Part 1: Lighthouse Newest Arrival

(Show Paramount Pictures logo)

(Show Renegade Animation logo, then it fades to blue sky background)

Text: Paramount Pictures presents

(The film opens to the town of Lighthouse Island as the camera moves to a Lighthouse Hall while the text appear on screen "In association with Renegade Animation")

Kids: Go! (x8) (while one kid jumping the rope)

Ice Cream Man: Here your Ice Cream.

Kid: Thanks.

(the camera stopped at Lighthouse Shopping Centre)

Shanate's father: Woo-Hoo, I'm going to be A Dad!! (start running back at the Lighthouse) I just talk to my wife, the baby is going to came out from her belly!!

Tree: Get out of my Way!!

Shanate's father: Oh, Sorry, I'm gonna be a Dad, Woo-Hoo, Oh Yeah.

Flower: Good for you, Man. (as Watering can tries to Pour too much water) Don't even think about it!!

Watering can: Aw!

Shanate's father: Woo-Hoo!! (Almost trip a 2 peoples with Smoke)

Poeple with Smoke: HEY!!!

Shanate's father: Woo-Hoo!! (laughs)

Person who got trips over Father: Ow!!

(cut to the Lighthouse, Which is Sunsetting in the Sky)

Shanate's father: Hi, Please to meet you!!

Person who cutting the grass: Hi.

Shanate's fatehr: It's a Beautiful Day (cut to inside of the Lighthouse) (sigh) I'm Here! I'm Here!

Shanate's mother: Oh, You were too late to come back home.

Father: Darn!!

Mother: But that okay, We will spend time with me.

Father: Wow!

(fades to falling Magic stuff and showing the film's title, then fades to they cooking together)

Mother: Honey, You got a wrong indi--

father: No, No, No, No, I got this solved!!

(cut to they watching The sunrise, eating Popcorn, he tries to pick popcorn out of the bowl, But the Bowl tip over, making a mess)

mother and father: (gasps for 2 second and laugh)

(cut to the Lighthouse at night)

Father: Push (x4) (grunts)

Mother: (grunts)

(cut to Mother pushing out and Father look at Mother, then Father trips over into the Box)

Mother: (laugh for 4 second and gasps)

Baby: (crying, as Father get up out of the Box)

Mother: 12 hours of labour.

Father: Oh, It's so worthless, Oh, look at her, look at her! Shantae, She got her Purple little hair and Blue eyes, I knew that was Blue eyes on her, I knew She were smart of those girls, this Family got the great thing for the world, I can feel it.

Mother: Honey, What is that thing over there?!

Father: Oh, Umm, I think it's like over-- (being silent in 1 second) (giggles) You're wanna a Girl, right? (cut to Father and Baby Shantae looking at him, then it cut to Father, who is now holding a Hammer) (clears throat) This won't hurt a bit, daughter.

(cut to Baby Shantae, who got shocked without opening mouth and she staring to cry louder, camera zooming into Baby Shantae mouth)

Part 2: Shantae Growing Up

(camera flashes to Father play silly games with Baby Shantae, which she still crying)

Father: Woo, Wooo (Baby Shantae stopped crying), Boo, Boo, Boo, Boo!! (Baby Shantae start crying again, then Father touches Baby Shantae Nose) got ya nose (Baby Sanate started to laugh) got ya, got ya-- (He slip and headbutt Baby Shanate head, making her cry again) Uhh, I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry!!

(camera flashes to Father reading a Paper and Mother holding Baby Shanate, which she still crying again, after 4 second, Father pick a stem stalk and tied it on her long growing hair, which make Baby Shantae stopped crying)

(Another camera flashes to All of Photograph from Baby Shanate to Younger Shanate, then Father holding a box with Younger Shanate run to Father, Which Younger Shanate has now longer hair with stem stalk in her hair, her hair in pigtails, and a black long sleeve shirt, a white flounced skirt, white socks and black shoes.)

Father: Hi, Daughter.

Youngest Shanate: Are those are my Magic bottle?

Father: They sure are!

(Youngest Shantae look at the Box)

Youngest Shantae: Wow!!

(cut to Mother cooking in the Kitchen)

Youngest Shanate: That's not my Magic bottle?!

Father: Well, Umm, that's is my Magic bottle, so...

Father: There, that is, for my cousin, Twitch.

Father: and there is only for you.

(Youngest Shantae felts sad, then it fades to Lighthouse town, when it sunsets, She is now Younger, She now has straight and hair, Younger Shantae run, but she traps in the Quicksand, but this time, she didn't Scream for help, she trying to get out, but she can't move, People walk pass her, She finally get out, then she run to Fatuer, holding their hands together, seeing sunset then Father put Younger Shantae behind him like a Piggy back to see the sun.

Younger Shanate: Dad?


Younger Shanate: I thought you was loved your mother?!

Father: (laugh) No, Besides me, this town is sailed in 50 Miles.

Younger Shanate: Do I need to go?

Father: Umm, Sure! Maybe Weekends.

Younger Shanate: Daddy?

Father: Yeah?

Younger Shanate: What do you do?

Father: Oh, I work for a Big Restaurant.

(cut to Father showing Younger Shantae Kitchen)

Father: I'm doing Dishwasher.

(Father doing Dishwasher, He show Younger Shanate a Plate, which is now shiner, She look happy with it)

Part 3: A New Life

(Younger Shanate grow up to Young Shanate, she is now has a red Harem Pants and a white boots)

Young Shanate: That's it, dad, I had to look for-- (she notices that her dad was sleeping) a new Job.

(cut to Young Shanate buying 5 Poisons 3 Glowstone 2 Magic Bottles and 1 Fairy at the Lighthouse Magic Store, then it cut to the LightHouse)

Young Shanate: I'm gonna call you Daisy, I'm have a Plate, but don't attack, OK, Now easy.

