Sauria aka the Prehistoric Dino-Slicer or also know the Dino-Slicer is an evil creature, it is Buck's archenemy and seeks revenge on ardeches, exterminate the prehsitoric weasel and rule the Ardèche, he is responsible for the extinction of dinosaurs.


Sauria is a mentaly illiness, he is agitated like a rabid prehistoric man, his appareance resembles a humanoid dinosaur skeleton with a Tyrannosaurus head and a pair of two horns so the tips of his tail is made of organic matter, he has four arms with four different weapons, two are real arms and two are actually his wings.




  • The word Sauria comes from Latin which means Lizard.
  • The name Sauria is similar to the planet of the same name in the videogame serie Starfox which is a planet populated with dinosaurs.
  • The nickname and its appearance is a reference to the Skull Slicer, a villain from the serie Bionicle.
  • It is very similar to Cortez, a boss of Paper Mario the thousand year door, because of their skeletal skill and they are both four arms endowed with a different weapon.
  • It can be considered a prehistoric villain apart General Scales from the videogame Starfox Adventures and Rudy from the movie Ice Age 3
  • His screams that grows ressembles shouts of Sharpclaw from the videogame Starfox Adventures.
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