SCOOB! is an American computer-animated supernatural, adventure mystery comedy film produced by the Warner Animation Group and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures and it's based on Hanna-Barbera's Scooby-Foo franchise. The film is directed by Tony Cervone from a screenplay by Kelly Fremon Craig and a story by Matt Lieberman. It stars the voices of Frank Welker as the titular character as well as Will ForteGina RodriguezZac EfronAmanda Seyfried,as Shaggy, Velma, Fred and Daphne respectfully with Mark WahlbergJason IsaacsGina RodriguezZac EfronAmanda SeyfriedKiersey ClemonsKen JeongTracy MorganKelly Clarkson, Vin Diesel, Katheryn Newton, Halston Sage, Alan Tudyk, Max Greenfield, Alexandra Daddario, Josh Keaton, Darren Criss, Dianna Agron, "Weird" Al Yankovic, Ariana Grande, Keegan-Michael Key, Billy West, and Anne Hathaway as other Hanna-Barbera animated characters. It also features the voices Simon Cowell, Christiana Hendricks, Patrick Warburton, Harrison Ford and Henry Winkler. It is a reboot of the Scooby-Doo film series, and is intended to be the first film of a proposed set up for a Hanna-Barbera Cinematic Universe. 

The film's story follows the formation of Mystery Incorporated, and how they are then joined by Blue Falcon and Dynomutt, Speed Buggy and his pitcrew, Jabberjaw and the Neptunes, Penelope Pitstop and other well-known characters to solve their most challenging mystery related to the origin and the true purpose of their own mascot in conjunction with Dick Dastardly's plot to unleash Cerberus, a monstrous three-headed ghost dog, upon the world. This version features content that was cut from the film due to time. Added content, extended cast members and more characters and extended run time duration.

It's run time is 128 minutes. 2:08:36


Mystery Inc. rally other heroes to prevent a dogpocalypse from being unleashed, which will bring about the release of the ghost of Cerberus, and a secret history behind Mystery Inc.'s mascot, Scooby-Doo. Meanwhile, supervillain Dick Dastardly attempts to steal treasure and rescue his canine henchdog Muttley from the Underworld.


At Venice Beach, California, an unmanned, stray puppy is wandering the streets looking for food. He comes across a restaurant, Alexander's Great Gyros, and sees a giant piece of gyro meat hanging in the window. Seeing as how the meat was unclaimed, the puppy thinks nothing of picking it up and stealing it.

The shop owner calls out as his meat is being stolen and a cop starts pursuing the puppy. In the midst of the pursuit, the puppy bumps into a young boy, Shaggy, who is walking by himself to the beach. However, the puppy keeps on running away from the cop, paying little regard to Shaggy.

Shaggy plugs in earbuds and begins listening to music on his phone. The song he is listening to is about loneliness, so he changes the music station. The next song is also about loneliness, so he changes the music station again. This continues on for a few songs until he gives up and begins listening to a podcast, only to find out that it is about loneliness.

After a long chase, the puppy eventually escapes the cop by hiding behind two mounds of sand. Shaggy then comes up to the mounds of sand, unaware of the puppy's presence, and sets up a picnic, pretending that the mounds of sand were his friends.

The puppy overhears and starts to feel empathetic towards Shaggy and comes out from behind the sand, offering to eat with Shaggy. When Shaggy explains that while he has a sandwich to share but that it doesn't contain any meat, the puppy brings out the stolen piece of gyro meat and cuts slices for the sandwich.

The cop finally finds Shaggy and the puppy and insists that "this mangy stray is coming with me." Shaggy refuses and claims that the puppy is his dog and that his name is Snacks. When the cop doesn't believe the name, Shaggy corrects himself and says that his name is Scooby-Dooby-Doo. The cop then lets them be, as the law is that dogs with middle names can't be arrested. Shaggy tells the puppy, now named Scooby, that he can be his dog if he liked. Scooby agrees and they head home to Shaggy's house.

Once at home, Shaggy shows Scooby his room, which is filled with memorabilia of Blue Falcon and Dynomutt, Shaggy's favorite superheroes. Shaggy then gives Scooby a gift, a custom collar for him, which Scooby bows to never take off. Shaggy then promises Scooby that he would never leave him no matter what.

On Halloween night, Shaggy and Scooby, dressed up as Blue Falcon and Dynomutt, go out trick-or-treating. They come by the Rigby House, a mansion that Shaggy claims is haunted. They begin to walk away when twin bullies, Chad and Chet, led by the neighborhood bully, Red Herring steal their bag of candy and throw it into the Rigby House. After the bullies left, Shaggy and Scooby meet Fred, Daphne, and Velma, a group of friends, who want to make sure they're okay after being picked on. They offer to go into the house and try to get their candy back.

When they walk into the house they are attacked by a ghost who chases them around. During the commotion, Velma notices that the ghost is attached to a moving wire system in the ceiling. Fred cuts the wire with an ax that was hanging on the wall and the ghost falls down, only to be tied up by Daphne and Velma, and attacked by Fred.

Upon looking more carefully at the ghost they discover that he isn't a ghost; just a wearing a mask and is actually Mr. Rigby. Shaggy and Scooby discover a secret hidden room behind the wardrobe, filled to the brim with expensive, stolen electronics. The police arrive and take away Mr. Rigby. Sheriff Bronson thanks the kids but tells them to leave that sort of stuff to the real professionals. The five friends, happy with their success in stopping a crime decide to pursue mystery solving.

A montage ensues in which the gang solves a variety of cases and takedown classic monsters from Where Are You. Throughout the montage, they transition into young adults.

Fast forward to years later in Machu Picchu, Peru, two archeologists Dr. Fitzhugh and Sandra found a giant-sized canine skull which they both believed that it belonged to mythical three-headed dog, Cerberus, the guardian to the gates of the Underworld. Sandra couldn't understand how one of the skulls end up in Peru to begin with. Fitzhugh showed Sandra murals on the walls that the skulls were separated and hidden across the world in three mythical places. And according to the legend, that if the three skulls were ever to be reunited, the gates of Hades would rise again and plunge the world to darkness.

