Sly Cooper is a platform stealth-action series for the PlayStation 5. It is developed by Sanzaru Games and Sucker Punch Productions and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is a reboot of the original series and it is referred to as a "new beginning" for the Sly Cooper canon.


The world is populated by anthropomorphic animals, with film noir and comic book motifs. The story focuses on Sly Cooper, an adult raccoon and the latest descendant from a long line of master thieves who pass down their thieving techniques from generation to generation using the "Thievius Raccoonus," an ancient tome which contains all records of the Cooper clan's secrets, skills and accomplishments, such a heists has been handed down through generations. While the Cooper family has accumulated a massive amount of wealth through their thieving ways, Sly has greater value on his friendship with his partners; Bentley, a turtle and the brains of the group, Murray, hippo who is the muscle and the getaway driver and Lexi, a leopard. As a quartet, they form the Cooper Gang, perform elaborate heists all over the world, often for the purpose of taking down large and dangerous groups of criminals and villains, as the golden creed of the Cooper Clan; is to only steal from other thieves because there's honor or fun stealing from innocent/ordinary people. The gang is pursue by Sly's love interest, Inspector Carmelita fox.


Sly Cooper and the Thievious Raccoonus

Sly and his friends, Bentley the turtle, Murray the Hippo and Lexi the Leopard must recover the "Thievius Raccoonus", a book accumulating all the special thieving skills and techniques Sly's ancestors, the Cooper clan have recorded over many centuries which was stolen by, the Fiendish Five, a villainous gang led by Clockwerk, a giant immortal robotic owl with a deep burning hatred for the Cooper Clan.

Sly 2: Band of Thieves

Two years after defeating Clockwerk and the Fiendish Five, Sly Cooper and the Gang break into the Cairo Natural History Museum to steal Clockwerks disassembled parts and permanently destroy them to end the threat to the Cooper Clan. Only to discover that the parts have already been stolen.

Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves

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Main Characters

  • Sly Cooper (Kevin Miller), The main protagonist of the series and the leader of the Cooper Gang.
Sly is a young adult anti-heroic Raccoon and a gentleman master thief who is descendant from a long line of Master Thieves known as the Cooper clan. On his tenth birthday, Sly was ready to inherit the Thievious Raccoonus from his father, Connor Cooper. However on that very night, five criminals, the Fiendish Five, led by Clockwerk sieged an raided Sly's family mansion. Sly hid in the closet while he watches his father fight the five but was overpowered. Sly was noticed and founded by Muggshot and Clockwerk threatened to hurt him if Connor doesn't reveal where he hid the Thievious Raccoonus. As. His signature color is Blue. Age:21.
  • Bentley (Matt Olsen), The deuteragonist and the brains of the Cooper gang.
Bentley is a diminutive green box Turtle with green eyes. who skilled with computers, gadgets, explosives, ciphering data and master of electronics and robotics. Over the past 10 years Bentley's small legs too weak for him to walk normally, which he now uses a highly advanced-modified wheelchair of his own design to make him faster and more mobile. His signature color is Green. Age:21.
  • Murray (voiced by Chris Murphy), The tritagonist and the muscle and wheel-man of the Cooper Gang.
Murray is a large pink Hippopotamus. His signature color is Pink. Age:21.
  • Alexis "Lexi" (Jessica DiCicco), A new character introduced to the rebooted series that is the acrobat and gymnastic wildcard of the Cooper Gang
Lexi is a tall and athletic Leopard with yellow fur, orange spots with black outlines, amber eyes and long blond hair with two strands at the front. She met Sly with Bentley and Murray. She became involved with Sly's first heist of stealing Ms. puffin's cookie jar from her office when she was distracting the Janitor before he could enter the room. Lexi is the second most athletic member of the team next to Sly with years of training in acrobatic gymnastics. Her signature color is Yellow. Age:20.
  • Carmelita Fox (Laura Bailey): A police inspector of Interpol and the main love interest of Sly Cooper.
Carmelita is a Latina vixen with orange fur, brown eyes and blue hair. Carmelita has a determined mindset of capturing Sly Cooper and putting him behind bars. Age:20.
  • Dimitri Lousteau:
A purple marine Iguana
  • Savio (Phil LaMarr): A new character introduced to the rebooted series.
Savio is a mysterious and shady indigo Reticulated Python who is a traveling merchant and black market dealer that provides Sly and his friends rare, unique power-ups and "illegal" gadgets and upgrades which cannot be found nor purchased on ThiefNet. Savio is a very sly, charismatic, humble, and knowledgeable serpent who aligns to neither side or faction, but rather sticks to the shadows in the background. Despite being a neutral character, he always honors his end of the bargain, as any merchant should be. He has great trust in Sly as values him as his "favorite" customer and is willing to provide him and his any gadgets, goods or information with the right price. He has a great knowledge of the criminal underworld as he is familiar with the Fiendish Five and their criminal activities (with the exception of Clockwerk.)