(Young Shanate give Plate to Daisy, When She thought she gonna attack her, but instead She Spin with it)

Young Shanate: Ha, Ha.

(after 2 second, Daisy break the Plate off and starting to get crazy)


(Young Shanate parents come in)

Father: Hey, Shanate!

Young Shanate: (gasps as She put a cover Daisy with a Bowl) Hi, Dad.

Young Shanate: Umm, Hi Dad.

Father: Oh, but this is your Jewling from your cousin, Alison.

Young Shanate: (grunts)

Daisy: (came out of the pan) Laugh!

(As Young Shanate put a pan on Daisy again, camera shoots to Shanate was Grabbed a heavy bucket full of Fish, Even Mid-Teen Shanate, which is now wearing Harem Dress, a bra, and gold jewellery for the rest of the Series, it cut to the LightHouse with mid-teen Shantae and Father and Mother at front of the audience)

Part 4: Daisy clean the Kitchen

(a camera shoots turn thing into a photo and it zoom out to the Chinese Restaurant with People chattering and it's go to Father and Shanate, Which she is now a teen)

Father: Oh, Oh, Hmmmm, As soon you wish, where you wanna to be a Genie-Hero, it's not falling apart, probably soon, When you wanna to be more keep up.

Shanate: Can I try it now, Dad?

Father: No, It's won't gonna be okay, Shanate!

Shantae: Come on Dad, This is gonna be your job easy, I had a cat to clean your job.

Father: Oh, Right, Let's try it.

Shantae: Great, OK, This is it, Daisy.

Daisy: (Fanfare)

Shanate: Go to Work!

Daisy: Waa-oow!

(As Daisy clean up the kitchen, "Planet Tokyo" by Puffy AmiYumi played)

Worker #1: WOAH!!

Worker #2: Watch where you going!

(Diasy washed a plate with the Cloth in the sink)

Worker #1 and #2: Yeah!! Go Daisy!!

Daisy: Ow-Ow-Owwwwww!!!!

(She is still cleaning the kitchen for 1 minute, then she take a break for a seconds, then she still cleaning the kitchen and then, suddenly...)

Corey: HEY!!!

Daisy: WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! (As she Holds the plates, the music winds down)

Corey: WHAT IS THAT?!?!

Father: Oh, That's is my Daughter Pet Fairy.


Shanate: Corey, Wait, You making her nervous!

(As she speak to Corey, Daisy decide to Shoot at Corey Mouth)

Corey: (Muffling with the Plates on his mouth)

(Daisy Laughing)

(Corey Spits the Plates out of his Mouth)

Shanate: It wasn't her fault, she has nothing to do--

Father: Yes, sir, She is really good job for her Fairy, Daisy.

Daisy: (Hides in the Jar)

Corey: (points at Father) You... clean up this mess (points at Shantae holding Daisy) and YOU... GET OUT, PURPLE-HAIRED GIRL, You that wanna to be Wizard and your not a daughter of the DISHWASHER AND YOUR NEVER LET IT BE!!!! Somebody get that crud off of me? and server for the customers?

Part 5: Follow your dream

(A Suitcase drop in the Boat Porch)

Ticket Manager: Road Trip or One-Way?

Shantae: One-Way.

Mother: (looking for Shantae and she saw her) There's you are, I told you I find her, to mother inexact!

Father: Inexact? She left us a note! I'm leaving, I'll be on the Boat Porch!

Mother: Nevermind. Pick up your suitcase, You're coming home right now!

Shantae: No, Mom, I had to do this, I'm going to Scuttle Town tonight, I gonna to help dad payback Corey.

Mother: Talk to her!

Father: Uh, Scuttle--


Shantae: I Never being someone here, I wanna be a Guardian, I WANNA BE SOMEBODY!!!

Nither: Your are somebody, SOMEBODY WHO NOT GETTING ON THAT BOAT!!!!

Shantae: YES, I am!

Mother: Talk to her!

(Father walk to the Ticket Manager)

Father: One ticket for Scuttle Town.

Mother: Where are you going?!

Father: Not me, her.

(Shantae Surprised)

Mother: But?!

Father: Shantae... did you know when i was your age, I love to be A Genie-Hero and Guardian, It's was so awesome! But... But my dad was worried that I wouldn't able to make unlimited, so... I got refitted to be dishwasher. No, I'm not complaining! But... I always to said myself. If I could do it over again... I would follow my dream... You're got your greatness in you, Ami... Never doubt it. You go to Scuttle Town, You go meet New Friends and you show him your rockstar... and Shantae... Never... Never give up.

(Mother give suitcase to Shantae and hold hand with her and hug her)

Mother: Awwwwwww!!!

Sailor: All aboard! (sobs)

Shantae: Ehh, (clear throat) Mum, Bye!

(Ami wave goodbye at her parents, then she pick up her suitcase and enter the plane, then Father hold Mother as she gone, Boat starting to Sailed off)

Shantae: I won't let you down dad... I'll make you proud!

(Boat door is closing)

Father: I already am.

(The Boat Sailed, leaving the airport station, it's fades to the night sky with cloud then it's fades morning sky with Water of the Scuttle Town, Shantae happy and smiles)

Part 6: Scuttle Town

(It's fade to Scuttle Town, Shantae goes to, that Boat Porch, door open to 2 unknown people and Shantae to get out of the Boat, She look around the station, people are chatting, She find a big Banner up the top with "Welcome to Scuttle Town")

Shantae: Wow! Hey, Excuse me I wonder if... yo-- hey, uh-- I Wonder--

Unknown People: Gate at the office.

Shantae: Oh... Do you direct me to-- (defend from the shooting camera) What the...

Bolo: Perfect, that will be 60c bucks.