Sandra was confused of why would any one want that to happen. Fitzhugh then acts very strange all of a sudden and tells her that behind the gates, lies an enormous treasure horde which would make him the wealthiest man in history and he then pulls a weapon from his sleeve and aims it at her. Dr. Fitzhugh unmasks himself as Dick Dastardly and Sandra presses the alarm button but no sound was heard as the alarms were already disabled and the security guards are incapacitated by Dastardly's devious henchwoman, Pandora Pitstop. Dick shoots a sticky substance at Sandra that sticks her to the wall.

Sandra struggles and tells him the skulls are useless without a certain key. However Dick assures her that the prophecy is already been fulfilled and knows where to find it. After an awkward moment with one of his robots, Dusty, Dastardly signals his giant air ship, the Mean Machine and drops one of the claws onto the skull and Dastardly, Pandora and Dusty hop on as the claws lifts up the skull. Dick then chants the skull to where the other two are hidden then it projects green beams of supernatural light and circles around the area then stops to the pointed direction. After getting a set of coordinates, Dastardly bids Sandra farewell who warns him that Blue Falcon will stop his plan as he make his departure.

A few days later in Venice Beach, Scooby and the gang are at the R&S Coffee shop diner, contemplating what 's next for Mystery Inc.. Fred, Velma, and Daphne are all ready to make Mystery Inc. a real business. Velma explains that they require money to take on bigger cases, scarier villains and creepier mysteries. Simon Cowell, the celebrity television host and entrepreneur, is considering to be their possible investor. Cowell shows up to the diner and explains that for him to invest in Mystery Inc. they need to be a better group for Fred is the muscle, Daphne is the empath and Velma is the brains. Sheriff Bronson Stone was outside in his patrol car when he sees Mystery Inc. inside the diner and walks to see what they're up to this time when he notices Simon Cowell. He says that Shaggy and Scooby aren't pulling their weight and that they add nothing dynamic of the team; Sheriff Stone reluctantly agrees with. Simon couldn't invest Mystery Inc. as long Shaggy and Scooby-Doo are involved; claiming that friendship won't save the day.

Feeling abandoned and heartbroken by Simons words, Scooby and Shaggy leave the diner despite Velma, Daphne and Fred's pleas. The two then went to the Takamoto Bowl, a bowling alley where they usually hang out and cool off. Scooby knocks down all of the bowling pins but one in his first shot. He knocks down the second one, but it jumps back up as if it was alive. Suddenly, a pair of red eyes appear in the bowling pin, but before Scooby can show Shaggy, they disappear. Scooby waits for his ball to come back in the ball return. When it doesn't come back for a while, they start to suspect that something is off.

Suddenly, the bowling pins and balls transform into little killer robots! They begin firing lasers at Shaggy and Scooby, who slide down a bowling lane to escape them. They pretend to be cashiers, working at the bowling alley, and try to take food orders from the robots. But the robots catch on to their charade and start chasing them again. 

While this is going on, Fred, Velma, and Daphne get an alert from the police scanner that there are robots attacking the bowling alley. Remembering that Shaggy and Scooby usually to go there, they fear that their friends are in trouble and rush over to help them.

Shaggy and Scooby go into an alley behind to bowling alley and run into a dead end. They are about to be caught by the robots when all of a sudden a blue light beams them up into the sky. They are inside the interior of a futuristic airplane. Upon looking around, Shaggy realizes that they are inside the Falcon Fury, Blue Falcon's airship. The two are welcomed by the Teen Angels; Dee Dee Skyes, who is the pilot of the Falcon Fury, Taffy Dare, who is the engineer and co-pilot of Falcon Fury and Brenda Chance, the navigator of the Falcon Fury.

Dee Dee explains that the robots were sent by the supervillain Dick Dastardly who seemingly wants to kill Shaggy and Scooby, although she, Taffy and Brenda do not yet know why he wants to do so. They arrive at the control center of the ship, where Blue Falcon makes an entrance.

While Shaggy and Scooby are initially excited to see Blue Falcon, they are confused, as he looks very different. Dynomutt appears and reveals that actually, he is the son of the original Blue Falcon, Brian Crown, and that he has taken over the position of being a superhero. Brian, now the new Blue Falcon, explains that his father, Radley Crown is now retired to Palm Beach. While Dynomutt on the other hand still misses him dearly.

All at once, an alarm goes off in the ship alerting that Dick Dastardly is close by. Dee Dee explains that he tracked Shaggy and Scooby from the bowling alley. They all run up to the helm of the ship, the Falcon Nest and a chase ensues!

Dastardly orders the robots, who he calls Rottens, to attack the Falcon Fury. He explains to them that if he doesn't get to the ship he'll never get his "treasure."

Inside the helm of the Falcon Fury, Dynomutt, Blue Falcon, and Teen Angels explain to Shaggy and Scooby that Dastardly is collecting the skulls of Cerberus, although they still don't know what they have to do with Shaggy and Scooby, or why Dastardly wants them. They reveal that Dastardly already has one and that their mission is to prevent him, obtaining the other two.

The Mean Machine latches onto the Falcon Fury using harpoons and is about to drag it in when Brenda had and idea then tells Dynomutt to reverse the polarity of the tractor beam, so that it pushes them away from the Mean Machine. Dynomutt comes to the conclusion that actually Dastardly wants Shaggy and Scooby alive, as he could have killed them earlier instead of just trying to capture them. Blue Falcon then says that Shaggy and Scooby are important, though they still don't know why, and that they'll need their help on their mission. Shaggy is reluctant to agree, as he still feels like the "weak link," but Scooby talks and convinces him into joining as a chance to prove Simon Cowell and Sheriff Stone wrong.

Meanwhile, back at Takamoto Bowl, Fred, Velma, and Daphne are asking questions to the owner, Judy Takamoto to figure out what happened to Shaggy and Scooby. They feel guilty for their disappearance, as they made them feel unwanted. When inquiring about the robots, Judy hands them a cardboard box with the remains of one of the Rottens.  Sheriff Bronson Stone comes and

Back in the Mystery Machine, Fred, Daphne, and Velma investigate the Rotten. They discover a loose hair on the robot and track it back to Dastardly Demolition, previously owned by Dick Dastardly. They find out that along with the footage of stealing the first skull of Cerberus he's also been stealing the genealogical records of many dogs from the Canine Global Kennel Club. They decide to go after him and help Shaggy and Scooby and they drive off. Unaware that Sheriff Bronson Stone begins to following them to see what they are up to and tells one of his deputies on dispatch that he's in charge until he returns.

