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Sea of Troubles is a 1980 war comedy directed and produced by Carl Andy and starring an ensemble cast consisting of Walter Matthau, Janet Leigh, Kevin Bacon, Burgess Meredith, Mae West (in her final film role), Bill Murray and Phil Silvers. a loose remake of the Ernst Lubitsch film To Be or Not to Be (1942) but changing the setting to 1968 Czechoslovakia during the onset of the Warsaw Pact invasion of the country, it concerns a theater company run by Ferdinand Baldrick and his wife Adda Baldrick who hatch out a plan to escape from the Communists into free territory.

A joint-production between Universal Pictures and Paramount Pictures, Sea of Troubles wasn't a big success but was well recieved and is considered one of Andy's best movies alongside Toby (1975).


  • Walter Matthau as Ferdinand Baldrick
  • Janet Leigh as Adda Baldrick
  • Kevin Bacon as Lieutenant "Sea of Troubles" Seaborn
  • Burgess Meredith as Steznik, Stage Manager
  • Mae West as Gretchnik
  • Bill Murray as Okázalý
  • Phil Silvers as Použitý
  • Anthony Quinn as Professor Zrada
  • Klaus Kinski as Comrade Škaredý
  • Miloš Forman as Comrade Obtížný
  • Ricardo Montalbán as General Darebák

Home Media

MCA Videocassette first released the film on VHS and Betamax in a double tape set in 1981, followed by a Laserdisc version from the MCA DiscoVision brand, it would later be re-released on VHS in 1986, 1991 and 1998, on DVD it was first released by GoodTimes Home Entertainment under license from Universal in 2000, and later again by Universal themselves in 2002, both were double sided discs containing the original Widescreen on one side and a pan and scan full-screen version on the other, eventually in 2019, it saw it's Blu-ray debut through Shout! Factory as part of The Carl Andy Box set and it's own individual release the following year.