Sol Badguy (ソル バッドガイ, Soru Baddogai) is the main protagonist of the Guilty Gear series and makes his Super Smash Bros. series (Great Fray Smash Bros. in Japan) as a playable Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Great Fray Smash Bros. Special in Japan) DLC Fighter.


References are taken from here: [1] and [2]

  • Walk Speed: Bayonetta
  • Run Speed: Shulk
  • Fall Speed: Piranha Plant
  • Weight: Cloud
  • Air Speed: Ness
  • Air Acceleration: Simon

Sol Badguy is a close-range fighter with attacks that are perfect for pressuring opponents, avoiding approaches and closing gaps. He has high damage output and can hit quick, but not on par with heavyweights like Bowser and Ganondorf. Much like Ryu, Ken and Terry, he always faces towards his opponent and has command inputs for his specials which increase the damage.



Sol is capable of air-dashing by double-tapping left or right after the first jump, being able to boost himself horizontally in the air. This allows Sol to approach and recover in ways other characters can't. However, he is vulnerable during the first half of an air-dash. They travel a bit less than half of Final Destination. The backwards air-dash only goes about a quarter of Final Destination.


Sol has a meter that would increase throughout the battle. It would fill as Sol runs towards opponent and does damage. However, it goes down when Sol takes damage.

Roman Cancelling

Sol is able to spend his tension meter in order to cancel special moves. If he is using a special move in neutral, he can press a shield button to Yellow Roman Cancel the move (costing 25% tension). This allows for fakeouts with Break/Riot Stamp, mobility with Bandit Revolver or moving with a projectile with Gun Flame. Volcanic Viper cannot be Yellow Roman Cancelled.

Sol can also spend 50% of a tension meter to cancel his move while hitting an opponent, resulting in a Red Roman Cancel. It also creates a bit of slowdown around Sol, kind of like a very weak Witch Time and allows for deadly combos.

Counter Hit

If Sol gets hit in the start-up of an attack, he will get a counter hit. He will be put either into stagger (stunned for about a second and a half with a weak move), get a Smash 64-like hitstun (a move that sends him up) or take 1.5 knockback (a strong attack).


Like Terry and Kyo, Sol would have two super moves that he can peform at the cost of 50% tension.

  • Tyrant Rave (Attack+Special+left or right) - Sol does a giant flaming punch that can kill at 70% at ledge. Has some start-up and can be easily stuffed out. Cannot be used in mid-air.
  • Dragon Install (Attack+Special+down) - Sol taps into a portion of his Gear power, transforming him into a dragon-like form. For about 8 seconds, he has Sonic's run speed, all of his moves are sped up and his special attacks gain new properties
    • Gun Flame - An explosion in-front of Sol that sends foes flying.
    • Bandit Revolver - Has flaming multi-hits.
    • Bandit Bringer - Is even strong as Bandit Revolver.
    • Volcanic Viper - Goes 3 times higher with more hits.
    • Riot Stamp - Has multiple hits.
    • Break - Has a bigger explosion.
    • Tyrant Rave - A full-on flame beam that kills at around 30% at ledge.

However, when Dragon Install runs out, Sol is left helpless as if his shield was broken and he loses his meter for the rest of a stock. It also runs out quicker if you are hit.

Basic Moves

  • Neutral Combo - Sol simply jabs forward with the hilt of his sword, then performs a kick, a close sword swing and finishes with a heavy vertical slash. Can be cancelled into Down or Forward Tilt.
  • Side Tilt - Sol does a fast upward swipe with his sword while leaning forward.
  • Up Tilt - Sol slashes his sword upwards similar to Ike's Up Tilt.
  • Down Tilt - Sol crouches down and does a low slash with his sword.
  • Dash Attack: Fafnir - Sol dashes forward and strikes the opponent with a burning punch.

Smash Moves

  • Side Smash: Tombstone - Sol lifts up and drives his weapon into the ground, burying the opponent on hit. If it hits an aerial opponent, it will result in a strong spike. Similar to Ganondorf's Forward Smash.
  • Up Smash - Sol swings his open hand upwards, resulting in a brutally strong, yet slow attack. Can break medium shields.
  • Down Smash - Sol crouches down and simply does a powerful low kick that hits an opponent into the air.

Aerial Moves

  • Neutral Air - Sol does a sword slash pointed downwards in-front of him.
  • Forward Air - Sol performs a forward kick mid-air.
  • Back Air - Same as his Forward Air, but Sol turns around and kicks slightly upwards.
  • Up Air - Sol kicks straight upwards similar to Ken's.
  • Down Air - Sol performs a downwards sword swing below him in the air.

Grab/Throw Moves

  • Grab - Sol grabs the opponent by their neck.
  • Pummel - Sol knees the opponent.
  • Forward Throw - Sol headbutts the opponent forward.
  • Back Throw: Sidewinder - Sol tosses the opponent, popping them up in the air a bit, before drifting behind them to deliver a Sidewinder to the back.
  • Up Throw - Sol jumps into the air with his opponent and does his Air Throw by holding them by their neck before having them burst into flames.
  • Down Throw: Wild Throw - Sol spins the opponent around and then slams them into the ground so hard they bounce back up.

