Sesame Street Goes to Disneyland and Walt Disney World is a two-part special that aired on Disney Channel in June 2020, and on PBS in July 2020. The special was produced by Sesame Workshop for Disney in association with the Jim Henson Company. As its title suggests, the special follows the Muppets of Sesame Street as they travel to Disneyland in California. After they are abandoned by their tour group, the gang, with help from Lefty the Salesman (who got to L.A. by digging), decides to explore Disneyland, and its Floridian counterpart Walt Disney World, by themselves.

The special is dedicated to the memory of Caroll Spinney, who passed away in December 2019 ("In loving memory of our friend Caroll Spinney (1933-2019) Who gave a bird his heart and a Grouch his soul. We will dearly miss you.").


Muppets and other characters (speaking):

Abby Cadabby, Abelardo Montoya, ALF, Alice Snuffleupagus, The Amazing Mumford, Aristotle, Athena, Baby Bear, Baby Bop, Baby Natasha, Baby Sinclair, Bad Barney, Bad Bart, Bag, Barkley, Barney, Bart, Bear, Benny Rabbit, Bert, Bertha, Bertina, Betty Lou, Biff, Big Bad Wolf, Big Bird, Bip Bippadotta, BJ, Boober Fraggle, Brad, Bruno the Trashman, The Busby Twins, Buster the Horse, Captain Vegetable, The Castle Guards, Chamki, Chelli, Chicago the Lion, Chip and Dip, Cleo Lion, Clementine, Colambo, Cookie Monster, Count von Count, The Countess, Cousin Bear, Cousin Monster, Crash, Curly Bear, Cyranose de Bergerac, Daniel, Deena, Dexter, Dr. Nobel Price, Dr. Ruster, Domby, Don Music, Elena, Elizabeth, Elmo, Ernestine, Ernie, Farley, Ferlinghetti Donizetti, Finchen, Flight Attendant, Flo Bear, Fluffy, Forgetful Jones, Fozzie Bear, Francine Lloyd Wright, Frazzle, Freddy (monster), Fred the Wonder Horse, Funella Furchester, Furgus Fuzz, Gabrielle, Gary Gnu, Georgie (Anything Muppet girl), Gilbert and Sullivan, Gladys the Cow, Glo Worm, Gobo Fraggle, Goldilocks, Gonger, Googel, The Grand High Triangle Lover, Granny Bird, Granny Fanny Nesselrode, Grizzy, Grover (and Super Grover), Grundgetta, Guy Smiley, Harvey Kneeslapper, Headline Howie, Herb, Herbert Birdsfoot, Hero Guy, Herry Monster, Hilda the Hare, Hoots the Owl, Horatio the Elephant, Humphrey, Ingrid, Irvine, Jerome the Garden Gnome, Joey and Davey Monkey, J.P., Julia, Kami, Karli, Kate Monster, Kermit the Frog, Kingston Livingston III, Kit, Lefty the Salesman, Leona Lion, Leo the Party Monster, Leslie Mostly, Lightning, Lily, Lionel Lion, Little Bird, Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats, Little Jerry and the Monotones, Little Murray Sparkles, Lola, Loretta, Louie, Lucy the Slut, Lulu, Mae, Maggie Cadabby, Mama Bear, The Martians, Marty (Anything Muppet), Mel, Merry Monster, Meryl Sheep, Miss Piggy, Mr. Between, Mr. Can You Guess, Mr. Chatterly, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Snuffleupagus, Mrs. Crustworthy, Mrs. Grouch, Moishe Oofnik, Mokey Fraggle, Mommy Snuffleupagus, Monty, The Mudman, Murray Monster, Narf, Nicky, Norman, Ojo, The Oinker Sisters, Old MacDonald, Oscar the Grouch, Osvaldo el Grunon, Ovejita, Papa Bear, Pearl, Pferd, Phoebe, Phoebe Furchester-Fuzz, Pip and Pop, Placido Flamingo, Poco Loco, Polly Darton, Potto, Prairie Dawn, Preston Rabbit, Prince Charming, Princeton, Professor D. Rabbit, Professor Hastings, Ralphie, Readers of the Open Range, Red Fraggle, The Rhymies, Riff, Robin the Frog, Rod, Rodeo Rosie, Roosevelt Franklin, Roosevelt Franklin's Mother, Rose, Rosita, Roxie Marie, Ruby, Rudy, Ruffus the Dog, Sam the Robot, Same Sound Brown, Sammy the Snake, Samuel, Segi, Shelley the Turtle, Sherlock Hemlock, Sherry Netherland, Shivers the Penguin, Simon Soundman, Sinister Sam, Sir John Feelgood, Slimey, Sonny Friendly, Sprocket, The Squirrelles, Statler and Waldorf, Stinky the Stinkweed, Sully, Telly Monster, Tessie Twiddlebug, Theo Lion, Thomas Twiddlebug, Timmy Twiddlebug, Tina Twiddlebug, Tingo, Tito, Tough Eddie, Tour Guide, Treelo, Trekkie Monster, Trevor Monster, Tutter, Two-Headed Monster, Uncle Travelling Matt, Walter, Wanda Cousteau, Watson, Wembley Fraggle, Wolfgang the Seal, Wolle, Zoe