Shantae: 60c buck for what?! Also, Hi!

Bolo: Hi, It's A Beautiful Picture moment of Scuttle Town (camera shooting of himself and Shantae) Now there, A capture your second moment, that's another 60c dollar, are you keeping track?

Sky: Yeah!

Bolo: (Multiple Camera Shooting) Come on, Work at me, Work at me, more power, less pose, (Stop Camera Shooting) it's Okay, Let see inside are pressure is waiting a through up!! (Multiple Camera Shooting again) Give me a big eyes, big eyes, big eyes, (Stop Camera Shooting) Give me A Anime Eyes! (Multiple Camera Shooting once again at Shantae) YEAH, I LOVIN IT, LOVIN IT, LOVIN IT!!!


Bolo: You Don't?

Shantae: NO!

Bolo: That's Okay, There is no video on the camera (throw camera away) do you want something to eat? (He notice that she gone) Where she gone?!

(cut to pan down to lost and found People looking for Steve and Michael, Shantae ignores two, but Steve appears, They hug each other and skipping together, a dog join the group, it's cut to guy with a "got Screwed" sign holding a cup, Shantae put a money on his cup, then he thank her for putting a money on his cup, then it's cut to Watch Shop Guy, Shantae stopped when he talking)

Watch Shop Guy: Hey, Do you want to buy a Watch?

Watch: Don't buy us, We're faces

Security: Next!

(A Guy walk in the Detective, a alarm gone off, Plane Security shoo a guy off, he walk back, He take object off of his pockets (A Umbrella, Crayon, Pan, Thongs and a French Fries, then a another guy walk, making a guy to walk in the Detective again, It's cut to a Robot, then Shantae tell him)

Shantae: Hey, Excuse me, How do I get to Scuttle Town Office of Defence?

("Right" by David Bowie played, when Robot sing and dances)

Shantae: Oh, Right, Right?

(Robot still singing "Right")

Shantae: Ahh, Never mind.

(cut to bird-view of Scuttle Town from bottom to center with muffler direction guy talking, Shantae found him, she walk up to him)

Shantae: Hi, Excuse me, How do I get to Scuttle Town office of defence?

Muffler Direction Guy: (Gibberish Muffler Talking)

Shantae: What?!

Muffler Direction Guy: (Gibberish Muffler Talking and point at the express)

Shantae: Oh, He-Hey, Yes, Thanks.

Part 7: What a Lovely Day

Shantae: Wow!

Female Annoucer: Please tie with your friend, other friend, a people and additional people, Food and Drink are not allowed in this unless is this is a low lab.

Shantae: Woah!

Female Announcer: Thanks you and have a nice day.

(Shantae pairs up with Bolo which he sleeping at each side and leads up the top, Shantae saw him sleeping, but Bolo sleep on Shantae shoulders, but Shantae try to pull up, Bolo saying "your" two times, She pull him up, but she tries to fall, She tries to pull perfectly up 3 times, before it's fall, after 3 times, She fall down, making him wakes up)

Bolo: Wha-- What is it... Say, are you following me?

Shantae: No.

Bolo: First time on the express.

Shantae: Actually, I--

Bolo: Ooooooh girl, Well, good luck on the big city, you can make it here, you can make it anywhere, If you can't make it there, Welcome to the Club!

(Showing a view of Scuttle Town)

Shantae: Wow!

(This ride is almost going down)

Bolo: Oh No!

Shantae: What?! What is it?!


Shantae: WHAT?!

Bolo: I don't want to die!

Shantae and Bolo: (both screaming)

(They was saved by big catapult)

Bolo: (giggles) I was kidding, but put hands on the rail.

Shantae: Huh?!

(They were slingshot in the air)


(cut to when they are flying up)


(cut to Shantae screaming at the crazy ride)

Shantae: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!


(They go in the holes)

Bolo: Oops, there go my stop!!

(They go on the tunnel and they went to loop three times, then it's go up and down three times, then it's went up and rolled down and into the launcher and landed in the ground)

(Bolo's Metal Ring dropped)

Bolo: (putting his Metal ring back on) Oh, Tell Me that's was a fall off me, It's embossing!

(It launched way to flashing tunnel, then it's gone to others that are rolling down)

Shantae: Woahwoahwoahwoahwoahwoahwoahwoah!!

(then it's sent up to ringing bell and into flinging spinner)

Bolo: (Bleach) Sorry!

(A Flinging spinner spin down and change in the middle then it's up and gone down and up again in the middle)

Bolo: It's your to be lot worse, they have a giant hammer.

Shantae: WHAAAAAAA--

Bolo: Oh, they bought it back.


(Giant Hammer pushes them into a spinny ride)

Bolo: Yoo-Diddle-Dee!!!!

(They stopped spinning and send to the eject with a tiny hammer and they get out)

Bolo: Just look at the bright side, I know it's back at my hand! (notices something down in the ground) Hey, That's New!! (get hit by the giant hammer) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Woo-Woo-Woo-Woo-WAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Part 8: Those Months are Over

(Shantae stand up and She found Scuttle Town office of Defence, She run up to the gate)

Shantae: Wow!

(It saying "You can Shine no matter what your made of")

Don: Yoo-hoo, Excuse me! Can I help you?

Shantae: Sorry I... I was looking at the gate.

Don: Well, hello there

Shantae: Well, Hey Don, Who close the gate, It's sure is ever suppose to be--

Don: Yeah, OK, What do you want?

Shantae: Hmm, Oh, I like to be a guardian. (pick up Daisy jar) I'm am a Genie-Hero!

Daisy: (mimics Fanfare)

Don: Oh, Why would you say so... Stand Back! (He pick up a key to unlock the gate)

(The gate reveal a Nice Place, Shantae surprised, showing a look around of Inside the gate)

Shantae: Thanks!

