Sneak Out is an upcoming comedy/adventure R-Rated film. It will be released in April 20, 2018.


Two young ladies who are planning to sneak out and go on a road trip to a rock concert and meet their friends there without their parents know they're missing.


Laura Marano - Lilly Hillardsen

Chloe Grace Moretz - Mandy Simmons

Benicio del Toro - El Lacho Morendez

Francisco Melo - Drip Montygawo

Toni Canto - Drag Montygawo

Emilio Aragon Alvarez - Lloyd Rodgers

Seb Castro - Jarod Stevens

Dan Davies - Mitchell Hillardsen

Loni Anderson - Annie Hillardsen

Rick Dees - Rick Simmons

Christina Applegate - Anna Simmons

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