Background Muppets (non-speaking):

Alfred Duck, AM Monsters, Anything Muppets, Baa Baa Walters, Baby Breeze, Baby Tooth and the Fuzzy Funk, Bagels and Locktopus, Bernie Broccoli, The Big Tomato, Billy (monster), Bruce (monster), Bug, Butch the Tiger, Charlie (Anything Muppet), The Cheese, Chickens, Clancy, Corny the Corn, Cows, Crow, Crystal, Dawg the Dog, Dimples the Dog, Dingers, Ducks, Dusty and Eartha, Ex Ray, Fenwick, Fish, Floyd Fluter-Tooter, Frog, Garbo, Gary Grouch, Gnu, Goat (Sesame Street), Grandmother Happy, Grouches, Gus Hopper, Hansel and Gretel, Hardhead Henry Harris, Harry (monster), Harvey (monster), Helena, Henrietta (chicken), Henrietta Honker, Honkers, Horses, Iago, Imogene, Izzy, Jacket, Jamie Fox, Joanie Jenkins, Judy Finstermacher, Kathleen the Cow, Kermit the Forg, Leo Birdelli, Madame Chairbird, Mario, Masha, Maurice Monster, Max the Magnificent, Mr. Honker, Mouse, Natalie the Cow, Norman (monster), Old McDougal, Pamela, Parker Monster, Penguins, Pesties, Pigeons, Pigs, Preposterous, Rico (robot), Robin (Sesame Street), The Rockheads, Rocky (monster), Rooster, Rosemary, Rudder Rabbit, Seagull, Sheep, Singing Food, Sloppy, Smart Tina, Stella, Stuie Monster, Super Chicken, Suzetta Something, The Three Little Pigs, Tony (Anything Muppet), Toucan, Turkeys, Vincent Twice, Warren Wolf, Wolf, Zostic

Other Characters (archival audio):

Alphabet Bates, The Announcer, Audrey II, The Baker, Buzz Lightyear, Cab Driver, Darth Vader, Daisy Duck, Donald Duck, Figment, Genie, Goofy, Luke Skywalker, Luna, The Mad Painter, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Piglet, Pluto, Pumbaa, Shadow, Teeny Little Super Guy, Tigger, Timekeeper, Timon, Winnie the Pooh, Woody, Yoda


Sesame Street Muppet Performers

Pam Arciero as Grundgetta, Betty Lou, Alice Snuffleupagus, Leona Lion (puppeteer), Merry Monster, Georgie, Deena, Crystal, Mary Rhymie

Jennifer Barnhart as Zoe, Maggie Cadabby, Francine Lloyd Wright, Cleo Lion, Mama Bear, Granny Bird, Gladys the Cow, Rhonda, Bertha, Mommy Snuffleupagus (puppeteer)

