Scarecrow's Great Adventure Is A 1995 Film.


Voice cast

Michael J. Gough as Scarecrow

Rob Paulsen as Tin Man

Todd Stashwick as Cowardly Lion

Henry Corden as Genie Charlie Bear

Frank Welker as Nephew Sam Bear

Greg Burson as Yo Yogi, Cousin Thomas and Cactus Yogi

Don Messick as Cousin Boy

Grey DeLisle as Dorothy Gale

B. J. Ward (actress) as Miss Leaf Bear

Ned Beatty as Blood Bear

Tom Hanks as Ollie Bear

Joan Cusack as Pork Bear

Julie Bennett as Cindy Bear

Phillip Glasser as Big Daddy

Mike Myers as General Bear


Dorothy Gale: This Isn't Family It's A Prison You're A Liar And A Bully I'm Going To The Van To Before You!

General Bear: Where's Your Kid Now Sheriff?


Over the Rainbow

Anywhere In Your Dreams

Blue Moon


Randy Newman


May 16, 1995

Home media releases

August 27, 1996 VHS

March 6, 2001 DVD

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