Savannah Cortez is Sherman and Spinner's 17-year-old sister and a new member of the Battle Force 5.

Physical Appearance

Savannah is lightly tan-skinned, has waist-length blonde hair with honey brown highlights and bangs neatly parted from the right, light blue eyes and braces on her teeth.

While meeting the Battle Force 5, she wears her incognito attire consisting of a white, long, double-breasted, tailcoat with turquoise interior, three buttons on both sides, and a fork-like coattail revealing a turquoise collared dress underneath, along with white jean pants, a black utililty belt, and black and white heeled shoes. She also wears a white newsboy cap and turquoise shielded shades to mask her identity.

Upon assisting the team in the fight against Jygers, Savannah receives her turquoise Shocksuit similar to what Agura wears but with gloves and boots Zoom has on and shoulder pads Spinner has on.

After arriving on Earth, Savannah still has on her dress, but now wears a short white sheer bedazzled cardigan over it, along with white tights and black heeled wedge boots. She also has on a white flower jewel brooch fastened on the cardigan and a white belt around her waist. Her hair is now styled into a braided, high ponytail with a light blue jewelled paisley hairband.

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