At the Falcon Fury, Dee Dee and Dynomutt are searching for the second skull by locating areas with high fossil density. Blue Falcon, on the other hand, is trying to find the skull by asking his social media followers if they know where it is. Taffy is repairing the damages done to the Falcon Fury's wings. Shaggy and Scooby come in, their hands full of food. They prepare a "Scoob-Shag Specialty," ice cream and a jalapeño pepper. Thanks to an idea from Shaggy and Scooby, Dee Dee and Dynomutt figure out that the second skull is in the Gobi Desert by tracking it's heat signature and they urge Blue Falcon to go there with them. However, Blue Falcon decides instead to listen to a DM that says that the skull is in an abandoned amusement park in Romania.

Meanwhile, in the Mystery Machine, Velma reveals that by cross-matching the biographical data that Dastardly stole from the canine registry against Scooby-Doo, she is able to determine and discovered that Scooby is the last descendant of Peritas, the dog of Alexander the Great. Daphne makes the point to Fred and Velma that this is "our most important mystery ever," as it involves Scooby. Fred changes course, as he claims he "knows a shortcut."

However he noticed that the Mystery Machine is running low on gas and drives to the Service Station next to them. As Fred refuels the Mystery Machine he sees an orange Dun buggy behind him and comments on the tires and hears a voice that thanks him for the compliment. This freaks out Fred when he discovered that the Dune buggy can talk alerting Velma and Daphne, followed by three other teens exiting the store. They introduced themselves to the gang as the Speed Bugs; Mark, the pit crewman, his friends fellow pitcrewwoman Debbie, their driver Tinker and their mascot Speed Buggy.

The three are already familiar with Mystery Inc. but Debbie notices that Shaggy and Scooby aren't with them. Velma tells them that it's long story and that they were on their way to Dastardly Demolitions, which the Speed Bugs are aware of Dick Dastardly and have been there many times to collect spare auto parts for Speed Buggy and they ask to join Mystery Inc to save their friends as they like to solve mysteries and stopping villains for they'll all the help they could find. Mark already knows a quicker route and Velma can tell him, Debbie, Tinker and Speed Buggy everything she knows along the way. As they start to drive off, the Rotten, unbeknown to them, reactivates again. Sheriff Bronson Stone continues to follow Mystery Inc..

The Falcon Fury arrives at Funland, the abandoned amusement park in Romania. As soon as they walk inside the park, the Mean Machine ascends from the sky. Dastardly and the Rottens fly down and Dastardly reveals that he was the one who sent Blue Falcon the DM and that he has just retrieved the second skull from the Gobi Desert.

Dynomutt offers to help them fight Dastardly but everyone runs away. The Rottens chase Shaggy and Scooby into an arcade, full of references and posters to other Hanna-Barbera characters. They play "whack-a-mole" with the Rottens, trying to destroy them. Dastardly breaks into the arcade and when Shaggy asks what he wants with him, Dastardly reveals that Shaggy isn't important at all and that he only wants Scooby.

Dastardly shoots Shaggy out of the arcade and he falls into a Ferris wheel seat where Blue Falcon happens to be hiding, although he claims that it is a "superior vantage point."

Scooby escapes the arcade and ventures into a house of mirrors, where Dastardly is waiting for him. Dastardly tells Scooby that if they join forces, he could make him "the most important dog in the world." He explains that Scooby is the key to something very important. Scooby refuses to help Dastardly and runs out of the house of mirrors, where more chaos is happening.

Shaggy and Blue Falcon deploy a Falcon bomb that detaches the Ferris wheel from the ground and sends them flying. They then land into an mysterious race car that appeared on the race track and is driven by famous racer, Penelope Pitstop much to Pandora's disgust! Dynomutt and Scooby jump onto the track well, after being chased by Dastardly on bumpy cars while Pandora is driving her updated race. Brenda deploys the tractor beam, which beams them all up into the Falcon Fury, leaving Dastardly and Pandora to fall many feet into the ground. He is then alerted by Alice, the damaged Rotten in the Mystery Machine of the existence of Fred, Daphne, Velma and the Speed Bugs. Pandora indicates that they are enroute to Dastardly Demolitions.

Back in the Falcon Fury, Blue Falcon is excited to hear that Dastardly finds Scooby so important. Penelope Pitstop explained herself to the Falcon Force that she's been tracking down Dick Dastardly after he stole the first skull in Peru. Blue Falcon welcomes her aboard then decides that Scooby should have a super-suit so that he fits in with them. In the process of getting his suit, he has to take off his collar, something he vowed to never do. Shaggy walks away, feeling alone. When Blue Falcon goes to try to comfort Shaggy, Shaggy points out that they aren't too dissimilar, as Blue Falcon doesn't fit in because he's not like his father. 

Brenda comforts Shaggy as well that she understands how he feels of what it means less important after she, Dee Dee and Taffy joined with Brian and Dynomutt. Penelope shares the same pity and reveals to Shaggy and the Teen Angels that Pandora is her younger twin sister.

On the road Fred, Daphne, and Velma, in the Mystery Machine, driving with the Speed Bugs when they suddenly see a broken down tour bus up ahead which they all stop to check what's going on. They meet the famous marine-themed rock band, the Neptunes; Biff Starke, Shelly LaMarine, Bubbles Blowton, Clamhead and their drummer/mascot, a friendly talking 15ft. Great white shark named Jabberjaw. Biff explains to the gang and Speed Bugs that they're off season for some down time after their monthly tour for down time. Mark and Debbie fixed their tour buss which as actually a Hoverbuss acquired by Dr. Benton Quest.