Bill Barretta as Castle Guard #5

Rickey Boyd as Bag, Granny Fanny Nesselrode, Rodeo Rosie, Brad, Pearl

Warrick Brownlow-Pike as Gonger

Tyler Bunch as Louie, Pferd the Horse (puppeteer), Treelo, Pop, Trekkie Monster (puppeteer), Domby Monster (puppeteer), Dr. Nobel Price, Colambo, Professor D. Rabbit, Gilbert, Larry Rhymie, Mr. Can You Guess, Jerome the Garden Gnome

Sarah Burgess as Trevor Monster (puppeteer), Phoebe Furchester-Fuzz

Leslie Carrara-Rudolph as Abby Cadabby, Chamki (puppeteer), Mokey Fraggle (puppeteer), Lola (puppeteer), Hilda the Hare (puppeteer), Lily, Segi (puppeteer), Rose the Dog, Goldilocks, Meryl Sheep, Loretta, Darlene, Little Murray Sparkles, The Baker (puppeteer)

Kevin Clash as Castle Guard #1

Bruce Connelly as Barkley the Dog

Frankie Cordero as Rudy, Papa Bear, Chelli, Stinky the Stinkweed, Lightning, Cousin Bear, Joey Monkey, Narf

Stephanie D'Abruzzo as Prairie Dawn, Little Bird, Finchen the Snail (puppeteer), Kate Monster, Ojo (puppeteer), Kami, Curly Bear, Lulu, Mae, Roxie Marie, Clementine, Lucy the Slut, Ruby, Elizabeth, Polly Darton, Wanda Cousteau, Grizzy, Bertina, Sherry Netherland, Googel, Mrs. Crustworthy, Sophie, Lead Oinker Sister (puppeteer), The Mad Painter (puppeteer)

Ryan Dillon as Elmo, Lefty the Salesman, Baby Sinclair, Roosevelt Franklin (puppeteer), Sprocket (puppeteer), Baby Natasha, Don Music, Bad Barney, Chip Cat, Watson

Dave Goelz as Boober Fraggle, Ruffus the Dog (puppeteer), Waldorf, Uncle Travelling Matt, Mr. Between, Flight Attendant

Louise Gold as Funella Furchester, Tour Guide (puppeteer)

Stacey Gordon as Julia

Jerad Harris as Riff (performer)

Christopher Thomas Hayes as Hoots the Owl

Brian Henson as Castle Guard #4

Eric Jacobson as Bert, Grover, Oscar the Grouch, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Guy Smiley, Two-Headed Monster (left head), Harvey Kneeslapper, Professor Hastings, Moe Busby, Prince Charming

Haley Jenkins as Karli

John Kennedy as The Amazing Mumford, Furgus Fuzz (puppeteer), Potto Monster (puppeteer), Gary Gnu (puppeteer), Preston Rabbit, Sinister Sam, Same Sound Brown (puppeteer), Bip Bippadotta, Barry Rhymie, Big Jeffy

Kathleen Kim as Elena

Tim Lagasse as Crash

Peter Linz as Ernie, Herry Monster, Walter, Daniel, Wolle the Sheep (puppeteer), Benny Rabbit, Tutter, Pip, Theo Lion, Wembley Fraggle (puppeteer), Robin the Frog, Statler, Nicky (puppeteer), Kit Monster (puppeteer), Timmy Twiddlebug (puppeteer), Farley, Horatio the Elephant, Kingston Livingston III, Joe Busby, Osvaldo el Grunon, Captain Vegetable, Ferlinghetti Donizetti, Shivers the Penguin, Bad Bart, Luna (puppeteer), Shadow (puppeteer), Bart, J.P., Dexter, Cousin Monster, Little Chrissy (puppeteer), Mel, The Grand High Triangle Lover, Chrissy (puppeteer)

Spencer Lott as Samuel

Noel MacNeal as Bear, ALF (puppeteer), Lionel Lion (puppeteer), Abelardo Montoya (puppeteer), the Countess, Alphabet Bates (puppeteer), Alphabeat #2