Don: Your Welcome

(When she was enter the gate, she was surprise)

Shantae: Wow!

(Meanwhile in the meeting room)  

Evil Shantae: My goodness, What a markable legendary... confirm... for a common human, You don't come across all flash value anymore friends... and for good reason... THERE'S NO MONEY IN IT!!!!! Hello Woman-of-No 2, WE NOT CHEERING!!! That's why bald nerd guy no longer sit on his chair, It's so great! so I don't wanna hear another... Where's is it? Where? Waa-Waa-Waa-Waa-Waa-Waa--

Executive #1: Will see him in The office, He always go for that!

(Evil Shantae press a button on Executive chair, he and his chair fall down)


Evil Shantae: (holding a remote control) Now let's go back to business!

(Windows are shutting and "SuperSonic" by JJ Fad played)

Evil Shantae: Behold, Our New and improved is called The New Generation Magic.

(Magic Potion has new creatures, A Executive #2 surprised)

Evil Shantae: You see here, This is the most awesome band in the entire world! This will blow your mind, I can feel it coming to my head, They will be in here on time, at anywhere, anytime, This is the first Upgrading for the future of Scuttle Town, so that's why they make great money and everyone will love them, They will be cheering for the upgrades, They will love them all.

(Music Stopped, Windows are opened)

Evil Shantae: I gotta tell ya, I think it brilliant, but... but I honestly like to here to replace... think about it?

(All of Executive Clapped)

Executive #3: Out of the ball, Shantae!

Part 9: Shantae Drop In

(Shantae was Siting in the bench)

Shantae: Man, it was boarding now

Risky boots: Hey!

Shantae: Hi, Who are you?

Risky Boots: My Name is Boots, Risky Boots, Who are you

Shantae: My name is Shantae

Risky Boots: Nice to meet you

Shantae: Well i would you like to see Your gang to see my Fairy

Daisy: (Fanfare)

Risky Boots: Wow, i'll like it to come.

Evil Shantae (Speaker): Can i see Risky Boots in here

Risky Boots: Oh!, Gonna go Shantae, See ya later,

Shantae: Ok

(When Shantae saw the Vent to the Meeting room, She decided to go through it, Back at the Meeting Room)

Evil-Shantae: Risky, You're are... (clean throat) You didn't say a word?

Risky Boots: It gives me... chill.

Evil Shantae: Thank you, Thank you!

Risky Boots: But...

Evil Shantae: But?!

Risky Boots: I'm just wondering, why were people were buying New upgrades, if they were not cooler then this?

Evil-Shantae: Oh, Right! Well, That's easy because as of today we are no longer (smashing Pikeball and Running potion with her hand) USING TO THAT JUNK BANDS!!! Do you know that people who can't buy new upgrades? SCRAP THEM!!! You're see is on street and houses Now, Risky, I want you to a part of new slogans, Back at the new office right next to mine, They will be working on hard, very closely together on this one, this will be fun?

(as She speaking, Risky Boots saw Shantae with Daisy crawl into the vents, then a few seconds later, Both of them down on the vent, seeing what going on down here)

Risky Boots: Would of!

(The vent door bust, Shanate fall down and landed in front of Risky Boots)

Shantae: Ahhh! (giggles)

(Daisy come down and another Executive screamed and She run to Evil Shantae and try to beat up with boxing gloves, but Shantae stop her)

Shantae: Oh, So sorry.

Evil-Shantae: What the...?!

Shantae: Well... Miss, I am a young Hero, and... and it has been my dream to come to Scuttle Town and... and to present my ideas to be a Genie Guardian... who doesn't seen to be here... Jeez!

Evil-Shantae: No, no, But...while he away, i let me incharge.

Shantae: Oh, Well... I had a fairy named Daisy.

Daisy: (hides on Shantae's Hair)

Evil Shantae: I had a better idea, Let's me show you a fiary named Daisy. I can do... (kickes Diasy up in the air) THIS!!!!!!!!

(Daisy got stright up in the sky in 500 miles away from her)

Diasy: (screaming scarely)

Part 10: Magnetized Chase

(A Big mushroom guy was grabbed Shantae and Risky Boots, and the kicked both of them out with his feet, his feet cause Shantae to be magnetized)

Both: Ahh!

Shantae: Woooaahhh (get splashed in the mud) (bubble sound)

Risky Boots: (grunts)

(Shantae got up, which she lay down, she has mud stain on her hair)

Risky: Great Scott Shantae!, i have to go, i'll see ya later

Shantae: Ok

(as Risky Boots left the building, Shantae looked at Don)

Don: So, How you go?

Shantae: (trying to get mud stain out of her hair, but her hairstyle change various female character (pre-1994) hairstyle) What the... hec-- heck is going around there... some highly... cyan blue-haired jerk sitting in... in mayor's chair!!

Don: and you're on the floor... KICKED OUT!!! (laughing)

Shantae: Look! I'll be back, and you're gonna get bottom of it!!

Don: You're take the lost cause of really command! (laugh) When does the dreamer like you... GET LOST, YOU FREAK!! (laughing)

(When Shantae walked, some metal object came with a magnet of Shantae (Signs and Recycle Bin) and spring get to Shantae elbow)

Shantae: Huh?

(She tries to take off the spring, but she can't get it off because of magnetized and kicked out by his foot)

Shantae: GAH!! (trying to take off the spring on her)

(cut to some metal objects following Shantae, then Shantae take off the spring from various of her body, but various metal object get to Shantae back)

Shantae: Woa-- (seeing metal object start chasing to her) Woah!! (start running) Wha-oo-oo-ahhhhhhh!!!!!

