Shantae The Half Genie Hero (also know as Shantae Team Action) is an action-adventure video game published by Sierra Entertainment, based on the Paramount Animation film of the same name, and released in 2004. The game was developed by Eurocom Entertainment Software for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, PC Warner Bros Evolution and Nintendo Gamecube platforms, while a version for Gameboy Advance was developed by D3 Publisher.


  • Level: 1 Lighthouse town (Playable: Younger Shantae, Younger Bolo, Younger Sky and Younger Rottytops Boss: Big Fat Ultra Bully)
  • Level 2: Chinese Restaurant (Playable: Shantae and Daisy the Fairy Boss: Corey)
  • Level 3: Scuttle Town (Playable Shantae, Bolo, Sky and Rottytops Boss: Security Bots and Guards)
  • Level 4 Transport pod (Playable Shantae and Bolo Boss: Non)
  • Level 5 Scuttle Town of Defence (Playable: Shantae Daisy and Risky Boots Boss: Non)
  • Level 6: Meeting Room (Playable Shantae and Risky Boots Boss: Evil-Shantae)
  • Level 7: Objects Escape (Playable Shantae Boss: Non)
  • Level 8: The incinerator (Playable: Twitch and Vinegar Boss: Nega-Shantae (Phase 1)
  • Level 9: Annoying (Playable Shantae Boss: Bolo)

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List of Playable Characters for PS2, Warner Bros Evolution Xbox, PC and GameCube

  • Shantae
  • Bolo
  • Sky
  • RottyTops
  • Risky Boots
  • Uncle Mimic
  • Younger Shantae (Only once)
  • Younger Bolo (Only once)
  • Younger Sky (Only once)
  • Younger RottyTops (Only once)
  • Daisy
  • Twitch
  • Vinegar
  • April
  • Shantae and Bolo (In Transport pod, Only once)
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