Shiva is an animal character first introduced in Episode Attack of Disney's The Walking Disney. She is the pet jiger of Frank, who lived with him in The Carlyle Kingdom until her death in Episode Some Guy.




Season 7

The Best Moments

Zoo Cage

Season 8


Nova Save

Fight and Kiss

Some Guy

Killed Victims

  • Zombies
  • Carver


  • Zombies

The fact Frank run the fighting zombies, and the way jiger of Shiva coming attack Zombies is dead, said the fight and kill Zombies's pack, the way she is punches and turn around attacking Zombies's Pack's body, she and was a take a killed by Zombies. The Frank first tell and than run away, he said with Grabbing a zombies, to and your Shiva killing zombies pack, for the rest then the Zombies punches by Shiva the roar and slap that the way take up a bit more Walkers, Lukers and Biters and more 7 zombies fight Shiva roar at Frank tell and He Shiva take downed by zombies grabs a slapped by Shiva's weapon. run away. The Life of Frank.

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