Lauren Mayeux as Baby Bop (performer)

Joey Mazzarino as Castle Guard #3

Kyle Nelson as BJ (performer)

Carmen Osbahr as Rosita, Ovejita, Gabrielle

Karen Prell as Trevor Monster (puppeteer), Red Fraggle

Martin P. Robinson as Telly Monster, Mr. Snuffleupagus, Moishe Oofnik (puppeteer), Slimey the Worm (puppeteer), Thomas Twiddlebug (puppeteer), Audrey II (lead puppeteer), Buster the Horse, Irvine the Grouch, Monty, Shelley the Turtle, Poco Loco, Tito the Mouse, Sullivan, Ralphie the Parrot, Old MacDonald, Earl, Martian #1, Fluffy the Elephant

David Rudman as Baby Bear, Cookie Monster, Two-Headed Monster (right head), Freddy, Tessie Twiddlebug (puppeteer), Humphrey, Placido Flamingo, Sonny Friendly, Chicago the Lion, Leo the Party Monster, Aristotle, Ernestine, Davey Monkey, Flo Bear, Athena the Owl, Headline Howie, Bruno the Trashman, Sully, Dip Cat, Norman, Alphabeat #1, Rockin' Richard

Carey Stinson as Barney the Dinosaur (performer)

John Tartaglia as Gobo Fraggle, Princeton, Rod, Tingo, Ingrid, Roosevelt Franklin's Mother (puppeteer), Leslie Mostly, Phoebe

Matt Vogel as Big Bird, Count von Count, Kermit the Frog, Murray Monster, Mr. Johnson, Forgetful Jones, Frazzle, Sherlock Hemlock, Biff, Tina Twiddlebug (puppeteer), Simon Soundman, Fred the Wonder Horse, Herb the Dinosaur, Big Bad Wolf, Dr. Ruster, Marty, Sam the Robot, Mr. Chatterly, Herbert Birdsfoot, Cyranose de Bergerac, Tough Eddie, Vern, Sammy the Snake, Sir John Feelgood, Little Jerry, Martian #2, Wolfgang the Seal, The Mudman

Steve Whitmire as Castle Guard #2

Bryant Young as Mr. Snuffleupagus (back half)