Biff thanks them for the repairs and Clamhead asks if there's any way at all they can repay them, Velma ask if they've ever been to Dastardly Demolitions. Bubbles notice that Shaggy and Scooby are missing. After the gang brings them up to speed, the Neptunes offered to join them to save their friends and stop Dick Dastardly for they also love to solve mysteries and catching villains. Shelly disagrees and states that this is not their business but Biff convinces his girlfriend that they've always get into situations that didn't involve them all the time and Mystery Inc. would've done the same for them if Jabberjaw and Clamhead would've been kidnapped and Shelly agrees to come along. The Neptunes came along with them in their hovercar, the Neptunemobile.

They all arrive at Dastardly Demolitions and search for clue. There's a slim chance of Shaggy and Scooby being held captive here. Refusing to give up on their friends, Fred, Daphne, and Velma reminisce about the good times they had with Shaggy and Scooby again. Then they here something amongst the junkpile, then notice an anthropomorphic dog named Penrod Pooch appears and greets the young teens. He introduced them as a freelance janitor that but has no clue of where Scooby and Shaggy are.

Velma and Shelly simultaneously find out, by looking at a social media post, they discover that Scooby and Shaggy are with Blue Falcon. Suddenly, a cop car arrives and Penrod sneaks away and jumps into a filling cabinet but gets stuck. It is love at first sight when Fred (and Mark) sees the cop, as they finds her extremely attractive. Bronson Stone arrived on the scene. The female cop, however, turns out to be Dastardly in disguise and he deploys his Rottens but were halted by the surprising appearance of the masked canine Kung Fu hero Hong Kong Phooey after being freed by Spot from the cabinet. He fought with Dastardly's elite Rottens, Zilly & Klunk but was hit with a tranquilizer dart from behind by Pandora Pitstop. to capture and pull Velma, Fred, Daphne, Mark, Debbie, Tinker, Speed Buggy, Biff, Shelly, Bubbles, Clamhead, an unconscious Hong Kong Phooey and Sheriff Stone up into the Mean Machine along with their Mystery Machine and the Neptune's hover car.

In the Mean Machine, the gang are locked in two cells; Mystery Inc, the Speed Bugs and Sheriff Stone in one cell with the Neptunes and Hong Kong Phooey in the cell next to them and locks them all in two cells. Speed Buggy is held up by chains and Jabberjaw trapped in a giant fishbowl on the opposite side. Velma attempts to pick the cell lock with her Bobbi pin while Clamhead and Bubbles try to wake Hong Kong Phooey but immediately regains consciousness and accidently hits Clamhead.

Dusty, the Rotten with the vacuum head, walks by their cells, then was kicked and bullied by Pandora Pitstop and later then taunts Mystery Inc., Speed Bugs and the Neptunes. She then insults Fred, Velma and Daphne of not being real friends to Scooby and Shaggy for not being there for them back in Venice Beach at the bowling alley and the two are nothing but dead weight to Mystery Inc. Velma asks her of what is Dastardly going to do with Scooby but Pandora refuse to tell her further that she needs to figure it out for she's the smart one. Blast-Off Buzzard, nicknamed Bob flies in from the window with blue prints which he had stolen from QuestLabs while having to take breaks before getting back to Dastardly. After they both left for the reveal of the final skull of Cerberus, Daphne persuades Dusty to let them out of the cells after cleaning out the dust in his head. They all sneak to the center of the Mean Machine, where they spy on Dastardly, who is using the two skulls of Cerberus to reveal that the third is hidden in a place called Messick Mountain.

Dusty points them to a large room with a communications device and his inside. Velma hacks into Dynomutt with Marks help, telling Dee Dee, Taffy and Brenda that the third skull is at Messick Mountain. In the room, they lost the signal to the Falcon Fury and find a pinboard, revealing Dastardly's plans for Scooby and the Skulls of Cerberus. They learn that Alexander the Great and Peritas conquered the world and built the gates of Hades to hide their enormous treasure. Scooby, being Peritas' descendant, is the only one who can unlock the gates to the Underworld. They also find a shrine on the opposite side of the room display shelf of Muttley's belongings.

Dastardly breaks in, catching them. He reveals that Muttley is his right-hand henchdog and is stuck in the Underworld, having gotten trapped there after a failed portal experiment. He then orders the Rottens and Blast-Off Buzzard to take away Velma, Daphne, Mark, Debbie, Tinker, Biff, Shelly, Bubbles, Clamhead and Sheriff Stone back to their cells but Dastardly along with Pandora keeps Fred as he has "big plans" for him.

The Falcon Fury arrives at Messick Mountain, which turns out to have a Mesozoic ecosystem. Shaggy, feeling as if the Falcon Force is tearing him and Scooby apart, tells Scooby that he must choose between him and them, as he won't go with them to Messick Mountain. Scooby chooses the Falcon Fury crew, leaving Shaggy alone with Brenda choosing to stay behind to keep him company for she is worried that his jealousy is getting the better of him.

While investigating the landscape of Messick Mountain, Blue Falcon and Scooby run into Captain Caveman, who takes to the third skull, which he refers to as the "Slaghoople". Meanwhile Dee Dee, Dynomutt, Taffy and Penelope look for Blue Falcon and Scooby but had a friendly encounter Grape Ape after he protected them from a Tyrannosaurus-Rex whom is a friend of an orphaned boy by, Todd. Todd explains to the four that the skull is on top of the mountain of Mystery Island; however it's going to be easy for them because the skull is guarded by the protector and the only way to get the skull is to defeat him.

Shaggy walks inside the Falcon Fury sad with Brenda following him with great concern. Shaggy picks up Scooby's collar remembers the promise that he would never leave him no matter what back when he was a kid. Fred, shows up to the Falcon Fury, alone in the Mystery Machine. He tells Shaggy that they need to go to Scooby, as he's in great danger that Dastardly is already on his way to Messick Mountain. He then asks him to take him to Scooby-Doo where a sack in the back which makes Brenda asks what's in it; Fred tells her that one of Dastardly's henchmen.

