Skylanders Kart Racing is a new game in the series created by Activision and developed by Toys for Bob, Beenox, and Vicarious Visions. The game will be released November 15, 2015 on Android, Fire OS, iOS, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.


Skylanders Kart Racing is a racing game that has features similar to Mario Kart and Looney Tunes Space Race, but players place their Skylanders figures from Spyro's Adventure, Giants, SWAP Force, and Trap Team to play as with yourself or with 3 more players! Now comes new figures you can find in stores: Kart Figures. They can be used to select a car for your Skylanders to drive.

Starter Pack

The starter pack includes:

  • Skylanders Kart Racing game
  • Skylanders Kart Racing poster
  • Portal of Power (now up to 4 players)
  • 4 Kart Figures (Flynn Mobile, Joy Ride, Toy Car, and Kart of The Dead)


Players are greeted by Master Eon, who tells them that there is a big race going on all over Skyland. But only ONE champian can make it big, not only for victory... but for taking its place as a new racer who can make it as a winner.

On Flynn's ship, we see Flynn watching TV as he flips through the channels, trying to find something good. Then he stops where he thought it must be good. A race is going on over Skyland, hosted by Michael Joy-Ride. (More coming soon...)


Kart Figures

  • Bone Kart
  • Bumper Race Car
  • Eye Kart
  • Fish Out O' Water
  • Flynn Mobile
  • Hover Truck
  • Ice Cream Monster Truck
  • Joy Ride
  • Kaos' Hot Rod
  • Kart of The Dead
  • Milk Kart
  • Toy Car
  • War Tank
  • Wheels Of Fire


  • Story Mode: Follow the story of how the Skylanders entered the race to claim victory.
  • Cup Mode: Race through 5 tracks.
  • Battle Mode: Go against your friends or the computer players as you fight your way into victory! Last kart standing wins.
  • Race For Fun!: Select any track and go against 7 other racers on the track.
  • Time Attack: Set a new record on how quick you can go on the race track.
  • Bonus Mode: Play some extra modes you unlocked from the store.

Voice Actors/Actresses

  • Michael Joy-Ride (Flynn's father) - voiced by John Goodman
  • Flynn - voiced by Patrick Warburton


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