With the Voices of

Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear

Wayne Allwine as Mickey Mouse

Tony Anselmo as Donald Duck

Anthony Asbury as Lionel Lion

Ivy Austin as Lead Oinker Sister

Gilles Ben-David as Moishe Oofnik

Paul Benedict as The Mad Painter

Andrea Bongers as Finchen the Snail

Rickey Boyd as Twiddlebugs

Christopher Cerf as Little Chrissy, Chrissy

Richard Coombs as Domby Monster

Jim Cummings as Winnie the Pooh, Tigger

Paul Currie as Potto Monster

Michaela Dietz as Riff

Bill Farmer as Goofy, Pluto

John Fiedler as Piglet

Paul Fusco as ALF

Lesa Gillespie as Hilda the Hare

Dave Goelz as Figment

Mark Hamill as Trevor Monster, Luke Skywalker

Tom Hanks as Woody

Andy Heath as Kit Monster

Jim Henson as The Baker

Ghazal Javed as Chamki

Chantylla Johnson as Segi

Julie Johnson as Baby Bop

James Earl Jones as Darth Vader

Vicki Kenderes-Eibner as Ojo

Chris Knowings as Roosevelt Franklin, Same Sound Brown

Christy Knowings as Roosevelt Franklin's Mother

Nathan Lane as Timon

Rocio Lara as Lola

Hector Loeza as Abelardo Montoya

Rick Lyon as Nicky, Trekkie Monster

Noel MacNeal as Mommy Snuffleupagus

Tress MacNeille as Daisy Duck

Dick Maitland as Slimey the Worm

Jim Martin as Gary Gnu

Brian Meehl as Alphabet Bates

Rob Mills as Ruffus the Dog

Tara Mooney as Shadow

Carsten Morar-Haffke as Pferd the Horse

Kathryn Mullen as Mokey Fraggle, Leona Lion

Jerry Nelson as The Announcer

Frank Oz as Yoda

Martin Paas as Wolle the Sheep

Thurl Ravenscroft as Uncle Theodore

David Rudman as Hero Guy

Ernie Sabella as Pumbaa

Caroll Spinney as Cab Driver

Andrew Spooner as Furgus Fuzz

Levi Stubbs as Audrey II

Russi Taylor as Minnie Mouse

Lynne Thigpen as Luna

Jim Thurman as Teeny Little Super Guy

Doug Walker as Tour Guide

Frank Welker as Additional Sound Effects

Dean Wendt as Barney the Dinosaur

Bob West as Barney the Dinosaur

Steve Whitmire as Wembley Fraggle, Sprocket

Robin Williams as Genie, Timekeeper

Paul Winchell as Tigger

Patty Wirtz as BJ

Additional Sesame Street Muppet Performers

Heather Asch, Billy Barkhurst, Jake Bazel, Tau Bennett, Lindsey Briggs, Geri Cole, Austin Michael Costello, Melissa Creighton, Jamie Donmoyer, Liz Hara, Michael Latini, Weston Chandler Long, Lara MacLean, Amanda Maddock, Paul McGinnis, Tracie Mick, Andrew Moriarty, Marc Petrosino, Eric Wright

Additional NY Muppet Performers

Drew Allison, Anthony Asbury, Lawrence Basgall, Daniel Eli Becker, Nate Begle, David Benoit, Carol Binion, Ronald Binion, Cheryl Blaylock, John Boone, Katie Boren, Kelsey Ann Brady, Mary Brehmer, Matt Brooks, Leanne Brunn, Lee Bryan, Lisa Buckley, Jessica Carleton, Jonathan Carlucci, Brian Carson, Arlee Chadwick, Ed Christie, Ceili Clemens, Josh Cohen, Lisa Consolo, David Corris, Todd Coyle, Carole D'Agostino, Leo Daignault, Julia Darden, Emily DeCola, Doris Diether, Sophie Doyle, Jeff Dunham, Ben Durocher, Jodi Eichelberger, Bob Fappiano, David Matthew Feldman, Olga Felgemacher-Marin, John C. Fields, David Fino, Galen Fott, Sarah Frechette, Matthew Furtado, Paul Fusco, Mark Gale, Aymee Garcia, Rob Gardner, Cameron Garrity, Fred "Garbo" Garver, Noah Ginex, James Godwin, Rowell Gormon, Jenny Hann, Paul Hartis, Zach Haumesser, Andy Hayward, Lynn Hippen, Scott Hitz, Joshua Holden, Patrick Holmes, Phillip Huber, Bill Remington Hubner, Adam Hunt, Michael Elizabeth Huston, Kyle Igneczi, Jason Jacoby, Penny Jones, Ulysses Jones, David Jordan, Liz Joyce, Camille Kampouris, Francis Kane, Jean Marie Keevins, Vicki Kenderes-Eibner, Rob Killen, Joe Kovacs, Mary Robinette Kowal, Adam Kreutinger, Rollie Krewson, Jim Kroupa, Maggie Lakis, Tiffany Lange, Anika Larsen, Aaron Lathrop, Matthew Lavin, Gina Leigh, Calvin Mack Lester II, Michael Lisa, Jonathan Little, John Lovelady, Jon Ludwig, Derek Lux, Bob Lynch, Rick Lyon, Peter MacKennan, Boitumelo Betty Maretele, Craig Marin, Jim Martin, Ed May, Rob McClure, Cathy McCullough, Anney McKilligan-Ozar, Megan McNerney, Brian Meehl, Meghan Miller, Kathryn Mullen, Jason Murphy, Jim Napolitano, Ray Nelson, Mark Nichols, Sarah Nolen, Eric Novak, Brynn O'Malley, Adam Pagdon, Chris Palmieri, Tim Parati, John Pavlik, Annie Peterle, Kevin Pittman, Julio Robles, Bart Roccoberton, Abby Roderick, Christina Rodriguez, Jonathan Root, Adam Rudman, Joey Rudman, Kelli Sawyer, Benjamin Schrader, Michael Schupbach, Michael Schwabe, Daniel Seagren, Jessica Simon, Judy Sladky, Thom Stanley, David Stephens, Andy Stone, Christina Stone, Ian Sweetman, Ricky Syers, Julie Taymor, Richard Termine, Drew Torkelson, Emily Tucker, Russell Tucker, Basil Twist, Gabriel Velez, Liz Vitale, Cynthia von Orthal, Stacey Weingarten, Daniel Weissbrodt, Steven Widerman, Susan Widerman, Chad Williams, James Wojtal, Evy Wright, Lucky Yates, Emre Yilmaz, Teddy Yudain, Paul Zaloom

