Silas Ramsbottom

Silas' True Adaptational Form

Silas Post-Redemption

Silas Ramsbottom/The Central
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Feature films
Television programs Duo Franchise
Video games
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Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Unknown
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Alcor Von Rotten (formerly)
Ice (formerly)
Silas Ramsbottom (currently)
Other names The Central
Personality Formerly: Cruel, ruthless, unkind, snobbish, conceited, uncaring, selfish, arrogant, vain, snooty, hostile, and extremely affable
Later: Kind, determined, humble, helpful, caring, selfless, confident, proud, warming, cute and headstrong
Appearance See below
Home England (birth home)
Linden City (currently)
Allies Zachary Delightful (currently), the Myles Bots
Enemies Xavier Shapiro
Formerly: Zachary Delightful, Dale Gambia, Negro, Turtle Bandana
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Unknown
Powers and abilities None (as Silas)
Toon abilities (as Alcor)
Strength, cunning (as Ice)
Cunning, hacking skills (as Silas post-redemption)
Weapons His army (as Silas pre-good)
Toon Weapons (as Alcor)
Claws, Axe (as Ice)
None (as Silas post-good)
Fate Vanishes within the last moments of the 10th Grade Arc (In Too Deep)
Survives being decked in the body, vanishes a second time and was arrested for terrorism at one point but eventually reforms and becomes an ally towards his former enemies (S.E. 2-Sing It Live!!!)
Turns back to normal willingly after seeing Ice Bear's true nature as a self-entitled psychopath becoming the team's mission control in doing so (S.E. 3)

"Now this "Dip" really means business! Oh yes, you'll be the perfect experiment for Silas Ramsbottom. Or due to my immunity to said weapon, ALCOR VON ROTTEN!!! Ahahaha!"
―Silas revealing his true Adaptational form upon meeting his weapon's first "contestant".

Silas Ramsbottom is the final antagonist of G:ZERO In Too Deep, the former tertiary antagonist in Summer Edition 2, a supporting protagonist of Sing It Live and one of the tritagonists of Summer Edition 3.




Civil War to Pre-Insurrection

He appeared and, after a few moments of being a benign corporate businessman, revealed his "true" nature. He battled Zachary only to vanish after losing the final battle. He later returns and promptly teams up with Commander Carl but luckily he is thwarted in the attempt by Carl getting his neck broken which defeats him while he is defeated again by getting his body decked. He is later missing in the spinoff's final episodes. After the PremiereBomb, he shows less restraint towards Zachary and pursues the teen in a van. However, he is outsmarted and the teenager escapes leading to a chase that ends in an airport where he pursues Zachary in a police motorbike and is hit by said motorbike. He is later freed accidentally while Zachary was confronting the Carmichael couple.

Myles Bots series

He then returns and battles Turtle Bandana which leads to the latter getting a restraint-less fight to the death. But luckily, he fights back and manages to throw him into a river which leads to an uncharted island which he lived in up until the events of "Most Dangerous Trial". During the episode, Negro has been selected to be on trial for his misdeeds which he catches wind of. After seeing Zachary's true identity offscreen in "He Told Her What?", Silas decided to make Negro a trophy but it fails when Negro does the same thing as Bandana did last time. He tries to reveal his true colors but Negro doesn't listen and knocks his front teeth out. He is then arrested for homicidal attempts and sent to Riverark.

Total Redemption

However, thanks to the team's first known disbandment, his imprisonment didn't last long and he formed an alliance with the Myles Bots. After the team was finally chosen for what may seem like the last time, he joins the team in celebrating after Grizzly Bear was destroyed and Dave Seville (a partner of Zachary Delightful) was enlisted to the Villain Organization in his place resolving the long-standing conflict of the entire series. Since these events, he has shown empathy towards others which is best shown when he and inadvertently Dr. Animo talk some sense into Zachary when he falls into a deep depression thus he is not a villain to the date.

Back to Normal

However, he returns to his human self upon seeing Ice Bear's true nature. With the incident in mind combined with him being angered at the Grizzly Empire more than ever because of Gwen Stacy's near-death experience and the deaths of Austin and Ally's kids, he joins the Myles Bots officially as the team's mission control and changes his name to the alias he very assumed in his evil career. In doing so, he finally became a main character and permanently turns against Ice Bear and by extension the Grizzly Empire.

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