Skyrim: Legend of Dovahkiin
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Created by

Aaron McGruder

Based on

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by Bethesda Studios

Voices of

Clancy Brown

Country of

United States





Aaron McGruder

Running time

42 min. (approx.)


Warner Bros. Animation
Williams Street


Warner Bros. Television Distribution



Adult Swim

Original release

November 11, 2018-February 9, 2020


Followed by

Skyrim: Tyranny of the Sun

Skyrim: Legend of Dovahkiin is a 10-episode miniseries created by Aaron McGruder based on the video game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, by Bethesda Studios. It has aired from November 11, 2018 until February 9, 2020 on Adult Swim.


After being caught illegally crossing the Cyrodiil-Skyrim border, an anonymous Nord prisoner is escorted to the town of Helgen to face criminal execution alongside Stormcloak rebels. After Helgen is destroyed by a large, spiky black dragon, this mysterious person soon discovers who he actually is, and the massive scale of what's to come...


(Intro music)

"Long ago, dating back to the Merethic Era, Nirn was dominated by the tyrannical dov... the dragons. They were all ruled by Alduin, the World-Eater, firstborn of Akatosh, Chief of the Divines and the God of Time. But, one day, three Ancient Nord warriors: Gormlaith Golden-Hilt, Hakon One-Eye, and Felldir the Old, challenged the furious black dragon. Together, and using a forbidden object of time: an Elder Scroll, Alduin was banished in time. To follow, the remaining dragons had been slain by the Dragonguard, or went into hiding. The year is now 4E 201, exactly 200 years after the Oblivion Crisis in Cyrodiil. Alduin has returned, and will fulfill his destiny: Devour the World... or, will he? For there is but one mortal he fears... in their tongue, he is Dovahkiin, Dragonborn!