LA Muppet Performers

David Barclay, Tim Blaney, Patrick Bristow, Julianne Buescher, Kevin Carlson, Charles Chiodo, Edward Chiodo, Stephen Chiodo, Alice Dinnean, Artie Esposito, Darci Lynne Farmer, Ed Gale, Terri Hardin, Doug Jones, James Kemp, Marty Krofft, Sid Krofft, Bruce Lanoil, Drew Massey, Paul Louis Muller, James Murray, Mike Nawrocki, Mike Quinn, Bruce Schwartz, Michelan Sisti, Leif Tilden, Allan Trautman, Phil Vischer, Victor Yerrid

Additional LA Muppet Performers

Peter Abrahamson, Brad Abrell, Catherine Adell, Keiko Agena, Christian Anderson, Rachel Appelbaum, Connor Asher, Steve Axtell, Grant Baciocco, Greg Ballora, A. Winslow Barger, Phil Baron, Jeff Biske, LaVerne Biske, Mel Biske, Neal Biske, Matt Brady, Beau Brown, Pat Brymer, Tamara Carlson-Woodard, Raymond Carr, Kristin Charney, Neil Cicierega, Brian Clark, Luman Coad, Joe Colwell, David Crespin, John Criswell, Erica Crooks, Nathan Danforth, Dorien Davies, Alexis de la Rocha, Marsian De Lellis, Maxwell Dowie, Tommy Duren, Peggy Etra, Matias Farias, Terry Fator, Roberto Ferreira, Tom Fisher, Genevieve Flati, Thom Fountain, Dina Fraboni, Dan Garza, Meegan Godfrey, Jerome Green, Alex U. Griffin, Art Grueneberger, BJ Guyer, Sam Koji Hale, David Liebe Hart, Chris Heady, Ric Heitzman, Heather Henson, Rachel Herrick, David Hosay, Robin Howard, Charles Hubbell, Dave Hulteen Jr., John Jennings, Carl J. Johnson, Patrick Johnson, Scott Johnson, Sean Johnson, Avery Lee Jones, Brian Jones, Kelvin Kao, Kate Katz, Jonathan Kidder, Donna Kimball, Doug Kincaid, Andy Rocco Kraft, Erik Kuska, Scott Land, Todd Gerson Levin, Len Levitt, Jayden Libran, Pons Maar, David Maida, Greg Manion, Karen Maruyama, Todd Mattox, Sarah McChesney, George McGrath, Jess McKay, Randal J. Metz, Ted Michaels, Dan Milano, Jon Milano, Alison Mork, Russell Nauman, Sarah Oh, Michael Oosterom, Brett O'Quinn, Christine Papalexis, Michael Paul, Lexi Pearl, Ian Petrella, Janine Pibal, Tony Sabin Prince, Casey Pyke, David Quesal, Steven Ritz-Barr, Dwight Roberts, Lisa Rocco, Melissa Roja, Misty Rosas, Carla Rudy, Paul Rugg, Nicolette Santino, Rob Saunders, Tomas Seidita, Joe Selph, Pam Severns, Chad Ethan Shohet, Benjamin Siemon, James Silson, Scott Silson, David Skelly, Jennifer Skelly, James Sloane, Colleen Smith, Jeff Speetjens, Fred Spencer, Kenny Stevenson, Lisa Sturz, Jack Tate, Norman Tempia, Zachariah Tolchinsky, Star Townshend, Steve Troop, Tony Urbano, Gregg Van Laningham, Art Vega, Jack Venturo, Russ Vick, Alex Villa, Russ Walko, Robin Walsh, April Warren, Justin Walters, Wayne White, Mark Bryan Wilson, Scott Woodard, Chase Woolner, Michelle Zamora

