This Idea takes place, right after Scooby-Doo Return to Zombie Island.


While on Moonscar Island, Scooby-Doo has an adventure with the Island Cats, and also learn about the Island Cats' origins, unaware of an evil plot at work...


On Moonscar Island, one day after Moonscar's Treasure is found, the rest of Mystery Inc. is resting up to leave tomorrow, as Scooby-Doo is looking at the night sky, wandering around, unknowingly followed by a few cats. After Scooby noticed that the cats were following Him, He goes faster, Then, while running to get away from the cats, He accidentally bumps into two silhouetted figures wearing Black cloaks, who were putting some cats in cages. The two figures fled, and they declared that they’d be back. With that, Scooby cautiously frees the caged cats, thinking that He’d be attacked, since the last two incidents. But the cats purred around the bewildered Great Dane, as one of the cats (A gray-furred feline named Marmara) placed a paw, on Scooby, who faints. Then, Scooby finds Himself in Ancient Greece, where the first domesticated cats originated. Scooby also learned that some of the cats left the comfort of Greece to explore the world, they however, became feral some time after reaching Egypt, the illusion ended afterward.

Back in reality, knowing that the two figures would come back, the Cats go back into hiding, except for one who is very sick. Scooby carefully brought the cat to the deck of the mansion, where it rested, as Scooby informed the gang about what happened. the next day, as the gang is ready to leave, waiting for the ferry to arrive, a group of Land Developers come to the island to check the environment and check if it can be turned into an amusement park. After seeing what's happening, one cat, (a brownish one named Djoser) placed a paw on Scooby, bringing His mind to Ancient Egypt, where a big group of Cats are everywhere, outnumbering the egyptians, of course, some people (Phoenician Merchants) which Scooby thought was pronounced Venitian without being seen, smuggles handfuls of cats to the world over, as the illusion ended. soon, one of the developers spot some cats living there, including some rare breeds and the sick cat. But, as He called for the animal shelter, The Black Were-Cat (from the sequel) appears, destroys the phone, and scares away the worker. who calls for the animal shelter with another’s cell phone.

Afterward, a blueish cat named Ragusa places a paw on Scooby, Explaining how cats helped eradicate the Rats in medieval Europe saving many humans. Then in the 1600s, cats were sent from England to America, as they were kept not just as mousers, but also as pets. After that illusion ended, a Group of straycatchers arrive, coming to capture any stray cats in the area. Eventually, one of the cloaked beings capture Scooby, and try to take Him away, but one cat attacked the being, forcing Him to run, and trip into a sinkhole. The being calls for help, as the blueish cat helped free Scooby. the cloaked being called for the other to help Him get out seconds before the developers arrived. Later, at night, Scooby sees an animal shelter worker arrive and search for any cats hiding in the island. Scooby then goes to the mansion, and quietly sees the cats hiding Inside. A black cat named Tituba places a paw on Scooby, and tells Him about the Salem witch trials, which ruined the lives of people and cats accused of being witches, and that the people set out to eliminate those non-existent witches. because the senseless violence refused to stop, the Cats escaped Salem and headed all over the country. the Illusion ended.

However, the other cloaked being infiltrated the mansion and quietly captures the cats one by one with an Incense, smelling like lavender. Scooby sneaks off to warn the gang about the catnapper and go after him. Soon, the cloaked being, with Plenty of cats in cages, head for their escape vehicle, a black boat. the cat creature, appears and cuts them off, But is caught in a cage. the catnappers, intend to auction it off to the highest bidder, as a rare animal. The rest of Mystery Inc is captured, by a few of the catnapper’s henchmen and they leave the island undetected. However, Scooby and six cats hide out in the boat and formulate a plan, to free everyone.

Soon, The boat reaches the mainland, as the catnappers take the caged cats to an abandoned warehouse. Before going to free the hostages, Scooby goes to free the gang, and was successful. As Scooby went to free the cat creature, But had to exit when the catnappers spotted them. Afterward, the orange cat named Andover (Tituba’s mate) places a paw on Scooby, explaining the origins of the Black Cat Creature. When the cats were being eliminated during the Salem witch trials, a group of people dedicated to the safety of cats hid the felines in stagecoaches and brought them to safety, where they would be safe. However, one person who saw the plot, goes to tell the people in Salem, but is stopped by a real witch, intending to avenge Her fellow witches, turns Him into a mindless, but immortal black cat, and turns into a cat creature when angry, never to become human again. the illusion ended after that.

When returning to the hideout, Mystery Inc. sees one catnapper take the 16 cages to an empty van, as a person in a trench jacket, gives money to the catnappers. Daphne takes a picture with Her camera, and runs to the police station, while luring the culprits away. Scooby and the rest of the gang free the cats in the cages, and free the cat creature, who chases the culprits scaring them into the hands of the police, who arrest them. The culprits as it turned out were the two animal shelter workers, who were smuggling cats from Moonscar Island, sold the rare-breed ones to the highest bidder, and shaved the mixed-breed ones of their fur, making them into the Sphynx breed and their fur used for paintbrushes. Afterwards, Scooby offers to take the cats and cat creature back to Moonscar Island, on the culprits’ black boat. Before leaving, the white cat (named Abyad) placed its paw on Scooby, at the time of after Moonscar and His pirates were dealt with by the Were-Cats, Six of the cats, who saw the horrendous chaos, went to the shrine, and see visions of what will happen in the future, the cat Statue infused an energy to the cats, gaining them immortality and to communicate with minds of others, unknown to the were-cats. After the illusion ended, the Cat Creature went to the shrine and wished to no Longer be immortal. that wish was granted, but falls as He returned to being a human and vanished into thin air. Soonafter, Scooby said goodbye to the cats, but before leaving, the cat who was sick, waved as She tended to four kittens. Then all six cats put their paws on Scooby, and He sees a vision of the future, where cats and dogs are living together in peace, making Scooby going “Scooby-Dolby-Doo!” As the cats meow in victory.

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