Shonen Sentai Mangarangers (少年戦隊マンガレンジャー, Shōnen Sentai Mangarenjā) is a Japanese tokusatsu/anime television series and the 43rd installment in the long-running Super Sentai franchise of superhero programs. it will air on TV Asahi, Mangaranger's main motif is Anime/Manga Characters and the first official Sentai series to utilize both Live Action and Animation.


Over 9000 years ago, in a planet called Manga, the evil dark lord Fuhrer Iron Skull has unleashed his evil army upon the planet, and even destroying the planet itself, the sole survivors Atom, Doraemon, Usagi, Izuku, Goku, Kirito and their master Osamu have flown to earth in different time periods each and arrived in the minds of various future Manga writers and illustrators and they soon become fictional characters on Earth.

in the present day, a group of young people who happen to be fans of the Animes/Mangas the characters appeared in, are all on a hiking adventure when suddenly, they all fall down into a cave where Osamu has lived after arriving on Earth, he gives them the Manga warriors souls, giving them color coded spandex costumes with powers of the Manga warriors and vow to fight the evil Iron Skull.



Astro Boy/ Atom Atom Red アトムレッド (Atomureddo)
Doraemon Dora Blue ドラブルー (Doraburū)
Son Goku Son Yellow ソンイエロー (Son'ierō)
Izuku Midoriya/Deku Deku Green デクグリーン (Dekugurīn)
Kazuto Kirigaya/Kirito Kazuto Black カズトーブラック(Kazutōburakku)
Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon Sailor Pink セーラーピンク (Sērāpinku)
Saitama/One-Punch Man Wanpan Gold ワンパンゴールド (Wanpangōrudo)
  • Shigeru Umataro (Atom Red) Age 27, a fan of Astro Boy and the oldest member of the team, he works at a Ramen stand.
  • Aiko Nobi (Dora Blue) Age 25, a fan of Doraemon, she works as a Vet.
  • Takeshi Akira (Son Yellow) Age 24, a fan of Dragon Ball, he works at a Solar Plant.
  • Ishiro Hori (Deku Green) Age 23, a fan of My Hero Academia, he works as a Teacher at a High School.
  • Daichi Reki (Kazuto Black) Age 21, a fan of Sword Art Online, he works at a Smith shop.
  • Chika Naoko (Sailor Pink) Age 17, a fan of Sailor Moon and the youngest of the team, she attends the High School Ishiro teaches at.
  • Saitama (Wanpan Gold) is the seventh Mangod who left Manga prior to the Iron Skull Holocaust, a former Salaryman turned hero in his Manga/Anime, he appears out of nowhere on certain occasions to help the Mangarangers out, and the only Mangod to physically appear alongside the Mangarangers rather than a soul.


  • Mazinger Tripple Z
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