Schnuffel Bunny sitting

Schnuffel/Snuggle Bunny is a gray and white bunny lop from Jamster all stars. This character will have his first movie debut in a film called Schnuffel Bunny: the Movie.


  • I Love You So
  • Snuggle/Cuddle Song
  • Bunny Party

Winter Wonderland album

  1. You Make My Heart Sing
  2. You and I
  3. Snowflake
  4. Super Bunny
  5. Bunny Buddy
  6. Advent Song
  7. Today I'm Baking You a Pie
  8. My Best Gift
  9. Snuggle's Christmas Song
  10. Bunnies on the Ski Run
  11. (You Are So Sweet Just Like) Hot Chocolate
  12. I Feel Cold
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