  • Clancy Brown as Dovahkiin/The Last Dragonborn - A beefy male Nord who is the Dragonborn of legend, whose destiny is to slay Alduin, the World-Eater.
  • Michael Gough as
    • Ralof - A Stormcloak rebel who assisted the Dragonborn with escaping Helgen.
    • Jarl Balgruuf the Greater - The Jarl of Whiterun.
    • Heimskr - A priest of Talos within Whiterun, who is not afraid of publicly preaching him even with the White-Gold Concordat in effect.
    • Roggvir - A male Nord from Solitude who was executed.
    • Various Male Stormcloaks - Members of the Stormcloak rebellion under Ulfric Stormcloak.
    • Various Male Bandits - Thieves, murderers, and lowlives.
    • Fake Riften Gatekeeper - An undercover Thieves Guild member posing as a guard to collect a phony "visitor's tax". However, the Dragonborn catches the whiff of it, and is then let into the city.
  • Martina Lotun as
    • Gerdur - Ralof's sister. Owner of the lumber mill in Riverwood.
    • Hulda - Innkeeper of the Bannered Mare inn in Whiterun.
    • Mjoll the Lioness - A former adventurer who now resides within Riften.
    • Various Female Stormcloaks - Members of the Stormcloak rebellion under Ulfric Stormcloak.
    • Various Female Bandits - Thieves, murderers, and lowlives.
  • Jonas Fisch as Hadvar - An Imperial soldier who was on duty at Helgen, who listed the names of the prisoners, before also escaping Helgen.
  • Vladimir Kulich as Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak - The Jarl of Windhelm and the leader of the Stormcloak rebellion. Also a veteran from the Imperial legion. He wishes to become High King of Skyrim, and has the support of many of Skyrim's Nords.
  • Richard Epcar as
    • Lokir - The horse-thief who was to be executed in Helgen, before being shot dead by Imperial archers in a futile escape to run away.
    • Proventus Avenicci - Jarl Balgruuf's steward.
  • Lani Minella as Irileth - Both the childhood friend and the housecarl of Jarl Balgruuf.
  • Olev Aleksander as
    • Hakon One-Eye - One of the Ancient Nordic heroes that stood against Alduin at Throat of the World.
    • Whiterun Guard #1 - One of the guards in Whiterun. This one uses the "arrow in the knee" joke.
    • Riften Guard #1 - One of the guards in Riften.
  • Paul Ganus as
    • Ysgramor - The legendary Atmoran hero rumored to be the first human to set foot on Tamriel, and also the first to welcome the Dragonborn into the Hall of Shor.
    • Captain Aldis - The Captain of the Guard in Solitude.
    • Eorlund Gray-Mane - The legendary Blacksmith who works the Skyforge above the Companions' Hall of Jorrvaskr.
    • Jorleif - Jarl Ulfric's steward.
    • Jurgen Windcaller - The founder of the Greybeards, now a spirit within Shor's Hall of Valor within Sovngarde.
    • Olaf One-Eye - The former High King of Skyrim who was famous for capturing the dragon Numinex within Dragonsreach, now a spirit within Shor's Hall of Valor.
    • Whiterun Guard #2 - Another one of the guards in Whiterun. This one uses the "someone stole your sweetroll" joke.
    • Riften Guard #2 - Another one of the guards in Riften. This one uses the "What is it? Dragons?" joke.
  • Christian Svensson as
    • Farengar Secret-Fire - The court wizard of Jarl Balgruuf, who finds great interest in the Dragon Cult.
    • High King Torygg - The former High King of Skyrim, who was slain by Ulfric Stormcloak. His spirit now resides wandering Sovngarde in an attempt to find the Hall of Valor, while caught in Alduin's misty soul snare.
    • Executed Stormcloak - The first, and only prisoner to be executed in Helgen, before Alduin attacks.
  • Michael Hogan as General Tullius - The General of the Imperial legion in Skyrim.
  • Claudia Christian as
    • Legate Rikke - The Legate of Solitude and second-in-command of the Imperial legion in Skyrim.
    • Aela the Huntress - A high-ranking member of the Companions, who is secretly a werewolf.
    • Adrianne Avenicci - The daughter of Proventus Avenicci, and one of Whiterun's blacksmiths.
  • Colleen Delany as
    • Lydia - The housecarl appointed to the Dragonborn by Jarl Balgruuf after becoming Thane of Whiterun.
    • Carlotta Valentia - The produce stall owner in Whiterun, and the mother of Mila.
  • Thor Edgell as
    • Tsun - Shield-thane to Shor, the Nordic God of Trials, and the Gatekeeper to the Whale-bone bridge to Shor's Hall in Sovngarde.
    • Bjorlam - The carriage driver from Whiterun.
    • Addvar - A fisherman and fish stall owner in Solitude.