Special Moves

  • Neutral Special: Gun Flame - Sol creates a flame wave that travels a little less than half of Final Destination and sends the opponent up for low-mid percent combos. He can only use this move on the ground and it will dissipate if it hits a ledge.
  • Side Special:
    • Bandit Revolver (Tap) - Sol does a jumping knee that leads into an axe kick. The axe kick is a weak spike that puts the opponent into a tech chase situation. Off-stage, the axe kick can gimp, though it is too weak to kill until 200%.
    • Bandit Bringer (Hold) - Sol leaps forward before unleashing a powerful flame punch, spking opponents in the same angle as Ryu's down air. In the air, it has about two seconds of cooldown and it down grab ledge, so save it for stylish kill confirms/yolo spikes.
  • Up Special: Volcanic Viper - Sol performs a flaming dragon punch uppercut similar to Ryu/Ken's Shoryuken. It has a big hitbox and Sol is invincible on start up, going the same distance as Shoryuken. It would kill unless you're at the top of the screen. However, if you hold the button, Sol will do a kick that spikes an opponent. The spike will only kill off the stage until 100%. Also, Volcanic Viper can't grab ledges, so Sol's recovery is vulnerable.
  • Down Special: Riot Stamp/Break - Sol does an invincible jump backwards similar to Mii Brawler's Feint Jump, before charging forward with a flaming kick. He wll bounce off of his opponent when he hits them. In the air, Sol will perform a spiking dive kick which makes a explosion upon landing into an opponent.
  • Final Smash: Branching Breach - Sol lights his fist on fire and lunges at his opponent to hit them with a burning punch. If hit, he then unlocks and revs up his sword which causes energy to burn through it. He slams the sword into the ground which causes fire to shoot up and he then rushes forward and strikes the opponent. This causes a burst of energy to shoot up through the opponent and then bursts out with a high reaching explosion which destroys the environment around. The Final Smash is an automatic KO to any opponent above 100% much like Bayonetta’s Infernal Climax and Zelda’s Triforce of Wisdom. When using Dragon Install, it will instantly kill opponents no matter what percentage.

Entrance/On-Screen Appearance

Sol is seen spitting out a bullet for his sword, catching/loading it and then says "You wanna live pal, you better don't hold back."


  • Up: Sol does his Instant Kill charge.
  • Side: Sol does his Guilty Gear respect, giving his opponent a thumbs up.
  • Down: Sol does his Guility Gear disrespect taunt, turning his back and giving a thumbs down. He also has different quotes depending on a fighter:
    • (to Mario) - "It's that fat plumber guy."
    • (to Luigi) - "A Tall Ghost beating Plumber."
    • (to Pikachu) - "An electric Mouse who would duel Me."
    • (to Greninja) "Crazy bouncing frog."
    • (to Peach) "The privileged Princess."
    • (to Kirby) "A pink Nightmare."
    • (to Wario) "Farting Gasbag Mouth Breather."
    • (to Shulk) "Posh Boy Band Wanna-be Drop Out."
    • (to Ike) "Count me in, my man."
    • (to Isabelle) "Part Secretary, Part Dog, Part Weirdo."
    • (to Snake) "Mr. Hide-in-a-Cardboard Box."
    • (to Simon/Ritcher) "We're not the only Vampire Fighters in the House."
    • (to Sonic) "That one Blue Animal who also got some of my games published by his company of origin."
    • (to Cloud) "Some edgy silent swordsman I've never met before."
    • (to Bayonetta) "My kind of woman."
    • (to Byleth) "Gothic Whip Sword Marth."
    • (to Min Min) "Stretchy Jam with Technological Arms."

Idle Animations

One of the many Idle Animations of his would be taken from his appearances.

Victory Poses

  1. Sol turns to walk away, cracking his neck and turns to look at the camera while saying "Don't give me that look... Not bad, though."
  2. Sol throws his sword in the ground and looks away with boredom and his back turned to the camera.
  3. Sol does a more cinematic version of his down taunt (his victory animation from the Guilty Gear games).
  4. Special Victory 1 (when defeating a last opponent using a Final Smash like Joker) - A victory screen is pulled straight from the source material with the classic "DESTROYED" banner and voiceover.
  5. Special Victory 2 (when using a Dragon Install and kills a last opponent with Final Smash) - Sol is seen with his back turned to the camera, standing up, turning around and facing the camera while in Dragon Install. He then says "You're still just medium rare." as a victory screen from the previous special animation comes out.

Losing Pose

He humbly claps for the Winner.

Victory Theme

An updated remix of the Guilty Gear X2 versus theme, made to sound more victorious and symphonic (although the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal/Power Metal elements are still retained).

