Sarah's First Day of School

Stacy: [whispers] Hi. I'm Sarah's mother. Today is Sarah's first day of school. She is going there so she can be a smart girl. She is sleeping but I am about to wake her up. Now, you don't need an alarm clock or to open the shades to wake her up. Here's a fun way to wake her up. [goes to Sarah's bed and pulls the bed sheets away] See? I pulled the bed sheets away. Now, the next step is that I am gonna lift her pajamas up. [lifts up Sarah's pajamas to reveal her stomach] Did you see that? That's her belly. And now, here's what I'm gonna do to her. [rubs Sarah's stomach who she giggles] See? She really loves belly rubs. Her cousin and babysitters love to rub her belly. She calls it "The Lucky Belly."

[She continues rubbing until Sarah wakes up, stretches, yawns]

Sarah: [giggles] Good morning, mommy! [lifts up her mother's pajamas and rubs her stomach]

Stacy: [giggles] Oh, Sarah. You love to rub my belly too!

Sarah: What are we gonna do today?

Stacy: Today, you're gonna learn the facts of life. Today is your first day of school.

Sarah: School? What's school?


[While playing in the inflatable pool, Sarah splashes Bearbette and Frisky. Frisky dunks Sarah. Just as Bearbette attempts to dunk Frisky...]

Frisky: Umm... Bearbette, I think we're getting too old for those games.

Bearbette: Unless Sarah dunks us.

[Sarah appears and dunks the girl cubs]

Sarah: Gotcha!

[Bearbette then grabs Sarah by the waist and spins her around forming a whirlpool causing it to overflow]

Sarah: I'm getting dizzy!

[Suddenly the pool overflows and the three fall to the ground. Frisky notices mud on Sarah's stomach]

Frisky: [sighs] That was quite a ride.

[She then rubs Sarah, removing the dirt. Just then, Stacy and Dennis return home]


[While tucking Sarah in...]

Stacy: Usually, moms kiss their children in the cheeks when going to bed. But for Sarah, I kiss her belly. [lifts up Sarah's pajamas and points to her middle.] This part of the belly, that little place on her is the one to kiss. [kisses Sarah's middle, making her giggle] See? When you press or kiss there, she will giggle.

Sarah: Goodnight, mommy. [kisses her mother's middle, then goes to sleep]

Stacy: [giggles then whispers] Good night, Sarah. [to the viewers] She loves to kiss my belly too. [forms a heart with her hands and places it on her middle] That's the lucky spot. [yawns as she puts her pajamas down] Well, I better go to bed too. And you better too. Cause [sings] there's a smile on Sarah's face, tomorrow she's going to school. She'll know it's such a happy place, yes, she's ready for school.

Alphabet Day

Miss Love: Is everybody ready for Alphabet Day?

Class: Yes.

Miss Love: Today, we are going to learn the alphabet from A to Z. Before we begin, let's all sing The Alphabet Song. Ready?

Miss Love and Class: [singing] A, B, C, D, E, F, G.

H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P.

Q, R, S, T, U V.

W, X, Y, and Z.

Now I've sung my ABC's.

Next time won't you sing with me?

Miss Love: That is very good children. On your area is a card containing a letter of the alphabet. We are going to think of words that begin with that letter of the alphabet. You folks at home can help out too. Now, who has the first letter of the alphabet?

[Cody raises his card showing "A"]


Stacy: Before I kiss Sarah good night. Why don't you at home sing The Alphabet Song? Ready?

[Stacy lifts up Sarah's pajamas and with the help of Dennis, she traces Sarah's stomach with the letters of the alphabet. Sarah giggles with each letter sung. As Stacy finishes the song, she kisses Sarah's middle]

Swim Day

Miss Love: Tomorrow in gym class, we will be going to the swimming pool for our first Swim Day.

Kids: Swim Day?

Miss Love: That's right. Once a month, we will be having swimming lessons with Mr. Jester. And then later in the year, it's a free recreational swim. Please be sure to bring your bathing suit and a towel for each Swim Day. Boys, you will wear swimming trunks of any color you wish. [shows the class her maillot] This is the appropriate bathing suit for girls. We know girls bathing suits come in one or two pieces. But for girls, please make sure you wear this kind of bathing suit: A one piece bathing suit also called a maillot. I do not want to see boys staring at girls' bellies which are also called stomachs.

[Sarah raises her hand]

Miss Love: Yes, Sarah.

Sarah: You mean I have to wear a bathing suit that covers up my lucky belly?

