Showers are great for getting your body clean, but things can be improved.

Brita Filter

In the pipes on the way up to the shower head, a brita filter can be used to clean the water. This sort of cleaning system will allow for drinking the water while in the shower.

Tv in showers

Putting Tv's behind clear plastic or glass to enable watching tv in the shower.

Water-Proff Remote Control

Have a retractable water-prof remote control.

Water Recycle Fountain

When the water falls from the shower and back down the drain, some of it may not have gotten as dirty as it could have been. This water would then simply be filtered out and sprayed back through jets and fountains tward the lower half of the body. Soap may be added to help with the clenilness of the water. The jets could be Strong, and just spray at the feet, instead of lightly showering the legs with an arc of the jets.

Powering the Fountain

The water from the main shower head that is pumped into the the shower may be able to create some sort of Vacuum to have a little power to pump the smaller jets.

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