School of Nightmares is the 2018 British-American animated direct-to-video horror film. It is produced by Cartoon Network Studios. The film was directed by Ed, Edd n Eddy creator Danny Antonucci, who co-wrote the film with Jono Howard, Mike Kubat, Rachel Connor, and Stacy Warnick. The movie centers on Six Kids must team up to escape from their terrible nightmares in school.


On a normal day of school, a girl named Jenny Wilson walking down the empty hallway with a pain in her stomach, she had to go to the bathroom but, she's afraid to go because of the "ghost" everyone is talking about lately. She decided to go to the bush where everyone won't see her. She tried to go until the Principal sees her and sent her to the toilet. Then, the scene fades to a few minutes later, showing  Jenny texting her friends while trying to take a dump but ends up dealing with constipation.

Outside of the girls bathroom, Lorcan is listening to his music on his iPod to avoid the school carnival. Unbeknown to him, however, something mysterious is entering the bathroom, Jenny hears the stall doors creeking opened. Suddenly, she sees what appears to be the ghost, causing her to run out, screaming with her pants down. She runs into Lorcan at the stairs. She was embarrassed that he thinks that she's pooping and pull up her pants. She reveals that she's constipated because the "ghost" and asked him why isn't he at the carnival. Lorcan told her that he's afraid of them.


  • Blake Michael as Lorcan Darcy/A mysterious teenage boy who has a fear of Carnivals. He becames Jenny's love interest.
  • Haven Burton-Paschall as Jenny Wilson/A teenage girl who was embarrass to go to the bathroom because of ghosts. She became Lorcan's love interest.
  • Tom Holland as Steven Riker/A best friend of Lorcan who suffers from a terrible fear of girls.
  • Naomi Scott as Emily Williams/A best friend of Jenny who is afraid of her abusive parents because of her past.
  • Nick Robinson as Jake Powers/One of Lorcan's best friends who got a phobia of Robots.
  • Bella Thorne as Kim Johnson/One of Jenny's best friends who is afraid of Mimes.
  • Christopher McDonald as Principal Wilson/Jenny's father and the principal of their school. He is also called the Master of Fears to make their worst nightmares come true.
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