This webseries is rated TV-14 (LSV) for mild language, sexual references and mild violence, some episodes are TV-MA (LSV) for more extended violence, severe ultimate language and extended sexual references.

Ship War is an 2019 adult animated drama psychological thriller romance war webseries that airs on YouTube, directed and created by RaymanLover 2019.


RaymanLover 2019 has created a new ship that he wishes Penny is his girlfriend, so that cause pulled out a couple battle.




  • Jaboc Hopkins as Past Gumball Watterson
  • Dan Lloyd as the Villager Soldiers
  • Teresa Gallagher as Penny Fitzgerald
  • Vin Diesel as Future Gumball Watterson


Logo variantions

  • YouTube Originals: Normal.
  • Warner Bros. Television logo (Episodes 1-4): Has a almost-black and white look, like the series itself.
  • Warner Bros. Television logo (Episode 4-present): Same from the Titans Netflix original webseries, but has the all-yellow look like from the lgoos from Legends.
  • Paramount Television (Ending logo): Normal.
  • Warner Bros. Television (Ending logo): Same from the opening one, but doesn't have the all-yellow look.
  • MGM Television (Ending logo): Normal.
  • Sony Pictures Television (Ending logo, Episode 4-present): Normal.
  • YouTube Originals (Ending logo): Normal.

Opening Credits

  • Episodes 1-4: A liquid silver short intro.
  • Episode 4-present: A long yellow-looking epic futuristic cube looking intro.


Season 1

  1. R.A.G.E
  2. War Is Not Going Home
  3. Anger is Gonna Be the Future
  4. No Time for Warnings
  5. Powered Penny
  6. Misery isn't our Home
  7. False God
  8. Soldiers' Riot
  9. H.O.M.E
  10. War in the Winter

Season 2

  1. War Still Continues



  • Episode 3 was originally going to be Episode 2.
  • Episode 7 was originally going to be entitled "War Against Life".
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