Captain Caveman takes them to an arena to where the skull is, but informs Scooby and Blue Falcon that to get at the skull, they must defeat him in battle for he reveals to them that he's the protector of the final skull. The arena is then filled with other cavepeople. Captain Caveman starts to battle with Scooby and Blue Falcon, overpowering them immensely, and even destroying Scooby's super-suit. Dee Dee, Taffy, Penelope and Dynomutt show up with Grape Ape's aid to help and Dynomutt knocks Captain Caveman into a wall, beating him.

Fred, Shaggy and Brenda show up in the Mystery Machine. Fred reveals that he isn't Fred at all and is actually Dastardly in disguise and Brenda discovers that Hong Kong Phooey was revealed to be inside the sack, gagged and tied-up. The Mean Machine appears overhead, deploying the Rotten to scare the cavepeople crowd and Dastardly kidnaps Scooby and escapes with him and the third skull. Pandora Pitstop and Blast-Off Buzzard throw Velma, Daphne, the real Fred, Mark, Debbie, Tinker, Speed Buggy, the Neptunes, Jabberjaw and Sheriff Stone overboard, although some of them are caught by the members of the Falcon Force and Hong Kong Phooey while Speed Buggy made it to the ground safely by riding the Pterodactyls, Penelope Pitstop caught Sheriff Stone. and both Mark and Biff simultaneously catches Shelly and Debbie. Dick Dastardly then departs from Mystery Island in the Mean Machine to Athens, Greece.

The rest of the gang, Speed Bugs, the Neptunes, Penelope, Hong Kong Phooey, Sheriff Stone and the Falcon Force made their way back to the Falcon Fury only to find that it has been destroyed by Dastardly. Taffy stayed behind to help Captain Caveman before catching up. Dee Dee scanned the wreckage and revealed that the primary engine is destroyed except the thrusters are intact but to small to lift the ship. Fred and Blue Falcon began to argue about blaming each other back and forth about Scooby's capture then the both started to fight with Sheriff Stone getting into the mix. Velma, Daphne, Dee Dee, Dynomutt, Mark, Debbie, Biff, Hong Kong Phooey and Penelope try to break them up while Brenda, Tinker, Bubbles, Clamhead, Speed Buggy, Jabberjaw pleading and reasoning all of them to stop fighting each other, but Shaggy stops their argument and he admits that he's to blame for Scooby's capture after letting his own jealousy strain their friendship. 

He admitted that he was afraid that things were going to chance between them, but acknowledges that people can grow but it doesn't mean they're growing apart and the one thing that will never change that Scooby-Doo is his best friend. Tinker and Clam head step up and tells Shaggy that they both relate to him for his their friendships with Speed Buggy and Jabberjaw, and Branda for her friendship with Dee Dee. She confesses to her that when they join the Falcon crew and so focused on the mission, she felt that the Teen Angels were drifting apart and that if she was no longer mattered to her and Taffy. Dee Dee then hugs Brenda and tells Brenda and Taffy that they've always been like a sisters to her to since they were children and nothing will ever keep them apart as long they're together. Taffy came in as she heard everything Dee Dee said with Captain Caveman whom she kindly patched him up after he bruised his knee earlier.

Captain Caveman tells Shaggy and everyone that he wants to come with them to help for he has newfound respect for Scooby-Doo after their battle for the Slaghoople. Todd and Rex came to help as well. After Shaggy finishes his inspiring speech, everyone works together to reconstruct the Mystery Machine in order to return to the surface while Speed Buggy is given boosters to fly and Hong Kong Phooey has his shape-changing mode of transportation the Phooeymobile brought by his partner Spot. The heroes are then joined by Grape Ape who also want's to come along to help save Scooby Doo.

In Athens, Greece the Mean Machine arrives and hovers above the Parthenon where Dastardly lowers the Skulls of Cerberus and Scooby Doo with Pandora beside him and Bob flying down for a landing. Dastardly assembles the skulls then summons the gates to the Underworld which supernaturally turns the sky dark and restores the Parthenon to it's former state. Just as Dastardly demands Scooby for his paw, sees on his watch that the Mystery Machine in the sky, having been retrofitted to have wings and jets followed by the Speed Bugs, Neptunes in their hovercar, Penelope Pitstop riding with Sheriff Stone in her car, Hong Kong Phooey in his Phooeymobile while Grape Ape and Rex; with Todd on his back used a flock of Pterodactyls to fly out of Messick Mountain. Dastardly orders for them to be shot down, but Dusty purposely misfires so that Daphne's life is saved. However, the missile hits the Mystery Machine, still falls to the ground, it's wings being shot off. While Speed Buggy, Pitstop, Hong Kong Phooey and the Neptunes land safely while Grape Ape and Todd releases the Pterodactyls to avoid the missiles and rushes to the Parthenon fast as they can. Dynomutt saved them.

Dastardly forces Scooby to place his paw upon the the gates, unlocking them. After the gates open, Cerberus comes through, something Dastardly was not expecting. open it, in which Cerberus escapes and begins wreaking havoc, something which Dastardly himself didn't expect. Horrified by this, Dastardly, Pandora and Blast-Off flee near the gate while telling Scooby and the other civilians to run away from the scene and avoid getting into Cerberus' wrath.

This created enough commotion for Scooby to run off to the Mystery Machine only to see that they, Blue Falcon, Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels have survived. The gang is finally reunited! The Speed Bugs, the Neptunes, Penelope Pitstop w/h Sheriff Stone, and Hong Kong Phooey arrive to see if the gang is alright only to see that they have reunited with Scooby-Doo. After Daphne introduce Scooby-Doo to The Speed Bugs, the Neptunes and Jabberjaw, and Hong Kong Phooey, she asks if everyone's accounted for. Dynomutt also survives and emerges from the wreckage while a brokenhearted Fred looks at the burning remains of the destroyed Mystery Machine.

Dick Dastardly enters the Underworld with Pandora Pitstop and Bob following behind him. Not only they see the treasure, Dick spots Muttley who was unconscious; Dick started apologizing in a regretful way for getting him trapped in the first, only to hear his snickering and realize that Muttley's alive, caused Dastardly to bonked his companion on the head, leading the two to have a brief bickering. In spite of it, Dastardly couldn't stay mad at him and the they rejoiced. Pandora hated to spoil their "happy reunion", there still so much treasure around for themselves to bring back. 