  • Christopher Plummer as Arngeir - The speaker for the Greybeards, who teaches the Dragonborn more about the Voice. He also has a strong resentment for the Blades, due to their history of "turning the Dragonborn away from the path of wisdom".
  • TBD as
    • Wulfgar - One of the Greybeard monks at High Hrothgar. Teaches the second Word of Power to Unrelenting Force to the Dragonborn.
    • Borri - One of the Greybeard monks at High Hrothgar. Teaches the first Word of Power to Whirlwind Sprint to the Dragonborn.
    • Einarth - One of the Greybeard monks at High Hrothgar. Teaches the final Word of Power to Unrelenting Force to the Dragonborn.
  • Joan Allen as Delphine - One of the last members of the Blades, who acted as an innkeeper of the Sleeping Giant inn in Riverwood. Assists the Dragonborn in killing Sahloknir.
  • Max von Sydow as Esbern - One of the last members of the Blades, an archivist who remained hidden within the Ratway Warrens to hide from the Thalmor, who knows a great deal about the Dragon Cult and the Dragonguard.
  • Robin Atkin Downes as Brynjolf - A high-ranking member of the Thieves Guild, of whom, after the Dragonborn completes a simple framing job for, provides information about Esbern.
  • Enn Reitel as Delvin Mallory - A high-ranking member of the Thieves Guild.
  • Kari Wahlgren as Vex - Another high-ranking member of the Thieves Guild.
  • Charles Dennis as
    • Odahviing - A red-colored dragon who acted as a chief lieutenant of Alduin, before being captured by the Dragonborn in Whiterun's palace. He takes the Dragonborn to Skuldafn, and pledges allegiance to the Dragonborn after Alduin's defeat.
    • Mirmulnir - A brown dragon that is the first dragon that the Dragonborn slays at the Whiterun Western Watchtower. This dragon, unlike many other dragons, was never slain, and instead had gone into hiding, having been last seen in The Reach in 2E 212, only re-emerging from his hiding place with Alduin's return.
    • Sahloknir - A frost dragon that was slain by the Nordic hero Jorg Helmbolg in the First Era. He is resurrected by Alduin above Kynesgrove, but afterwards is slain by the Dragonborn and Delphine.
    • Various Unnamed Dragons - A variety of dragons that appear throughout the series, which include:
      • Brown Dragon - The most common and weakest of the dragons.
      • Blood Dragon - A green-colored dragon with a fin-like crest and spade-like tail.
      • Frost Dragon - A white and dark blue-colored dragon with a spiky body, and only breathes frost.
      • Elder Dragon - A bronze-colored dragon with a bulkier build compared to other dragons.
      • Ancient Dragon - A dark orange, black, and yellow dragon with a bulky build, similar to that of an Elder Dragon.
  • Jean Gilpin as Elenwen - The Thalmor ambassador to Skyrim.
  • Lynda Carter as Gormlaith Golden-Hilt - One of the Ancient Nord heroes who stood against Alduin at the Throat of the World. She met her end in combat with Alduin.
  • Paul Eiding as
    • Galmar Stone-Fist - The chief Stormcloak officer under Ulfric Stormcloak.
    • Septimus Signus - A former mage from the College of Winterhold who became crazed from the combination of knowledge from the Elder Scrolls and Hermaeus Mora's influence.
    • Felldir the Old - One of the Ancient Nord heroes who stood against Alduin at the Throat of the World. He was the one who banished Alduin in time by using the Elder Scroll.
  • Charles Martinet as Paarthurnax - The leader of the Greybeards who resides upon the Throat of the World. The brother, and former chief-lieutenant of Alduin during the Merethic Era. He appears to be worn and aged, having torn wings, chin spikes, a broken horn, and silver-blue eyes.
  • Daniel Riordan as Alduin - The Nordic God of Destruction and the World-Eater. He appears as an enormous, spiky black dragon with bright red eyes.
  • Jason Marsden as
    • Sven - The bard from Riverwood, who has tensions with Faendal over affection for Camilla Valerius.
    • Mikael - The bard from the Bannered Mare in Whiterun, who acts overly possessive of a variety of Whiterun's women, mostly Carlotta Valentia.
    • Aerin - Mjoll the Lioness' friend and caretaker.
  • Popeye Vogelsang as
    • Orgnar - An innkeeper of the Sleeping Giant inn in Riverwood.
    • Farkas - A high-ranking member of the Companions, who is secretly a werewolf.
    • Maul - Maven Black-Briar's right-hand man. A former member of the Thieves Guild, but now acts as an informant to Maven, but provides information on Riften after the Dragonborn pays him.
