A School Mall is a hypothetical "brick-and-mortar" forum/social network, modeled after high school. It would center around modular buildings which would be meeting houses (classrooms.) A maximum of 40 people would be assigned to each meeting house. Six of those would be randomly chosen to be the moderators (teachers). The moderators would lead the "class" for an hour each. He/she discusses an agreed upon topic and share his knowledge with the other members, the "students", who may contribute to the discussion with insights and questions. The topics could range from Molecular Biology to "airline food." Discussion would ideally be dynamic, and grow as more areas are discussed. A conversation about Molecular Biology could turn into a one about the epigenetics of genius. The members of mall may contribute buildings, which may include gyms, bathrooms, changing rooms, and labs, among other things. Requirements would likely include adult status and having finished high school (not necessarily having graduated.) To maintain the facilities, obligatory membership dues would likely be instated. Each individual mall would maintain it's own rules, which may include a uniforms policy, Zero Tolerance, with much more policy choices than stated. Mall yearbooks would also be a possibility if members were to contribute photo booth(s).


The website of a school mall could assume a variety of purposes. One in particular could be as a social network with the profiles of the mall's members 


One possible way of implementing mall yearbooks would be to use a photo booth. Students would enter the booth and have their pictures taken. They would then take the printouts to the mall's member-organized yearbook club. The yearbook club would then scan the photo(s) and and load them into the yearbook software. The photos would then be added to the appropriate areas, with any other relevant information. Additional services such as photo retouching and backdrops may be offered complimentary or for a fee.