Sofia's Makeover Fix Up is another crossover episode where Casey, Sophie and Mr. Blik have makeover problems while Anastasia and Lucifer fall in love with the Baker and Pom Pom.


While Anastasia falls in love with the baker and Elizabeth Taylor, RJ and Cinderella help her, Casey gets her face stuck while having a mud mask while Sofia, Timon, Pumbaa, Hammy and Verne help her. Sophie has a pimple on her nose and she tries to get rid of it by using chemicals, but makes her head shrunk after she gets rid of her zit. Mr. Blik got stung by bees and has a bump on his face. Will the guys need RJ and Taylor's help to fix their makeover and in time for Gordon and Waffle's arrival back from their trip and in time for the ball? Meanwhile the mice help Lucifer gets true love to Pom Pom, the snobby cat.




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