(She start run fast and pipe got on Shantae high heals, A bin lid came out and went on Shantae back, some things from bin starting to come out)

Shantae: Woaaahhhh!!!!! (defending some object with bin lid on her hand) Wooaaahhh!!! (a blade pasts Shantae and went on Shantae, but she defend blade with bin lid on her hand) Woaahhh!!!

(cut to a loads of gas tank when Shantae pasts by)

Shantae: Wooooaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!

(One of gas tank follow her)

Shantae: AHHHHHH!!!!!!

(Gas tank got on Shantae, and it's pressing on the ground)

Shantae: Huh?!

(Gas tank blasts off and some metal object follow them)

Shantae: HuuuuaaaaaaaAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! (cut to her, which the mud stain on her hair is gone, restoring her purple hair color) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(cut to a guy exit the shop)

Guy: Ha-Haaaa!

(Shantae flies past of the guy, gas tank burns at the guy)

Guy: Whaaaaa!!!!

(cut to Lana loud, which is holding the sign saying "need dirty!", Shantae flies past Lana Loud Gas tank splats at Lana Loud)

Lana loud: YEAH!!

Shantae: Woooooaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

(When She flew up, three big bin join the chase)

Shantae: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! (grunt when she landed in billboard, she open her eyes slowly and quickly when she saw that some objects came at her) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

(Objects that chase Shantae crashed, Shantae is now on big bin and fall and hit 4 times)

Shantae: (grunts four time when big bin hit)

Part 11: Nega-Shantae

(big bin made a big crashed landing, the sweeping truck came pass big bin and sweep one object, it's pan down, until Big Incinerator Place was revealed with stormy cloud, back door was open and came out all object, one object fall down into Incinerator Workers, when they are chopping and hammering, Underground" by Tom Waits played, after 10 seconds, Nega-Shantae was watching some object getting burned)

Nega-Shantae: Haaaaaaaaaaaa, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha! (seeing some object turn into Sliver Gold) Alright, Lunch time!

Incinerator Workers: (stop working, along with the music) YYYYYAAAAAAYYYYYY!

Nega-Shantae: Alright, Lunch time over, Back to work!

Incinerator Workers: (music start playing, getting working again) Oooooohhhhhh!!

Nega-Shantae: Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Haaaaaaa!! Oh, look who's is here?

Evil-Shantae: Hi, Mom.

Nega Shantae: Hi, Darling, How's my girl.

Evil Shantae: Great, I been just what to told me! No more using to junk stuff, couple of week ago, all of those broken down out there is gonna nothing but scrap their self! You're will be up for broomer and heartbreaking of their stuff!

Nega Shantae: Such a good girl and after you finished off Mayor ScuttleButt, There will be nobody will using to that junk!

Evil Shantae: Exactly! Easy, Do you want to swing one like being again?


Evil Shantae: Oh, come on, Mom, She not gonna be a troublemaker!

Nega Shantae: What are you afraid of? GROW UP, OR DO YOU WANT TO END UP LIKE YOUR FATHER!!!

Evil Dad: Hey Daughter, nice to see you!

Nega Shantae: You gotten to be? not ScuttleButt Industries, Evil Industries.

Evil Shantae: Keep Talkin?

Nega Shantae: Evil TOWN!!!

Evil Shantae: is everything, no HEROES!!


Evil Shantae: LEEETTT'S DO IT!!!

Nega Shantae: THAT'S MY GIRL!!!

(Evil Shantae and Nega Shantae dancing while music still playing)

Nega Shantae and Evil Shantae: (both laughing)

Nega Shanate: Oh, Can I get you something? you look nice.

Evil Shantae: No, No, No, No, No, I gotta go! Bye! Oh, Bye Dad!

Evil ShantaeDad: So long, Daughter Good luck with your dastardly plan.

(She peace out to her and walk away, then one of Incinerator Workers look at her, then look at the viewers transition to the next scene)

Part 12: Idiots

(The Camera pan down to Shantae who still in the Big Bin, but someone touching one of Shantae's Slippers, it's was reveal Bolo touching one of Shantae's Slippers)

Bolo: (singing "I'm am a little teapot" and playing with his fingers, after he sings, he laugh)

Shantae: HEY!!!


Shantae: What are you doing here?!

Bolo: Well, Your kinda being cute in your outfit, that's because... (steal one of Shantae Slipper and run away) I'M LEAVING!!! What the Permanent!!

Shantae: STOP, HEY you got my slipper!!

(as Bolo runs, he run over a big piles of marbles collection, she run over Big Bin, cause Shantae finally got out, She saw big plies of marbles collection begin to fall down, Shantae start running, Two of the big plies of marbles collection spills marbles, causing Shantae and Bolo skiing with their foots, a classical music start playing when Shantae and Bolo having a boot fight like a on Ice show, first they fighting, then dancing, after that Shantae threw Bolo in the sky, then he sliding and slip, causing his Pikeball getting broken)

Bolo: Ow, Owww!! (spits marble) Oh, Great! Happy now?

Shantae: Not till you give me back my slipper, you punk!

Bolo: I'm not a punk, I'm just a-- (look at her pikeball) Awwwwww! It's broken, I can't use it!

Shantae: Let's me help you with that?

Bolo: No (x5) I got what i can do! (He fixed his pikeball by himself) There! Oh no, no (x7) (His pikeball is broken) Ohhhh, (He fixed his pikeball by himself again) Got it, Got it! (still broken again and fixed again) Don't pull that's trick (broken once again and one of his pikeball part fall down) Oh no!!!

(Meanwhile, Their Gang are searching for Bolo)

Rottytops: Well, We'll never find Bolo!

Sky: Hey Emi, I found a leg!

Rottytops: Awwwwwwwwwww, That's so sweet Sky, I found this!

Sky: There another one.

Rottytops: Aww, Thanks, That's was so sweet.