On the Parthenon Cerberus then prowls the grounds for Mystery Inc., Falcon Force, Speed Bugs, the Neptunes, Penelope Pitstop and Hong Kong Phooey whom are all hiding in a Doric temple knowing that had to stop Cerberus before he gets to the city below. Fred recklessly charges at Cerberus to avenge the Mystery Machine but gets flicked away with ease. 

Scooby, Shaggy, the Falcon Fury crew, Captain Caveman, Tinker and Speed Buggy, Clamhead and Jabberjaw begin attacking Cerberus; Velma, Fred, Mark, Debbie, Biff, Shelly and Bubbles figure out how to close the gate while the rest try to distract Cerberus. Sheriff Stone volunteers to vacate tourist from the area. Brian runs away with Dynomutt going after him. Cerberus then corners Scooby, Shaggy and Daphne, The Rottens, at the command of Dusty, deploy themselves, deciding to help the gang instead of Dastardly.

Dynomutt finds Brian hiding as he attempts to call his father but he stops his call that he he doesn't need to be the same as his dad to be a good superhero. Tells him to look at Scooby and Shaggy whom both terrified and taking on Cerberus aided Tinker and Speed Buggy, Clamhead and Jabberjaw and Penelope Pitstop. This motivates and encourages him to activate his Falcon wings and help him fight.

Tinker, Scooby and Shaggy riding in Speed Buggy outrun Cerberus to distract him but the they were swatted away by his paw and slammed into a wall, injuring Speed Buggy. Tinker, Scooby, Shaggy and Clamhead check on him while Cerberus prepares to eat them. Seeing Clamhead in danger, this toughens up Jabberjaw to bravely and ferociously bite Cerberus' tail to protect his best friend. Cerberus yelps in pain and starts to chase his tail to get Jabberjaw.

The Teen Angles engage Cerberus in coordinative formation with Captain Caveman on the attack. This angers Cerberus further to let out a loud unearthly howl that summons a pack of smaller ghostly skeletal Orthrus in Greek armor which are his Avatars from the Underworld which no one never saw coming! Hong Kong Phooey, Penelope Pitstop, Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels fought off most of them.

Cerberus attempts to devour Scooby but Blue Falcon swoops in makes the save. Cerberus then viciously swats Scooby and Blue Falcon away. The two were both saved by Grape Ape who made it in time to help his friends as he charges and battles Cerberus. Rex come later to aid Grape Ape.

Dick Dastardly, Muttley, Pandora Pitstop and Blast-Off Buzzard come through the gates with much of Alexander's treasure. Bob leave a treasure chest behind that catches Shelly's attention. At the gate Fred gives Velma the picture of the gate's lock which he had taken from the pinboard on the Mean Machine and behind it was a prophecised riddle written in ancient Greek. Velma, Daphne, Fred, Mark, Debbie, Biff, and Shelly read the riddle: "Two brothers bridge the earthly void. One man. One dog, the key employed. One to open, two to close. A pair whose friendship forever grows." Velma looks at the lock and reveals that it takes one to open, two to lock the gate but with an implication...

Grape Ape then pushes Cerberus back to the gate with all his might and the Rottens, having transformed into bowling balls, trip his Orthrus avatars, which makes them slide through the gate. Grape Ape lifts a defeated Cerberus and throws him through the gates and back to the Underworld. Everyone helps to close the gate, although it still remains unlocked. Fred, Velma, and Daphne inform Scooby and Shaggy will both need to activate the lock, although one of them will have to do it from inside the Underworld. Shaggy asks if there was another way but Velma and Mark tells him that Alexander the Great built the gates to be locked only by him and Peritas, for Scooby being his last descendent. Shaggy, in a moment of heroism, volunteers and locks himself inside the Underworld. Scooby activates the lock as well, and the gate locks and disappears, returning Parthenon back to its normal state.

Scooby-Doo and everyone mourn over Shaggy. A saddened Scooby was then comforted by Fred, Daphne and Velma then joined by Jabberjaw, Speed Buggy and Captain Caveman to comfort Scooby over losing his best friend. Velma then asks if they're missing from the riddle and ponders of why Alexander builds the gates to separates him from his best friend Peritas forever. Fred suggests that he must built a way out then two statues of Alexander the Great and Peritas appear with an inscription from Alexander; "Our bond will never break or bend. So my friend, its time to return to your home." Suddenly a portal appears, and Shaggy is returned back to the normal world by Cerberus.

Scooby-Doo was overjoyed that Shaggy is back while the rest of the gang, Blue Falcon, Dynomutt, Teen Angels, Captain Caveman, Speed Bugs, the Neptunes and Jabberjaw, Penelope Pitstop and Hong Kong Phooey all embrace him in a big group hug with Grape Ape giving them a bigger one., Shaggy then puts Scooby's collar back on him. Velma figures out that Scooby-Doo and Shaggy are the heart of Mystery Inc. Brenda comes in and warfully hugs Shaggy, thus hinting she may have a crush on him.

With his knee better again, Captain Caveman gives Taffy her bandana but she wants him to keep as a token for their friendship. Blue Falcon then welcomes Captain Caveman, Hong Kong Phooey, Dino Boy & Rex and Grape Ape to the Falcon Force for acts of bravery and heroics. Penelope Pitstop on the other hand appreciates and declines the offer from Blue Falcon that's alright for her that she's used racer. Blue Falcon then considers Mystery Inc., Speed Bugs and the Neptunes as honorary members.

Debbie realized that they all forgot about Dastardly but Dusty points out that the rest of the Rottens have captured Him, Muttley, Pandora and Blast-Off Buzzard and brings them to the heroes, all cuffed and tied up. They unmask Dastardly, revealing him to be Simon Cowell. Upon realizing that this makes no sense, Velma unmasks him again, revealing him to only be Dastardly who claimed that no one ever falls for the double-unmasking and Muttley snickers much to his chagrin. Pandora points out to Dastardly that they may not have escaped with the treasure, the bight side is that they got Muttley back which he agrees with and so does Blast-Off Buzzard. She then had brief argument with Penelope afterwards for being in her shadow for years being second best, and always being their father's favorite. Nevertheless, Penelope refuses to give up on her sister, which annoys Pandora. Few more Rottens drop the treasure in front the heroes.

