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Shiburam is an American animated television series about an anthropomorphic Bengali fox.



  • Shiburam - The main protagonist of the show. Shiburam is an anthropomorphic Bengali fox who is the adoptive father of Anwar and has a mind full of crazy genius ideas that backfires on him mostly.
  • Anwar - The deutergonist of the show . Anwar is a happy-go-lucky boy who gets stuck into the escapes and adventures of Shiburam.
  • Benny - Anwar's pet rabbit, whose original name is the Running Rabbit that Shiburam caught and kept him.
  • Rahul - Rahul is Anwar's best friend who dreams of becoming brave like a superhero one day.
  • Kira - One of Anwar's friends.
  • Kina - Kira's little annoying sister.
  • Latif - A nervous boy.
  • Rattu - A bully who despite being one, at least has got a big heart.
  • Shaitan - A thief, who has got big dreams on becoming the best on looting, stealing, swiping, trickery and murdering which he passed except the final test which Shibu barged in when it was the last chance to prove he was worthy.
  • Mr. McWilliams - Williams is the school class teacher.