If DreamWorks's Shrek Quadrilogy will be redubbed in English, it will be produced and licensed by multiple studios, such as Studiopolis, New Generation Pictures and Bang Zoom in Los Angeles, Funimation in Texas, DuArt and Video in New York and Ocean Group in Vancouver, and Cartoon dub actors among others. The dub will be licensed by DreamWorks Home Entertainment in North America as well as in Asia and Viz Media in other territories. However, certain roles will be reprised in the Dub of the Quadrilogy​. In addition, the Visuals will be remastered and the errors will be fixed.

But, who will reprised voice of that main character.

And including Puss in Boots's movie too.


Main characters

Secondary characters

Main Villains

Minor villains

Minor characters

  • ???: Magic Mirror
  • ???: Mr. Moore
  • ???: Furniture
  • ???: Guinevere
  • ???: Imelda
  • ???: Golden Goose
  • ???: Great Terror
  • Cristina Vee: Suzie
  • Christine Marie Cabanos: Sugar
  • ???: Royal Messenger
  • Dave B. Mitchell: Tour Guide
  • ???: Tourist Girl
  • ???, ???, ???: Villager Fan
  • ???: Butter Pants
  • ???: Father of Butter Pants
  • ???: Priest
  • ???: Ogre Gnimrach
  • ???: Camp Ogre

Other Characters

  • Paul Dobson: Mister Geppetto
  • ???: Miss Toad
  • ???: Peter Pan
  • Samuel Vincent: Baby Bear
  • ???: Tom Thumb and Thumbelina
  • ???: Captain of the Guards
  • ???: Quasimodo

Note: Please help us finish the cast, as if the cast is really big, we'll need more help and by the time the sequel is released, we'll add more.

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