systems
    • Energy Blasts


  • Solace is similar to the Marvel Comics supervillain, Ultron.
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