    • Idolaf Battle-Born - A member from the Battle-Born family in Whiterun who shows great loyalty to the Empire, even adorning Imperial armor.
    • Hewnon Black-Skeever - A part-time bandit who resides in the Ratway, alongside his partner Drahff.
    • Various Male Bandits - Thieves, murderers, and lowlives.
  • Keith Silverstein as
    • Nazeem - A rich Redguard from Whiterun who brags about his wealth due to owning Chillfurrow Farm.
    • Drahff - A part-time bandit who resides in the Ratway, alongside his partner Hewnon.
  • Keith Szarabajka as
    • Arvel the Swift - The bandit who stole the Golden Claw from Lucan Valerius in Riverwood. After the Dragonborn cuts him free from a large Frostbite Spider's web after a false promise to show him the secrets the Claw had, he is killed by a spike gate trap that awakens some Draugr.
    • Brand-Shei - A stall owner in Riften, of whom the Dragonborn plants Madesi's silver ring on in order to frame him for robbery in order to gain information from Brynjolf.
  • Tim Blaney as
    • Madesi - An Argonian jewelry stall owner in Riften, of whom the Dragonborn steals the silver ring from in order to plant in on Brand-Shei to gain information from Brynjolf.
    • Talen-Jei - The Argonian waiter of the Bee and Barb inn in Riften, who was formerly a bartender in the city of Gideon within Black Marsh.
  • Renee Victor as Keerava - The Argonian innkeeper of the Bee and Barb inn in Riften.
  • Stephen Russell as
    • Lucan Valerius - The owner of the Riverwood Trader, of whom had the Golden Claw stolen from. The brother of Camilla Valerius.
    • Belethor - The owner of Belethor's General Goods in Whiterun.
  • Corri English as
    • Jarl Elisif the Fair - The Jarl of Solitude, and widow of the late High King Torygg, who was slain by Ulfric, and resents Ulfric because of it. The Empire supports her to become the High Queen of Skyrim.
    • Camilla Valerius - The sister of Lucan Valerius, of whom has the affection of both Sven and Faendal.
    • Ysolda - A young Nord woman who wishes to learn the merchant's trade.
  • Elisa Gabrielli as Maven Black-Briar - The matriarch of the Black-Briar family in Riften, and one of the most powerful and influential individuals in Skyrim.
  • Jon Curry as
    • Faendal - A Wood Elf worker at the Riverwood lumber mill, who is at odds with Sven due to having mutual affection with Camilla Valerius.
    • Various Forsworn - Native Reachmen who wish to reclaim the Reach and overtake Markath. They primarily use and wear primitive equipment.
  • Noah Nelson as Urag gro-Shub - An Orc mage from the College of Winterhold who runs the Arcanaeum, the College's personal library.
  • Susan Eisenberg as
    • Saadia - A waitress of the Bannered Mare inn, who is secretly a noble of House Suda in Hammerfell. Her actual name is Iman.
    • Faralda - A High Elf mage who guards the bridge to the College of Winterhold. After the Dragonborn demonstrates his Thu'um, she allows him into the College grounds.
    • Umana - A Redguard woman who is one of the only survivors of the Alftand explorer party, alongside Sulla Trebatius, of whom she engages in combat with and kills afterwards, before being killed herself by the Dragonborn. She wielded a special spiked shield, known as the "Targe of the Blooded".
  • André Sogliuzzo as
    • Ri'saad - A merchant from one of the Khajiit caravans.
    • Kharjo - A guard of one of the Khajiit caravans.
    • J'darr - A Khajiit who was apart of the Alftand explorer band, who had gone mad and killed his brother, J'zarr. He attacks the Dragonborn and is killed.
  • Pam Cholet as
    • Khayla - A guard of one of the Khajiit caravans.
    • Ahkari - A merchant from one of the Khajiit caravans.
    • Shavari - A Thalmor spy who was tasked to assassinate the Dragonborn. She attacks him within the Ratway, but is dispatched of quickly.
  • Neil Dickson as Various Male Thalmor Agents
  • Julianne Buescher as Various Female Thalmor Agents
  • Gideon Emery as
    • Sulla Trebatius - An Imperial spellsword who was apart of the Alftand explorer band. He was one of the survivors that the Dragonborn encountered, before he was killed by Umana after engaging in combat with her.
    • Various Male Imperial Soldiers - Soldiers from the Imperial legion under the guise of General Tullius.
  • TBD as Lars Battle-Born - A young boy from the Battle-Born family in Whiterun, who is constantly bullied by Braith.
  • TBD as
    • Mila Valentia - Carlotta Valentia's daughter.
    • Braith - A Redguard girl who bullies Lars constantly.
    • Svari - The daughter of Addvar, and the niece of the executed Roggvir.