(April spying on Rottytop leg, thinking that's she had to remove it, after few second, She flies and try to remove it, but Twitch stop her)

Twitch: Bad Fairy, you should no better!

April: Hey!

Twitch: Don't hey at her, She already got it!

Sky: (sigh) Another one, that I really like!!

Bolo: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! (fall down into the ground)

Rottytops: Hey, I found her!

Sky: What is it?

Rottytops: I found the same guy with his blue hair.

Sky: Oh, Hey, Bolo, are you being late!

Vinegar: (laughing) He had his broken pikeball! We Doomed, I know it, we doomed!

Bolo: Yes, I shouldn't know about it either, I'll bong you with my head!

(One of pikeball part fall and bump 3 times)

Bolo: Oh, Speaking of Devil, Here we come!

(One of Pikeball part landing to Bolo's leg)

Bolo: OWWWWWW, GOT IT!!!!!

Twitch: Awwwwww, Check this out, Why they throw away such a cute little kitten!

Daisy: (flies off Vinegar)

Vinegar: Awwwww, Don't be scared, also I had a fiary named April!

Shantae: Hey, That's Mine!

Boll: That's it, That's the girl, If I knew that thing, I knew that thing, I knew that slippers! Someone handled this girl! That's the bad idiot, She broke my pikeball! DO YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME!!!

Vinegar: ALRIGHT BUSTERS, DO YOU WANT TO MESS UP MY BROTHER-- You're kinda beautiful!

Twitch: Vinegar, What do you being here at myself! Now we had to fixed Bolo's pikeball, again!

Twitch: Here your fairy, by the way, My name is Twitch

Vinegar: and My name is Vinegar 

Twitch: See ya around. (trip around, get up and walk to his gang)

Bolo: (talking to himself) We told her one-hundred time. Well, maybe she isn't a smashes, oh, I'm sorry.

Twitch: Who talk to you? Greater then that.

(Their Gang walked out of the screen)

Part 13: All I need is unbreakable pikeball!

(The Camera show a Weapon and magic Shop and pan down to see what's happens)

Fixer Guy: I got some good news and bad news.

Bolo: What the bad news?

Fixer Guy: As of tomorrow, we will no longer fixing your pikeball, as well as the magic stuff, you had broke your pikeball.

Bolo: Oh, I didn't do this on purposes but.... WHAT THE GOOD NEWS?!?!?!?!?!?!

Fixer Guy: When we had your weapon, they are for sale! (laughing)

Bolo: (crying) This isn't happening, I am not a weapon breaker!!

Fixer Guy: Don't cry like a 2-year old, all is you need is a upgraded of the pikeball. (show upgraded pike ball to them)

Everyone (expect Bolo and Fixer Guy): Woah!

Sky: That's new pikeball smell!

Fixer Guy: Just came in, Fully loaded. Look (Growing a spiked ball) It has a cool ball.

Sky: Anything more about upgrades.

Fixer Guy: Sure, Take a look at this

Everyone (expect Bolo and Fixer Guy): Wow!

Bolo: I can't order that new stuff, All I need is unbreakable pikeball! (bang hos head on the desk) Why is this happens to me (as he bang on the head, Shantae come in) I'm hurting me, Stupid!

Fixer Guy: Sorry man, It either the upgrades or the Incinerator for your pikeball!

Bolo: INCINERATOR!! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I fixed by myself. (Bolo put his pikeball together) Look, no glue. (His pikeball break again, but Bolo try to wiggle his pikeball to fixed it) Hey, Whop (x10) and... (His pikeball fixed again) Ta-Da! (his pikeball to going to break, but Bolo stop it) Miss my pikeball?

Twitch: No one going to the Incinerator!

Vinegar: That's Right! What do you think, nothing i can not think.

Twitch: WOULD YOU STOP!! Listen here Backwards Cap Guy, You can get back here to get new pikeball for my brother, We are not homeless! we are not scrap! We are not being treated this way!!

Rottytops: She's is right, We are not treated!!

Fixer Guy: I'm so sorry, I'm don't have a pikeball!

Shantae: Well I have to get a glue, A last of magic power, Hammer and a drill, Hey, I can fix them easy.

(Rottytops put a CD in CD player and "Amish Paradise" by Wired Ya, Yankovic played)

Part 14: The Gangs

(The scene cut to Big street, "Unknow of me" played on the Bus, after that it show Bolo and their gang in the stairs, while Shantae fixing Bolo pikeball)

Shantae: When did you last time use it?

Bolo: Oh, I can't really (try to touch Twitch) answer right now when my sister in there.

Twitch: CAN IT, BOLO!!

Shantae: Hold this, this might tickle. (give Bolo pikeball to Bolo, but she still fixing it)

Bolo: We happens to a new properties to induces. I'm Bolo! used to be James, but... had to change it when I came into this land.

Shantae: My name is Shantae.

Bolo: (British accent) Riddle me this, Why did I meet you amongst the gar-barge?

Shantae: Well, Today I try to get in, see Mayor ScuttleButt.

Bolo's Gang: (laughs)

Twitch: Well, If you find him, tell him to really need to come back. He's care about parts like us.

Vinegar: Well, when I heard something movement... and then they are the rest of us... unpopular.

Shantae: (done fixing Bolo pikeball) Well, that are the do it.

Bolo: Hey, look at that, She fixed my pikeball (Swing with pikeball) arrrrrrrrrr!!!! (gasp) SWEEPER!!!!

Bolo's Gang: (gasps)

Shantae: Sweeper?!

(The camera cuts to Sweeper truck)

Bolo: Make yourself scarce!!!

(Bolo and her gang expect Shantae run for cover)

(tinkerbat on Sweeper truck look at Shantae, after that, she take cover)

Shantae: What's the Big Deal?!

Twitch: If you’re an punk... like Bolo.

Bolo: HEY!!