Recurring Characters

Cooper Gang

  • The Guru: Mystic
  • Penelope:
  • Panda King (Paul Nakauchi): A Pyrotechnician and a former unwilling member of the Fiendish Five.
Born from poverty, Panda King was fascinated with Fireworks on every New Year celebration. After spending decades of learning the art, the Panda King became a successful Fireworks craftsman and was adored by everyone. He later fathered a beautiful daughter, Jing King, whom he deeply cared for. One night, Panda King was forced to join Clockwerk's Fiendish Five after kidnapping Jing King. Either Panda King helps Clockwerk to steal the Thievious Raccoonus or he'll lose his daughter forever and with no other choice, he accepted his offer.


  • James Barkley (Jim Ward): The head of INTERPOL and the mentor of Carmelite Fox.
Barkley is an elderly badger
  • John Shepard (Troy Baker):
A German Shepard
  • Stan (Patrick Warburton): A police officer of Interpol that serves as a comic relief in the series.
An over-confident Golden eagle with a muscular build. Stan is self-centered and stubborn, he often proclaims himself as the "greatest undercover cop on Interpol".  He is a strong flyer but is overall dimwitted.
  • Chloe Noire (Katie Lowes):
A Rough Collie and a criminal profiler at Interpol.

The Cooper Clan

  • Conner Cooper (Brian Bloom): The late father of Sly Cooper and the leader of the original Cooper gang. He perfected the laser walk/slide technique from using Tennessee's technique.
  • Eliza Cooper: The late mother of Sly Cooper and a female member of the original Cooper gang
  • Rioichi Cooper (): Sly's ancestor from Feudal Japan circa 1570 AD.
  • "Tennessee Kid" Cooper (Sam Riegel): Sly's outlaw ancestor from the 1880's.
  • Henriette "One Eye" Cooper: Sly's pirate ancestor circa 1603.
  • Slaigh MacCooper: Sly's ancestor from Celtic Scotland circa 1400 AD. He perfects wall edge slide technique 
  • Slytunkhamen Cooper I (James C. Mathis III): Sly's ancestor from ancient Egypt circa 1350 BC.
  • Thaddeus Winslow Cooper III (Jeff Bennett):  Sly's ancestor from Victorian-era London of 1839.
  • Sir Galleth Cooper (): Sly's ancestor from medieval England circa 1280 AD.
  • Salim al-Kupar (): Sly's ancestor from Arabia circa 960 AD.
  • Tikal Cooper: Sly's Mayan ancestor from Mesoamerica circa 614 AD.
  • Suzanne Cooper (): Sly's female ancestor from 1925. She perfected water safety technique
  • Valka Kooperson: Sly's female Viking ancestor and second strongest of the coopers in Norway circa 1030 AD
  • Caius Coopercus: Sly's gladiator ancestor from ancient Rome circa 108 AD.
  • Alexandre Cooper II: Sly's musketeer ancestor from France circa 1651.
  • Felipe de Cooper: Sly's ancestor from Spain circa 1501.
  • Wang Li Cooper: Sly's ancestor from Imperial China circa 232 AD.
  • Bob Cooper (): Sly's cave thief ancestor from 10,000 BC.
  • Otto van Cooper: Sly's European ancestor from the 1900s

