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Shadow the Hedgehog II: The Revenge of Black Arms is a action-platform third-person shooter game. The game serves as a sequel to 2005's Shadow the Hedgehog.


4 years after the events of the first game, Black Arms gets his revenge on Shadow with the help of his nephew, Eclipse, so he must stop him again and Eclipse with the help of the heroes.



The game, like its first game, is rated E10+ for Fantasy Violence and Mild Language. However, there is a T-rated version where it's rated T for Fantasy Violence and Mild Language.

Differences between the E10+ and T Versions

Not a lot of differences, but there are some:

  • The word 'piss' is used in the T rated version. The words "damn" and "hell" are the only used in the E10+ rated version.
  • While in the E10+ version, Sonic doesn't die, but in the T version, he does (although, it's offscreen/however he is revived)
  • In the T rated version, Dr. Eggman dies by being stabbed in the heart, but in the E10+ version, he dies by falling.
  • In the T rated version, Shadow uses his gun to finally kill Black Arms, but in the E10+ rated version, he kills him by using his Chaos emeralds.


Critical Reponse

The E10+ version received generally favorable reviews while the T-Rated version received criticial acclaim with some calling the best Platform/Third Person shooter game since Ratchet and Clank. Both versions had received very positive reviews from gamers.


The game, like its first game, was a commerical success (both versions).



This game is also set to release alongside with Shadow the Hedgehog HD (while also being brought separately)


Shadow the Hedgehog II: The Revenge of Black Arms/Levels


  • This is the second Sonic to have profanity in it.
  • Like the first game, the game is rated E10+.
    • The T-rated version is the first Sonic game with the T rating.
    • The E10+ rated version is the sixth (or seventh) Sonic game with the E10+ rating.
  • Shadow, Knuckles, Sonic, Eggman, Eclipse, Marine (through minimal), Big (T-rated only) and Vector sweared in this sequel.
    • Marine the Raccoon (voiced by Elle Fanning in style of Winnie from The Boxtrolls) is the first female Sonic character to swear albeit minimal in the game. 
  • This is the first Sonic game to have 2 different rated versions.
  • This game uses Renderware, the same engine as its first game, but more HD-ish and more advancer.
  • The Nintendo Switch and Sega Orion versions had a later release date.
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