Vinegar: They sweep you up and take you to the Big Incinerator.

Tiwtch: (whispers) Where they melt you and their owned weapons and magic down & turn you into something else.

Shantae: You mean...

Rottytops: DEAD!!!!!

Twitch: (whispers) Yep.

Bolo: (got angry and go on the road, looking at the sweeper truck) HEY! HERES ONE PUNK YOUR NOT GONNA GET! (shaking butt at sweeper truck) NNANANANA! NANANAN— *his pikeball drop and not break apart* Uh oh!

(Sweeper truck start to back up)

Bolo: (gasp)

(Sweeper truck backing up)

Twitch: BOLO, RUN!!!

(Bolo run, but he has forgot his pikeball, he picks up and run away from the sweeper truck, along with Bolo's Gang)

(cut at the same place, but it's take place at night)

Bolo's Gang: (laughs)

Bolo: Where is the big streets, Yes of my gangs that's I staying at 8PM when are... it's very dark OUTSIDE!!! (laugh)

Part 15: Uncle Mimic Boarding House

Bolo: We just let know you in here. Uncle MIMICCCCCCCCCC!!!!! We got someone.

Uncle Mimic: (offscreen) I'm in the Kitchen.

Shantae: Are you sure your uncle won't mind?

Bolo: Relax, He's not my Uncle, She take in people who are on... broke. (laugh) Let's sure who are...

Shantae: and then why he called Uncle Mimic?!

Shantae: (showing Uncle Mimic) couldn't call him Uncle Jones.

Shantae: WOAH!!

Uncle Mimic: (messing up the kitchen) Oops, Oooooohhh, Oh, Gramps!

Twitch: He's a little arty barty, He is OK, but... when he's barty. (leaves)

Uncle Mimic: Look at that, Oh, they went on my shoes, So clumsy! Well, Hi there, What's your name?

Shantae: I'm Shantae.

Mimic: Oh, Nice name (hugging Shantae)

Shantae: (grunts)

Uncle Mimic: Awwww!!

Shantae: Heeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

Uncle Mimic: What happen to your friend?

Bolo: She been squashed too much.

Shantae: Wooooaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!

Uncle Mimic: (gasp) There you are! (giggles)

Bolo: That's uncle, He need a place to stay.

Uncle Mimic: Well, just make yourself a home.

Shantae: Thanks, That's very kind of you.

Uncle Mimic: My pleasured, See-a-deed, fill-a-deed.

Shantae: Hey, just like Mayor ScuttleButt.

Shantae: Oh, i used to invent something with him. (land Shantae and Bolo into the couch)

Bolo: Come on, you can bunked with me, well we ignore the customs. (pull the lever, the room switched to Twitch's Room, "Dreamer" by Supertramp played) Hey, Mr. Smart!

Twitch: (scream) BOLO, GET OUT OF MY ROOM!!

Bolo: I'm not in your room. (She step on Twitch Room) Now I'm now, (He unstep Twitch Room) no I'm not, (He repeats step and unstep on Twitch Room) I'm am, not, am, not!

Twitch: (angrily) GET OUT OF MY ROOM!!! (holding a electronic toothpaste in front of Bolo, but He pull the lever, changing to Vinegar Room, Which She reading Shrek)

Vinegar: Oh man, this is the third odd chance today, Something wrong with me.

Bolo: Oops, Sorry. (pull the lever again, the room switched to his room) There we are, Home Sweet Home, Which mine is yours. (Shantae and Bolo fairys trip Bolo over) Oh Dear!

Shanate: I'll pick her up.

Bolo: Oh, look at that, oh, They are Wrestling!

(Daisy and April fighting)

Bolo: Can you stop, hurry, She will get hurt.

(Meanwhile, They are sleeping, until Shantae wake up and put Tekirai in her lap, She remember her parents, Antalah and Bahira as they seen in the photo, after that, she pat straight down to her bed, until She heard a soft bang sound, it's was Bolo playing a quiet sound on his pikeball)

Bolo: I know I heard you, but I'm just... the hero.

(Bolo playing a quiet pikeball bang)

Bolo: Do you how to do those? They are hard to do this because you can use your hands. That's where the part come on, real close, listen. (He grabbed a guitar and playing a quiet guitar) I didn't know that? (He playing a quiet guitar again) It's like coming out of it sound li--like a hero.

Shantae: You know, I'm a little tired... Maybe Tomorrow.

Bolo: Oh, Kind of the rough day, huh.

Shantae: Kind of, My dad probably sitting on the phone waiting for his brilliant daughter to call and tell her what a big success of my first day was. I know it's not your problem but if you burn your friends soon, you won't have any.

Yumi Yoshimura: What are you?! A Fortune Cookie. That's what friends, Hee, Hee. You can confirmedly your friend?

Shantae: Sure, what else I can confirm you?

Bolo: I didn't know, In a future, Waiting for my gang to come from dis-a-parent, a den when cry for help to list, it's then list.

Shantae: Let's just stick with friend.

Bolo: You know, Ami, Even know, you had a distortion day, remember. There a another coming tomorrow, You know that last roommate just jumped out of the window.

Shantae: Well, Here goes the another day tomorrow

Bolo: Ok, good night?

(Cuts to the LightHouse then The scene changes into Daytime, The red car droves to the front, but the red car stop, the Driver tries to push go brake, the red car is now moving again)

Uncle Mimic: (off-screen) Breakfast! (on-screen) This will perk everyone up. Some of fresh-brewed hot chocolate milk.

Everyone: Yum! Mmm!

Uncle Mimic: Careful, it's hot.

Everyone: (blowing stream)

(Daisy and April drinks milk, then April hiccups, Daisy stared at her)

Shantae: So, What are you guys doing today?

Bolo: We're doing it.

Twitch: What about you?