Other Characters

  • Jim McSweeney (Darin de Paul): The brawn of the original Cooper gang
Jim McSweeney is husky Walrus who had a great close friendship with Connor Cooper and Dr. M. When the Fiendish Five raided the Cooper Mansion, Connor told Jim and Dr. M to get his son Sly to safety and take him somewhere he'll be well-taken care off.
  • Dr. Emmett Mandrilson (Kirk Thornton): The brains of the original Cooper gang
Dr. M is a highly intellectual Mandrill that has been a good friend/teammate of Conner Cooper and McSweeney. 
Introduced in Thievius Raccoonus
  • Horace: An elderly beagle and a resident of Mesa City. He assists Sly and the gang to take down Muggshot and his gambling empire
  • Clyde: An Old English Sheepdog and a friend of Horace
  • Jing King: The daughter of the Panda King who was taken hostage by Clockwerk. He used Jing as a bargaining chip to force her father to cooperate with Clockwerk to help him and the rest of the Fiendish Five steal the Thievious Raccoonus.
  • Cajun Joe: A Cajun accented Cuban Crocodile paid by Carmelita to take her to Haiti in her persuit for Sly Cooper.
Introduced in Band of Thieves
  • Tansen: A young adult Bengal tiger and the son of Rajan.


Fiendish Five

  • Clockwerk (Mark Hamill): Fonder and Leader of the Fiendish Five and the life-long enemy of the Cooper Clan.
  • Sir Raleigh: Chief 
  • Muggshot: Enforcer and gunman of the Fiendish Five.
Muggshot is a massive Bulldog with large muscular arms. As a young pup, Muggshot was frequently bullied by other older Dogs for being the runt of the litter
  • Ms. Ruby: Chief mystic and voodoo priestess of the Fiendish Five
Ruby is a Haitian Alligator

Klaww Gang

  • Arpeggio
  • Nyla
  • Konstantine: Owner of the Nightclub
A Chameleon. He takes Dimitri's place in the reboot as a member of the Klaww Gang.
  • Rajan
  • Jean Bison
  • The Contessa:
  • Mandarin: A Japanese crime boss and extortionist that is somewhat of an equal to Rajan.
An Emperor Tamarin

Enemies, Guards and Henchmen

  • Rooftop: Newts and Razorbills
  • Stationary: Walruses
  • Flashlight: Walruses

Muggshot's guards are different breeds of dogs depicted as gangsters

  • Vincent Pincher (voiced by Kevin M. Richardson): A scarred Doberman Pincher and Muggshot's right hand man. Vincent is in charge of the flashlight guards and head of security.
  • Inkspot Jackson (voiced by Jeff Bennett): A slim Dalmatian and one of Muggshot's top henchmen. Jackson is a croupier and gambler who uses playing cards as his weapon of choice
  • Paulie Shackles (voiced by Rick D. Wasserman): A grey obese Basset Hound and one of Muggshot's top henchmen.
  • Gorgeous Lou (voiced by Travis Willingham): A French-accent Pit Bull and one of Muggshot's top henchmen
  • Rooftop: Boxers and Rottweilers
  • Patrol: Coonhounds and Bull Terriers
  • Flashlight: Doberman Pincers
Mz. Ruby
  • Rooftop: Water Rats, Poison Dart Frogs (Rooftop)
  • Palm Crows (Patrol)
  • Rhinoceros Iguanas (Flashlight)
  • Miscellaneous: Swamp Monsters, Voodoo zombies, Rat Ghosts, Mosquitoes, Spiders
Panda King
  • Gibbons and Baboons
  • Asian Golden Cats, and Orchid Mantis (Patrol)
  • Gayals (Flashlight)
  • Miscellaneous: Robo-Falcons
  • Rooftop:Rats and Frogs
  • Patrol: Leopard Lizards
  • Warthogs (Flashlight)
  • Rooftop: Grey Langurs and Ibex
  • Patrol: Black-necked Storks
  • Flashlight: Indian Rhinos (Flashlight)
The Contessa
  • Rooftop: Wolves and Bats
  • Flashlight: Vultures
Nyla's hired Mercenaries
  • Tokay Geckos and Bombardier Beetles (Rooftop)
  • Lynxes (Patrol)
  • Gorillas (Flashlight)
Jean bison
  • Rooftop


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