The four villains are then taken into custody by Blue Falcon, Dynomutt, Teen Angels, Captain Caveman and the rest of the Falcon Force to be handed to the authorities along with impounding the Mean Machine. Dynomutt then sees Mark, Debbie and Tinker tending to the heavily damaged Speed Buggy which he and the Teen Angels promise that they can fix him for them.

Mystery Inc. made their way back to Venice Beach where they unveiled the grand-opening of their new headquarters by using some of Alexander's treasure. The Falcon Fury appears in the sky ad beams down Blue Falcon as the DJ Shaggy recommended for the party. He, Dynomutt, Dee Dee, Brenda, Taffy and Captain Caveman give the gang a new and improved Mystery Machine as an addition to their new HQ. Mark, Debbie and Tinker came for the celebration with in newly upgraded Speed Buggy. Jabberjaw and the Neptunes arrive to sign autographs and give an encore to Mystery Inc.'s grand-opening and join the party. Hong Kong Phooey, and Grape Ape followed by Penelope Pitstop who join the party, as well as signing autographs to her racing fans in Venice. Tinker tells everyone that it exciting that everyone had a daring adventure save the world from an apocalyptic threat and the next time it should happen once more someday, they should team up again. Sheriff Stone comes by and admittingly give Mystery Inc., but he will still keep an eye on them. Radley Crown, the original Blue Falcon arrive to congratulate his son that he made him proud and consults with Mystery Inc. to be their investor. Everyone starts to party and dances to the music while Dick Dastardly, Muttley, Pandora Pitstop and Blast-Off Buzzard dance in their jail cells. Everyone to

Mystery Inc. gets a call from Jaime Rivera who tells them that there have been sightings in San Pedro of a phantom tuna trawler and the ghost of an old sea captain. The gang heads off in a haste, to pursue new mysteries!

In the credits, Mystery Inc.'s popularity rise through the media and they are seen consulting Dr. Benton Quest after leaving the Rottens in his care at Quest Labs with his son Johnny, Race Bannon, Hadji and Bandit. Blue Falcon and Dynomutt later recruits Atom Ant and Jana of the Jungle to the Falcon Force as they battling with Mr. Hyde, his Hideous Hyde Hound and their numerous henchmen in New York City Time Square and they've unveiled their new central HQ in Big City while secondary base is near Venice. Tinker, Debbie, Mark and Speed Buggy participated in the Wacky Race league competing with Penelope Pitstop. The Neptunes and Jabberjaw shared a live performance with Josie and the Pussy Cats. Grape Ape joined a giant monster wrestling league as a part-time side job and is managed by Beegle Beagle. Hong Kong Phooey started his online Karate class. While Muttley breaks Dick Dastardly, Pandora and Blast-Off Buzzard out of prison and plan for their next diabolical scheme.

In a Post-credits scene, Dick Dastardly, Muttley, Pandora Pitstop and Blast-Off Buzzard are inside the Mean Machine, which they reclaimed from the authorities where Dick plans for revenge on Scooby-Doo, Mystery Inc., Blue Falcon, Penelope Pitstop and the rest of their allies for foiling his plans to steal Alexander's treasure. Blast Off Buzzard then gives him the plan she stole from Quest Lab show show potential blueprints to build a new army of deadly robots to replace the now-reformed Rottens. Then they were approached by Dr. Zin accompanied by his daughter Jennifer and bodyguard Bobo who proposed a potential alliance with Dastardly for they have common enemy in Blue Falcon. In exchange, Zin will assist Dastardly into building his new robots army and upgrade the Mean Machine though the acquirements are at Quest Research Laboratory. They then shook hands as Dastardly accepts Zin's offer.

The End.


Main Characters:

  • Mystery Inc.
    • Scooby-Doo
    • Shaggy Rogers
    • Fred Jones
    • Daphne Blake
    • Velma Dinkley

Supporting Characters:

  • Blue Falcon
  • Dynomutt, Dog Wonder
  • Teen Angels
    • Dee Dee Skyes
    • Taffy Dare, the co-pilot/engineer of the Falcon Fury. She's tomboyish, sarcastic,. Taffy has long blonde and green eyes. She wears a sleeveless blue and green suit.
    • Brenda Chance, the navigator of the Falcon Fury and Dee Dees nervous best friend. Brenda has long wavy Brunette hair, amber eyes and a curvy body. She wears a sleeveless blue and purple suit.
  • Speed Bugs
    • Speed Buggy, a talking Dune buggy and the mascot of the Speed Bugs
    • Tinker, the driver of the group and the best friend of Speed Buggy. Tinker has lime green eyes
    • Debbie, the leader and the mechanic f the team
    • Mark. the mechanic and the brains of the team ,Mark has dark grey eyes.
  • Neptunes
    • Jabberjaw, a talking 15.ft great white shark that is the best friend of Clamhead and is also the drummer and mascot of the Neptunes
    • Biff Starke, the guitarist/lead singer and the optimistic leader of the band. Biff has hazel eyes and black hair
    • Shelly LaMarine, the tambourinist and lead singer. Shelly has brown eyes, long straight black hair with wo frizzy locks on her shoulders.
    • Clamhead Rogers, the basest of the band and the best friend of Jabberjaw. Clamhead has brown eyes and cinnamon-brown hair.
    • Bubbles Blowton, the keyboardist of the band. Bubbles has curly blond hair and blue eyes.
  • Captain Caveman
  • Penelope Pitstop, a world famous Wacky Race champion and an adversary to Dick Dastardly.
  • Hong Kong Phooey, masked canine crimefighter that is trained martial arts and Kung Fu while disguise as a mile mannered janitor.
  • Dino Boy/Todd, a young boy who been stranded on Mystery Island for 2 years after. Todd parachuted out of a crashing plane with his parents still on board. He was parachuted slowly down Messick Mountain for hours then Lands on Mystery Island. He survived where he befriends a Tyrannosaurus-Rex which he names Rex. He's also good friends with Captain Caveman and Grape Ape.
  • Rex: A friendly Tyrannosaurs-Rex that Todd forms a bond of friendship with. Rex is very protective of Todd and is willing to do anything to a sure his safety.
  • Grape Ape, a 30 foot tall giant friendly gorilla with purple fur and lavender skin that resides on Mystery Island with Captain Caveman under Messick Mountain. He later dress himself a giant green t-shirt and hat along the way to the Parthenon to battle Cerberus.
  • Sheriff Bronson Stone, the local town sheriff of Venice Beach. Sheriff Stone ha been dealing with Mystery Inc. for years since they started solving mysteries after that Halloween night and doesn't like them meddling in police business. His personality and appearance stays true to his original counterpart from the Mystery Incorporated series.


