List of Soundtrack of the web cartoon series Six Troubled Friends vs The Creepypastas.

List (Non-Spoiler Half)

  • "A Creepy Battle" (Opening Theme)
  • "Go To Sleep...And Have Nice Dreams." (Credits Theme)
  • "Rebellious Teen" (Alvin Thorburn Keer's motif)
  • "Stoic and Chill" (Cornell Thorburn Keer's motif)
  • "A Happy Ball of Energy" (Flora Thorburn Keer's motif)
  • "Italian Nerd!" (Vittore Fabrizio's motif)
  • "Strong,No Matter What" (Séphora Esther's motif)
  • "Pacifist Japanese" (Ayaka Chikako's motif)
  • "The King of the Creepypastas" (Zalgatoth's motif)
  • "Sound of Death" (Creepypasta's motif)
    • "Faceless Man" (Slenderman variation)
    • "The Glasglow Smile Killer" (Jeff variation)
    • "Kidney Hunter" (Eyeless Jack variation)
    • "Welcome to The Horror Circus" (Laughing Jack variation)

List (Spoiler-ly Half)

  • "The Evil Lord Was Freed" (Song played on season one,when Zalgo is freed and escapes)
  • "Rosalind's story" (Song played on season one,when Rosalind tell's the story of the death of her sister)
  • "Our Lady" (White Queen's motif)
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