UK Muppet Performers

John Alexander, Don Austen, Richard Bradshaw, Dave Chapman, Sue Dacre, Warwick Davis, Phil Eason, David Greenaway, William Todd Jones, Terry Lee, Ron Mueck, Toby Philpott, Nigel Plaskitt, Tim Rose, Deep Roy, Kiran Shah, Neil Sterenberg, John Styles, Rob Tygner, Simon Williamson, Mak Wilson

Additional UK Muppet Performers

Ian Allen, Derek Arnold, Caroline Astell-Burt, Laura Bacon, Charlotte Louise Baker, William Banyard, Robbie Barnett, James Barton, Michael Bayliss, Daisy Beattie, Susan Beattie, Jamie Bell, Mikey Brett, Scott Brooker, Lynn Robertson Bruce, Simon Buckley, David Bulbeck, Richard Cadell, Megan Cameron, Carl Chadd, Sacha Choat, David Claridge, Sheila Clark, Marcus Clarke, Steve Clarke, David Collins, Patrick Comerford, Richard Coombs, Craig Crane, Matthew Crowfoot, Paul Currie, Elizabeth Dapo, Andrew Davenport, Matt Denton, Barnaby Dixon, John Eccleston, Iestyn Evans, Damian Farrell, Geoff Felix, Phil Fletcher, Julia Frost, Richard Garaghty, Lesa Gillespie, Robin Guiver, Barnaby Harrison, Mal Heap, Andy Heath, Beccy Henderson, Brian Herring, Peter Hurst, Mark Jefferis, Paul Jomain, Nick Kellington, Chris Kendall, Robin Kingsland, Steven Kynman, Ronnie Le Drew, Pui Fan Lee, Rachel Leonard, Tony Lymboura, Matthew Lyons, Mark Mander, Matthew McCoy, Alison McGowan, Michael McNulty, Stan Middleton, Mervyn Millar, Joan Morris, Richard Mueck, Rebecca Nagan, Steve Nallon, Wim Oppenheimer, Adrian Parish, Angie Passmore, Marie Phillips, Ruth Pieloor, Justin Pitkethly, Judy Preece, Sally Preisig, Colin Purves, Hugh Purves, Simon T. Rann, Axel Rathgeber, Gillie Robic, Richard Robinson, John Rogers, Mike Scanlan, Kaefan Shaw, David Showler, Hugh Simpson, Helena Smee, Katherine Smee, Mike Smith, Andrew Spooner, Robin Stevens, Yvonne Stone, Dave Taylor, Olly Taylor, Chris Thatcher, Ian Thom, Dave Thompson, Heather Tobias, Mark Alexander Todd, Jurgen Tombers, Mandy Travis, Ian Tregonning, Mary Turner, Julie Westwood, John Wheatley, Mark Whitaker, Katie Williams, Victoria Willing, Toby Wilson, Tom Wilton, Michael Winsor, Phill Woodfine, Darryl Worbey, Francis Wright, Sarah Wright, Paul Zerdin