  • Dick Dastardly
  • Muttley
  • Pandora Pitstop, the evil twin sister of Penelope Pitstop and the henchwoman of Dick Dastardly. Pandora role in the film is to assist Dick Dastardly of finding the Skulls of Cerberus and capture Scooby Doo to claim Alexander the Great's treasure from the underworld and save Muttley. Pandora has strong resemblance to her twin sister, except she has purple eyes, long black raven hair worn in a high-set ponytail and has no southern belle accent. She wears purple lipstick, a purple/black body suit and knee-high heel boots. Pandora . For being related to
  • Blast-Off Buzzard, an anthropomorphic vulture wearing an aviator gear and a henchman to Dick Dastardly.
  • Zilly & Klunk, both are reimagined as Dick Dastardly's elite robots that are both semi competent and superior to the Rottens. Zilly has slender and lanky appearance while Klunk has a brutish figure with a strong upper body and weak lower body.
  • Rotten Robots (redeemed)
    • Dusty
  • Dastardly Droids, future replacements for the Rottens after the redeem themselves and betrayed Dastardly. They are shown in blueprints aboard the Mean Machine.
  • Cerberus
  • Orthrus, ghostly versions of the mythical two-head dog and serves as Cerberus' smaller avatars
  • Dr. Zin
  • Jennifer Zin.
  • Bobo

Other Characters:

  • Red Herring, the neighborhood bully who picks on Shaggy and Scooby on Halloween with his lackeys Chad and Chet. He threw their bag of treats into the Rigby House.
  • Mr. Rigby/The Ghost
  • Simon Cowell
  • Judy Takamoto
  • Spot
  • Beegle Beagle (cameo)
  • Atom Ant (Cameo)
  • Dr. Benton C. Quest (Cameo)
  • Johnny Quest (Cameo)
  • Hadji (Cameo)
  • Race Bannon (Cameo)
  • Bandit (Cameo)
  • Mr. Hyde (Cameo)
  • Hideous Hyde Hound (Cameo)
  • Peter Perfect (Cameo)
  • The Gruesome Twosome
    • Tiny and Bella (Cameo)
  • Slag Brothers (Cameo)
  • Sergeant Blast and Private Meekly (Cameo)
  • Ignatius Quinton "I. Q." Ickly (Cameo)
  • Josie and Pussy Cats (Cameo)


  • The Mystery Machine
  • Falcon Fury
  • The Mean Machine
  • Speed Buggy
  • Neptunemobile
  • the Compact Pussycat
  • Phooey Mobile



  • Venice Beach
  • Shaggy's Residence
  • The Rigby House
  • R&S Coffee Shop
  • Takamoto Bowl
  • Peebles Pet Store


  • Machu Picchu


  • Athens

Gobi Desert (mentioned)


  • Funland


  • Service Station
  • Dastardly Demolitions

Messick Mountain

  • Mystery Island


Actor/Actress Character
Main Cast
Frank Welker Scooby-Doo
Will Forte Shaggy Rogers
Zac Efron Fred Jones
Amanda Seyfried Daphne Blake
Gina Rodriguez Velma Dinkley
Mark Walberg Blue Falcon/Brian Crown
Ken Jeong Dynomutt
Kiersey Clemons Dee Dee Skyes
Katheryn Newton Taffy Dare
Halston Sage Brenda Chance
Tracy Morgan Captain Caveman
Alan Tudyk Speed Buggy
Blast-Off Buzzard
Max Greenfield Tinker
Alexandra Daddario Debbie
Josh Keaton Mark
Darren Criss Biff Starke
Dianna Agron Shelly LaMarine
"Weird' Al Yankovic Clamehead
Ariana Grande Bubbles Blowton
Kelly Clarkson Penelope Pitstop
Vin Diesel Grape Ape
Keegan-Michael Key Hong Kong Phooey/Penrod Pooch
Jason Isaacs Dick Dastardly
Billy West
Don Messick
Anne Hathaway Pandora Pitstop
Jeff Bergman & Ben Pronsky Zilly & Klunk
Fred Tatasciore Cerberus
Henry Winkler Keith
Dr. Fitzhugh
Simon Cowell Himself
Patrick Warburton Sheriff Bronson Stone
Christin Hendricks Officer Jaffe
Minor Cast
Iain Armitage Young Shaggy
Pierce Gagnon Young Fred
Mckenna Grace Young Daphne
Ariana Greenblatt Young Velma
Tony Cervone Mr. Rigby/the Ghost
Maya Erskine Judy Takamoto
Dee Bradley Baker
David Rasner
Harrison Ford Radley Crown
Justina Machado Jaime Rivera
Eric Cowell Ben
Henrey Kaufman Chad
Pamela Adlon Red Herring
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Dr. Zin


SCOOB! The Album.

Songs Credits Performed by Character

Performance by

"California Love" 2Pac feat. Dr.

Dre and Roger Troutman


Theme Song"

Best Coast Biff, Shelly,

Clamhead, Bubbles

& Jabberjaw

"Shallow" Will Forte and Frank Welker Shaggy

& Scooby-Doo

"On Me" Thomas Rhett

and Kane Brown,

(feat. Ava Max)

"I Fly" Galantis,

(feat. Faouzia)



Lennon Stella

(feat. Charlie Puth)


Feeling Good"

Extreme Music




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