Kirby Hat

The Kirby Hat is based on his hair/face.


Similar to Emman's ideas if Jin and Chun-Li became DLC Fighters, Sol would have multiple stages (all of which are from his Universe of Origin) to be accompanied as opposed to one for everyone in the first Fighter's Pass.

Neo New York

The stage is located in a cliff, fenced off with barbed wire. A western-styled building in visible in the far right, where a rotund sheriff can be seem enjoying a burger in the first rounds, and cheering on the fight in the later ones. Assorted barrells and wheels can be seem laying arround in the center and clockwork-styled structures can be seem in the horizon, addorning a wasteland.


The fight takes place in the said Hovership (while at the same time, incorporating many of it's features from all of it's appearances).

Ganymede Archipelago

Originating from Guilty Gear 2, the island is a settlement with sophisticated buildings surrounded by beautiful white sand beaches. The fight mostly takes place within the Island.

Japanese Colony

The stage incorporates many of it's appearances at the same time (albeit with some updates and differences).

Classic Mode: LET'S ROCK, BABY!!!

For this one, his theme is based off his opponents he pitted from his own series.


  1. Male Corrin (Stage: Prism Tower)
  2. Dr. Mario with a Staff (Stage: Fourside)
  3. Ike (Stage: Colliseum)
  4. Donkey Kong (Stage: New Donk City)
  5. Min Min (Stage: Pirate Ship)
  6. Ken with a Katana (Stage: Peach's Castle)
  7. Sonic with Ike's Golden Sword (Stage: Port Town Aero Drive)
  8. Final Bosses: Ganondorf and Dark Pit (Stage: Dracula's Castle)


  1. White Robin (Ky Kiske)
  2. Dr. Mario with Death's Scythe (Spirit: Faust)
  3. A Blonde Bayonetta wearing White and Blue Clothes (Spirit: Millia Rage)
  4. Purple Jigglypuff (Spirit: Bedman)
  5. Donkey Kong (Spirit: Potemkin)
  6. A Black Haired Luigi wearing Blue and White Clothes wielding a pair of Fans (Spirit: Anji Moto)
  7. Ken wearing Blue and White Clothes with Ike's Golden Sword (Spirit: Sin Kiske)
  8. A Pink haired Ike in White Clothes (Spirit: Baiken)
  9. A Metallic White Mega Man (Spirit: That Man)
  10. A White Haired Ganondorf in Black Clothes (Spirit: Raven)
  11. A Black Haired Lucina wearing Red Clothes (Spirit: I-no)
  12. A White Cloud (Spirit: Izuna)
  13. A White Haired Ike in Black and White Clothes (Spirit: Chipp Zanuff)
  14. A White Lucina (Spirit: Ramlethal Valentine)
  15. A White Furred Sonic with a Staff (Spirit: Venom)
  16. A Big White R.O.B. (Spirit: Justice)
  17. A Black Bowser (Spirit: Es-Lord)
  18. A White Haired Zero Suit Samus in White Clothes (Spirit: Jack-O' Valentine)
  19. Blue Captain Falcon with Back Shield (Spirit: Slayer)
  20. White Peach with Staff and Bunny Hood (Spirit: Elphelt)
  21. Red Simon (Spirit: Axl Low)
  22. Dark Pit and Mii Fighters (Spirit: Dizzy (albeit with changes); with Mii Fighters referencing Gears)
  23. A Blonde Ness wearing Blue and White Clothes (Spirit: Bridget)
  24. Daisy wearing a White Dress (Spirit: Fanny)

Boxing Ring Title

"The Flame of Corruption"


Intro Quotes

  • "You wanna live pal, you better don't hold back."
  • "You ready to get pounded?"
  • "You want to play games with me? Next time you'll die."

Clash Quotes

Victory Quotes

Alternate Costumes

  • Red - Sol Badguy's default appearance/attire.
  • Orange - Four following palettes from Xrd - REVELATOR.
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Yellow - Based on a palette swap in Judgement.
  • White - Based on Ragna the Bloodedge from BlazBlue.
  • Gray - Based on Order-Sol, his younger version when he was apart of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights.

Reveal Trailer

For his reveal trailer, it would feature him pitting against Fire Emblem's Ike in which he is a Hunky and Muscular Swordsman like him. It would also show him pitting against opponents that reference his franchise.

Mii Costumes

Mii Hat

  • Faust (Guilty Gear)

Mii Brawler

  • Bang Shishigami (BlazBlue)
  • Iron Tager (BlazBlue)
  • Jam Kuradoberi (Guilty Gear)

Mii Gunner

  • Noel Vermillion (BlazBlue)
  • Colonel Bahamut (Contra: Hard Corps)

Mii Swordfighter

  • Es (BlazBlue)
  • Haku-Men (BlazBlue)
  • Ky Kiske (Guilty Gear)
  • May Mii (Guilty Gear)
  • Platinum the Trinity (BlazBlue)

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