Canada Muppet Performers

Terry Angus, Adam Behr, Stephen Brathwaite, Ronnie Burkett, Jeny Cassady, Morris Chapdelaine, Denise Cheshire, Ben Deutsch, Todd Doldersum, Randi Edmundson, Ali Eisner, Matt Ficner, Patrick Gerrety, Tim Gosley, Jon Graham, Kellie Haines, Kira Hall, Ingrid Hansen, Paul Hooson, Jason Hopley, Bruce Hunter, Nina Keogh, Helen King, Jani Lauzon, Judith Lawrence, Trish Leeper, Patricia Lewis, Jordan Lockhart, Alexander Mantia, Bob Martin, Frank Meschkuleit, Rob Mills, Felix Mirbt, Sue Morrison, Pier Paquette, John Pattison, Mike Petersen, Ann Powell, David Powell, Adam Francis Proulx, James Rankin, Dan Redican, Geoff Redknap, Gord Robertson, James Rowley, Sandra Shamas, Jamie Shannon, Ron Stefaniuk, Marty Stelnick, Fred Stinson, Bob Stutt, Jeff Sweeney, Rebecca Elmire Tremblay, Karen Valleau, Tom Vandenberg, Cheryl Wagner, Wende Welch, Eric Woolfe, Noreen Young

Puppeteer Consultants

Richard Bay, Fran Brill, Matthew Corbett, Peter Friedman, Cheryl Henson, Lisa Henson, Frank Oz, Bob Payne, Debra Spinney, Melissa Whitmire


Executive Producers - Michael K. Frith, Lisa Henson, Carol-Lynne Parente, Alex Rockwell

Co-Executive Producers - Brown Johnson and Benjamin Lehmann

Produced by Martin G. Baker, April Chadderdon Coleman, Ritamarie Peruggi, Ken Scarborough

Directed by (NY) Rick Fernandes and Jack Jameson

Directed by (LA) David Gumpel and Kirk R. Thatcher

Head Writers (NY) - Molly Boylan, Ken Scarborough, Belinda Ward

Head Writer (LA) - Jocelyn Stevenson

Written by (NY) Annie Evans and Christine Ferraro

Written by (LA) Jim Lewis and Bill Prady

Associate Directors - Frank Campagna, Ken Diego, Todd E. James, Scott Preston

Associate Producer - Karyn Leibovich

Content Producer - Autumn Zitani Stefano, M.A.

Digital Producer - Andrew Moriarty

Directors of Photography - John E. Barrett, Frank Biondo, Richard Termine

Production Designer - David Gallo

Edited by Todd E. James

Music Score by Alan Menken

Script Supervisors - Jennifer Capra and Syndi Shumer

Puppet Captain (NY) - Matt Vogel

Puppet Captain (LA) - Kevin Clash

The Jim Henson Company NY Creature Shop

Puppet Design Supervisor - Michael K. Frith

Lead Puppet Designer - Ed Christie

Puppets, Costumes, Props

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The Jim Henson Company LA Creature Shop

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Original Barney Costumes Designed and Fabricated by - Irene Corey Design Associates

Audrey II Design Supervisor - Martin P. Robinson

ALF rebuilt by - Hairy Edge Productions

Gary Gnu and Between the Lions characters designed and built by - 3/Design Studio

Ruffus the Dog designed and built by - The Sheep Shop

Cameras - Frank Biondo, Kevin Burke, Jerry Cancel, Bobby Del Russo, Dave Driscoll, Shaun Harkins, Jay Kulick, Aaron Medick, Pat Minietta, Jimmy O'Donnell, Wayne Paull, Mark Renaudin, Larry Solomon, Ron Washburn, Mark Whitman

Digital Muppet Animation by - Rickey Boyd, Magnetic Dreams Animation Studio

Senior Vice President of Curriculum and Content for Sesame Workshop - Dr. Rosemarie Truglio, Ph.D.

Executive in Charge of Production for Sesame Workshop - Jodi Nussbaum

Executive in Charge of Production for the Jim Henson Company - Brian Henson

Special Thanks: The family and friends of Jim and Jane Henson, Magnetic Dreams, Becky Mancuso-Winding, Frank Oz, Pixar Animation Studios, Studio G Brooklyn

Taped at Kaufman Astoria Studios, New York

Filmed on location at Disneyland, California and Walt Disney World, Florida

In loving memory of our friend

Caroll Spinney


Who gave a bird his heart and a Grouch his soul.

We will dearly miss you.

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