  • Jeremy Soule
  • Stephen Schwartz


No. Title Length
1 Dragonborn 3:55

Credits Theme

(NOTE: The credits theme is exclusive to the final episode, as each previous episode provides the credits in the intro, while the final episode end credits are the full credits.)


See List of Skyrim: Legend of Dovahkiin episodes.


These are the Follow-Ups to Legend of Dovahkiin, both based on Skyrim's campaign DLCs: Dawnguard and Dragonborn respectively.


Skyrim: Legend of Dovahkiin is rated TV-MA for:

  • Language
    • Use of mediocre profanity, primarily including the words "damn" and "bitch".
  • Use of Alcohol
    • Consumption of alcoholic beverages. Name says it all.
  • Strong Violence
    • An excessive amount of blood, and a bit of gore.



  • This miniseries aired on November 11, 2018, which was Skyrim's 7 year anniversary. It was originally November 25, 2018, but was pushed forward for convenience.
  • Some major events are left out in this series, including the "Diplomatic Immunity" quest, which is where the Dragonborn player is supposed to undercover infiltrate the Thalmor Embassy in Skyrim. The dragon battles with Vuljotnaak, Nahagliiv, and Viinturuth are also left out.
    • However, some after-events of "Diplomatic Immunity" aren't ignored. Elenwen makes a cameo during the High Hrothgar peace council, before the Dragonborn kicks her out.
    • Shavari also attempts to assassinate the Dragonborn within the Ratway, but fails miserably and is killed herself.
    • A few Thalmor soldiers within the Ratway Warrens refer to the Dragonborn as the "Blades Agent" as he makes his way to find Esbern.
  • The story DLCs (Dawnguard and Dragonborn) are not featured in this miniseries. They are featured in their own respective miniseries within Aaron McGruder's Skyrim trilogy. (see Follow-Ups)
  • The Dragonborn's real name is unknown, as he is referred to as "Dovahkiin" or "The Dragonborn" throughout each miniseries.
  • Being animated by WB Animation, the art/animation style is very reminiscent to Justice League, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, Justice League vs. Teen Titans, and Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge.
  • Dovahkiin is depicted as his traditional appearance: The default Skyrim character (A beefy Nord male with dark brownish-blonde hair and light blue eyes), adorning an iron helmet (with the traditional scratch gained during the battle with Mirmulnir), a studded cuirass, steel nordic gauntlets, and iron boots. He wields a steel sword and a banded iron shield, and occasionally, a steel dagger as a dual weapon alongside his sword. In Episode 9, following the peace negotiations, he adorns dragonscale armor, a dragon bone sword, and a dragonplate shield. However, he still adorns his traditional scratched iron helmet. His post-Episode 9 design remains consistent throughout the rest of the trilogy.
    • However, his casual outfit (as seen in the beginning of Tyranny of the Sun) appears to be him just wearing a set of normal clothes and shoes, without any armor equipped.
  • While there is still a fair share of blood and gore, it is relatively tame compared to Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge.
  • Robin Atkin Downes, who is Brynjolf's voice actor in Skyrim and in this miniseries, also voiced Kano in Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge, another Warner Bros. Animation work.
  • Like in the game, lots of characters share the same voice actor/actress. While in the game itself, having a smaller voice cast made it so Bethesda Studios didn't have to hire a wide variety of voice actors/actresses. This was also the same for the miniseries to keep consistency and faithfulness to the game.
  • Max von Sydow, Esbern's voice actor, died on March 8, 2020, at the age of 90, after finishing his voicework for Legend of Dovahkiin.
  • Richard Epcar, who voices Proventus Avenicci, Lokir, and many other characters in Skyrim, is most known for voicing Lord Raiden in the Mortal Kombat series, another Warner Bros. work.
  • The voice actors for Lars, Braith, and Mila had to be replaced due to their former VAs (Reese Hartwig and Harley Graham) now being too old to voice child characters.
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