Miss Love: Yes, Sarah. If you want to wear a two piece bathing suit, you can do that outside of school. For school, a one piece bathing suit. So that's what you have to bring for tomorrow. Boys, swimming trunks. Girls, one piece bathing suit. I'll remind you the day before each Swim Day.


[While talking to her mother about swim day...]

Sarah: Miss Love said I have to wear a one piece bathing suit for swim day called a mal...mal.

Stacy: Maillot?

Sarah: Yes. She doesn't want to see boys staring at a girls' belly. Even mine.

Stacy: That's what my students at work do. They wear maillots. But in recreational swim time, girls can wear one or two piece bathing suits. Come to my room.

[In Stacy and Dennis' bedroom, Stacy wears her bikini]

Stacy: See? I am wearing my two piece bathing suit. This is called a bikini.

Sarah: Bikini?

Stacy: Yes. It reveals my entire belly. [points to her middle] Your favorite spot, too. Why don't you put your bikini on?

[Sarah runs to her room and changes into her bikini. She then presses her mother's middle.]

Stacy: [giggles] Now we both wear bikinis. [presses Sarah's middle]

Sarah: [giggles] It's my lucky spot.

Stacy: Now, I'll be back in just a second.

[She changes into her maillot]

Sarah: What happened to your belly, mommy?

Stacy: I am wearing my maillot which is a one piece bathing suit. I wear this as my swimsuit for work. [shows Sarah a maillot] Why don't you try this one on?

Sarah: But how would someone be able to press my lucky spot?

Stacy: Come on, Sarah. Try it on.

Sarah: [sighs] Okay.

[She changes into the maillot]

Sarah: How do I look?

Stacy: Not bad.

[Sarah tries to press her mother's stomach]

Stacy: When your wear a one piece bathing suit, your belly is covered up.


[At the aquatic center, Lisa (maillot) performs her deep-end test. She swims two widths of the pool in deep water.]

Stacy: Step one complete.

[Lisa floats on her back, supporting her body at the surface, for 30 seconds]

Stacy: Good! One more to go.

[Lisa then keeps her head on the surface for 30 seconds]

Sarah: Yeah!


Stacy: You passed the test!

Lisa: I did it! I did it!

[The shot changes to Lisa and Sarah (both in their bikinis) hugging each other]

Sarah: I know you can do it! I know you can do it! [rubs Lisa's stomach]

Lisa: Yes! Yes! [rubs Sarah's stomach]

Sarah: [giggles] Come on, Lisa! Let's go have fun. [kisses Lisa's middle]

Lisa: I didn't know you kiss stomachs.

Stacy: She loves kissing or rubbing bellies. [points to her middle] This is her favorite part of the belly.

[Sarah and Lisa both jump into the pool and splash and laugh at each other]

The Doctor Will See You Now

[Jester takes off his shirt]

Jester: [points to his chest] This is my chest where inside it is lungs which can help me breathe. Below it is where food goes after we eat swallow it. You can see a little circle in the middle of it. [points to his stomach] This is called my stomach. What is another name for a stomach?

[Sarah raises her hand]

Jester: Sarah?

Sarah: The belly!

Jester: Yes! Stomachs are also called bellies or tummies. And that little circle on it is called a navel.

[Sarah rubs her stomach]


[In an interstitial segment...]

Sarah: [bikini] Let's review the parts of my body. [points to her head] This is my head which has my eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Below my head is my chest. Below it is my belly. The little circle is the navel, which you don't see on us critters very often. [points to her knees] These are my knees and my feet to help me walk. And I have two arms with paws and my shoulders. Here's a fun song where you touch your body from top to bottom.

[She performs Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes]

Sarah: Head, shoulders, knees and toes.

Knees and toes.

Head, shoulders, knees and toes.

Knees and toes.

Eyes and ears and mouth and nose.

Head, shoulders, knees and toes.

Knees and toes.

Let's do it again.

[She repeats the song one more time]

The Slumber Party

[While taking Sarah home from Lisa's]

Bearbette: We are so angry at you, Sarah.

Frisky: We are disappointed too.

[At Sarah's cave]

Bearbette: Go to bed. You're being grounded.

[Sarah goes to bed]

Frisky: That's bad.

Bearbette: You should have seen the place. Popcorn, juice, gum everywhere. Furniture damaged—it's an absolute disgrace. Everything I said is privilege and responsibility.

Frisky: Sarah does have to share the blame.