Shantae: Mayor ScuttleButt disappeared, and you're just sitting here.

Bolo: I think that's already been established.

Shantae: Well, I got to find out what happened to him.

Vinegar: Hey, you want my advice?

Shantae: Sure.

Twitch: Forget it. Never try, never fail. Those are the words I live by.

Shantae: Twtich, the idol of millions is gone, and no more seems to care! There should be an angry mob out there. (heard people running and angrily noise) What the...?

Everyone (expect Shantae): (shocked)

Part 16: Who Want's To Get Fixed

(Shantae and Bolo hopping outside to see what's going on with peoples)

Bolo: That's was not great, Those say "Those guys is falling down into skies". Huh, (whimper) Oh Man.

Peoples: (angry chat to Fixer Guy)

Fixer Guy: Sorry folks, all sold out, nothing, but upgrades from here on in.

Pinocchio Tinkerbat: But I like different stuff just the way I am. (his nose grows)


Big Guy: LET GET THEM!!!

Low Pitch Squeaky Guy: Hey, Hey, What are you doing? Don't throw me.

(Shantae, Bolo and her gang came in)

Low Pitch Squeaky Guy: Hey, It's that a Girl who fixed Bolo pikeball!

Off-Screen Guy: Yeah, That's Girl is a genius.

(Big Guy let Low Pitch Squeaky Guy down, He scream a bit)

Fixer Guy: Yeah, that's kid could help ya.

Bolo: Brace yourself, Your about to get popular!

(Peoples came to Shantae)

Bolo: Hold it those for these service, (Peoples stopped) Oh, I forgot! Everybody come on! (Peoples came to Shantae again)

Mailbox Robot: Parts, I need parts!

Shantae: Your album is not look so ba-- (Mailbox break apart) Bad?!

Tinkerbag: Hey Everybody, spare parts! (Everyone cheer)

Shantae: Wait a minute, Wait a minute, What's Wrong with you, People, Tinkerbats, Robots and Half Genies?!

Bolo: (Wearing bicycle helmet) You should be ashamed of youself!

Shantae: Why are you wearing a helmet? (April got confused)

Bolo: So I can protect my head. (Daisy and April slap Bolo and helmet got off) Sorry.

Guy: Hey, could you look at my bottle of healing?

Ami Onuki: (She look and the bottle broke) Nice, glass.


Another Guy: I can't get my sword of my head!

Lady: I am losing my mind!

Bolo: Back off. Back off! She's got her own dreams that won't come true!

(Suddenly Shantae and Bolo look at the truck with text saying "Why be you?", the truck was moving out)

Shantae: See-a-deed, fill-a-deed. Wait! (holding Rendh and Magic fireball on her hand) Who want to be Fixed? ("korega watashi no ikiru michi" by Puffy AmiYumi played)

Peoples: (excited shouts)

April: (faints)

(A Guy sign for repair station that Uncle Mimic had it on her hand, but he bumped to this guy, causing everyone fall down like a domino)

(Sky show a robot's heart to Bolo, but he fainted)

(The scene cut to Twitch Told the Truth to Pinocchio Tinkerbat, after that, his nose was shrinks, they give a hi-five, suddenly, his nose was grown again)

(The Scene cut to Bolo using his new pikeball while Vinegar watching him, 2 seconds later, they shake hand)

(then it's cut to Twitch putting spray for signing robot, but she hold her microphone)

Robot: YEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! (Stopped, when Twitch take her microphone away from her)

Twitch: Figaro... Figaro, (Sigining robot started to chase her) Figaro...

(The scene again cut to... Sky giving a sprinting position and poison potion to Shantae, Bolo is watching Shantae)

(Bolo plunged the plunger to Tinkerbat's mouth)

Guy: Nice Playing, Bolo, you're number one!

(The scene cuts to Antalah and Bahira look at the mail, that Shantae send her a note)

(Shantae and Bolo are fixing the Mailbox bot, Then Twitch Finish the touches, after that, Peoples cheer for Shanate)

Peoples: (chanting) Shantae, Shantae, Shantae, Shantae, Shantae, Shanate, Shantae!!

(Meanwhile, Evil Shantae was relaxing with the man who massaging her)

Evil Shantae: Oh Yeah, That's is feels good, oh man. Can you just rub my shoulder on it, (Someone scratching her) Oh Ma-- OWW!!! HEY!!! PLEASE EASY TIGER, STOP HURTING ME!!! (stand up) WAIT, WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO, KILL ME-- (It was revealed Nega Shantae just scratch Evil Shantae) (screams)

Nega-Shantae: Relax, it's me, your Mommy. 

Evil Shantae: How did you get in here?! 

Nega-Shantae: I came up the air shaft. I know you don't like anybody here to see me. 

Evil Shantae: Well, what do you want? 

Nega-Shanate: Someone's getting fixed 

Evil Shantae: What? 

Nega Shantae: Someone is repairing outmodes! And they are laughing at you! 

Evil Shantae: Who? And are you sure they're not laughing with me? 

Nega Shantae: Yes. 

Evil Shantae: Oh, so what if one crazy frantic repairs a few outmodes? Who cares? 

Nega shantae: Think. Use those brains I stole for you. Today it's one, what about tomorrow when everybody gets the idea this is okay? (mocking) We can fix ourselves. We don't need upgrades. We want Scuttlebutt. Then what happens to you?! 

Evil Shantae: Okay, okay, take it easy. We've got to find out who this is and stop him. 

Nega Shantae: Not stop him, crush him, destroy him. And by the way, I brought you a little something for your desk. 

Part 17: The half-Genie feastival

(After they Fixedeverything from the town)

Shantae: (relieved sigh) Is there anyone else waiting? 

Bolo: Let me look. (gasps) A few. 

Shantae: A few?!   

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