Skylanders: A New World is an American action-adventure comic book series based on Skylanders by Activision, being published by IDW Publishing since May 9th, 2017.


When a battle against Kaos goes wrong, a group of Skylanders get sent to Earth as they befriend a teenage girl who helps them fight Kaos who also arrived on Earth, as she is given a Portal Watch allowing her to use the Skylanders to fight.



  • Hannah Jane Morris - the latest Portal Master who is a shy and geeky individual and now can command the Skylanders who landed on Earth to combat the threats that Kaos sends to conquer Earth.
  • Stealth Elf - a sneaky life elemental elf who is capable of TBD.
  • Gill Grunt - TBD
  • Jet-Vac - a militant air elemental eagle who TBD.
  • Eruptor - a care-free fire elemental volcanic creature who TBD.
  • Pop Fizz - TBD
  • Trigger Happy - TBD
  • Hex - TBD
  • Terrafin - TBD
  • Nightfall - TBD
  • Aurora - Eon's niece who is TBD.


  • Master Eon - TBD
  • Persephone - a fairy who can upgrade the Skylander's abilities for TBD.


  • Kaos - a Dark Portal Master who has arrive on Earth and plots to conquer it in order to become the most powerful villain, also having corrupted a few undead Skylanders to serve him.
    • Glumshanks - TBD
    • Ghost Roaster - TBD
    • Roller Brawl - TBD
    • Grim Creeper - TBD
    • Bat Spin - TBD
    • [Fright Rider, Chop Chop, Funnybone, Bat Spin, Eye Brawl, Night Shift, Rattle Shake, Krypt King, Chopscotch, Pit Boss or Short Cut] - TBD
    • [the other]
  • [have the Doomraiders appear]


  1. On Earth - After their latest battle against Kaos, a group of Skylanders get thrusted to Earth as they befriend a shy teenage girl as Eon declares her the latest Portal Master. Things get terrible though when their arch-enemy, Kaos arrives on Earth as well, summoning a horde of Chompies to cause chaos as Hannah has to use the Skylanders to stop these Chompies.


  • The writers confirmed that neither Spyro the Dragon or Crash Bandicoot will appear at all since they want to set Skylanders as its own thing rather than relying on them to create a new continuity unrelated to the games.
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