Seventh Cillian Darcy Storyline
Cillian Darcy (s) Seventh Cillian Darcy
Companion (s) Twilight Sparkle, Leon Ryan Jenkins, Jack Rimmer (in the final story).
Main Villain of the Storyline Eion Moore

 The End of Destiny is the seventh and final storyline of Cillian Darcy: Time Travel.


Season 24: Heroic Tale

Rises of Frances Myers marks the First Appearances of Rupert Grint as the Seventh Cillian Darcy and his companions, Leon Ryan Jenkins, Jack O,Neill and Marie Fizgerald. Jack left in the third serial.

Episodes Companions Main Enemy Plot Note
Rises of Frances Myers Marie, Leon, Jack Frances Myers Cillian (who being regenerated into his seventh incarnation) got sent to Oxford Castle and reunited with his childhood friends. 
  • First appearances of the Seventh Cillian Darcy and his companions, Leon Ryan Jenkins, Marie Fizgerald and Jack O'Neil.
  • Conclusion of the Same Face Arc
Darkness of Cillian Darcy Marie, Leon, Jack The Rebellion Cillian and his new companions, Leon, Marie and Jack arrived to Italy to have fun and saw Cillian's future incarnation the Rebellion
Light and Darkness Marie, Leon, Jack N/A Cillian discovers the destiny in his timeline and able to take Jack home
  • Final regular appearances of Jack O'Neil
Tales of Equestrian Time Marie, Leon, Twilight Canterlot Criminals Cillian, Leon and Marie accidentally arrived to Equestrian City and saw the mane five out of six doing community service
  • First appearances of Twilight Sparkle as the final femal companion of the series

Season 25: Quest for the Ancient Treasure

Episodes Companions Main Enemy Plot Note
Rises of the Daleks Marie, Leon, Twilight Davros, The Daleks Cillian, Marie and Leon take Twilight to the human world of 2014 to begin the mission to find the jewels before the Daleks
  • Beginning of the Quest for the Ancient Treasure
  • Final appearances of Davros and the Daleks
Reborn of Cillian Darcy Marie, Leon, Twilight Adam Mitchell Cillian gains his new powers to see things, Twilight sees a new enemy went up to no good
  • First appearance of Adam Mitchell
Death of the Cybermen Marie, Leon, Twilight Cybermen Cillian, Marie and Leon returns to Ireland to obtained the next part of the jewels before the Cybermen who are going after the same.
  • Final appearances of the Cybermen 
  • Final appearances of Jack O'Neil
Dragon Showdown Marie, Leon, Twilight The Dragon King Cillian and co go to the Moon in the year 3100 to end the score with the Dragon King
  • Final appearances of Marie Fizgerald
  • Conclusion of Quest for the Ancient Treasure arc

Season 26: The Final End

This season is the final season of the series.

Episodes Companions Main Enemy Plot Notes
Ultimate Death of Justice Twilight, Leon Lord Barkis Cillian, Twilight and Leon arrived to the year 1785 to take down Lord Barkis. 
Dreams of Nights Twilight, Leon King of Darkness The TARDIS was under attack and got sent to the dream relam.
Destiny of the Angels

Twilight, Leon     Marley

Weeping Angels

Cillian, Twilight and Leon returned to New York to have an holiday, but Princess Celestia arrived to apologies to Twilight and Lifted her Banishment if they survive from the Weeping Angels.

  • This marks the final  appearances of Twilight Sparkle.
  • First appearances of Marley Kelly as the three-part final companion
Revenge of the Cloak Figure Leon         Marley Adam Mitchell After losing  Twilight, Cillian, Leon and Marley travel to England 1963 to be alone but then Adam Mitchell stopped him.
  • Final appearances of Adam Mitchell
Destiny of Cillian Darcy Leon           Marley
Eion Moore

Cillian meets Jack Rimmer after his arrival to Waterloo Road. 

But then, Eion kidnapped the seven incarnations of Cillian Darcy but now It's up to Jack to take down Eion and rescue Cillian.

  • Final appearances of Leon Ryan Jenkins and Marley as the companions
  • This is the final episode of the series and the prequel to the Movie.
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