Bearbette: Here's what Sarah is grounded: No belly rubs or kisses for a week. No leaving the cave except for school.

Frisky: We were supposed to show her the hot tub that we bought.

Bearbette: We can do that another time.

Frisky: How would her folks know about it?

[The next morning, Bearbette and Frisky wake up sleeping in Stacy and Dennis' bedroom as the phone rang]

Bearbette: [yawns and answers it] Hello?

Lisa: Is Sarah there?

Bearbette: One moment please. [to Frisky] Brew some coffee, Frisk. I'm giving the phone to Sarah.

[She runs to Sarah's room, removes the blankets, then presses Sarah's stomach]

Sarah: [giggles and yawns] Yes, Bearbette?

Bearbette: [gives phone to Sarah] Telephone.

Sarah: Hello?

Lisa: Hi, Sarah.

Sarah: Hi, Lisa.

Lisa: I am real sorry of all of this nonsense we had.

Sarah: Well, that's okay.

Lisa: Instead of being grounded, I had to clean up all that mess. And I know one person won't be enough. Can you come over to my house to help me?

Sarah: Oh, sure.


[At Bearbette and Frisky's cave, Bearbette and Frisky [wearing their bathrobes] show Sarah [wearing her towel] their hot tub]

Sarah: Is that a swimming pool?

Bearbette: Nope. This is a hot tub. It's a tub where we use to relax our bodies. It has these holes called jets which can be used to massage with water.

Frisky: The water is hot. You can be in the hot tub in the fall or winter.

Sarah: Wow. I can go swimming in that.

Frisky: You don't swim in a hot tub, Sarah. You relax.

Bearbette: Here, let us demonstrate. 

[Frisky turns on the hot tub]

Frisky: This hot tub has colored lights so you can change the water to either blue, green, red or white.

Sarah: Like blueberry juice?

Bearbette: [giggles] It does not turn into juice!

[Frisky touches the water]

Frisky: The water is warmed up. Let's all go in.

[She and Bearbette remove their bathrobes to reveal their bikinis. Sarah takes off her towel to reveal her bikini as the three go into the hot tub.]


[Sarah leans on the front of the tub as the jets massage her stomach]

Sarah: [giggles] The jets are tickling my belly!

Bearbette: That's the wrong way to sit in the hot tub. Turn around.

[Sarah turns around and sits correctly]

Frisky: See? The jets are massaging your entire back.



[Skipper and Bluebell enter Sarah's bedroom and slowly take off the bed sheets and lift up her pajamas.]

Skipper: There's that belly. It still looks the same.

Bluebell: Should we use the pin?

Skipper: Yeah. Start at the circle going from bottom to top.

[He softly touches Sarah's middle. Then, using a rolling pin, Bluebell rubs Sarah's stomach bottom to top then backwards. Sarah giggles and wakes up and surprisingly sees Skipper and Bluebell]

Sarah: [gasps] Skipper! Bluebell! [hugs them] It's you! What a surprise! What are you doing here?

Bluebell: Sorry that we surprised you.

Skipper: Your mom asks us to surprise you.

Bluebell: We got a surprise for you.

[She lifts up her shirt to expose her stomach]

Sarah: What is it? What it is?

Bluebell: Rub my belly first.

[Sarah gets out of bed, Bluebell lies down and Sarah rubs Bluebell’s stomach who giggles together. Sarah then kisses Bluebell’s middle.]

Bluebell: Sarah, you love to kiss bellies. [kisses Sarah's middle]

Sarah: [giggles then points to her middle] This little spot is the one to kiss.

Skipper: Come with us, Sarah.


[As Thippy shows Lisa, Sarah and Cody his swimming hole]

Thippy: This is my swimming hole. Not only I used it to go swimming with my mommy and daddy, I get a bath there in the warm weather months.

Cody: Wow! I've never seen anything like this before.

Sarah: How did you bathe in the hole?

Thippy: Come with me.

[He walks back to the burrow where his mother [in her bikini] picks him up and rides on her back]

Bluebell: It's bathtime, Thippy.

Thippy: Whenther I do, I get a bunny-back ride on mommy's back to the hole.

[As they reach the swimming hole again, Bluebell drops Thippy with his shirt sliding off into the hole. Thippy splashes her mother.]

Bluebell: [laughs] Oh, Thip! I gotta clean you first.

[After Thippy gets cleaned]

Thippy: After my bath, mommy rubs my belly. But instead of using her hands, she uses a rolling pin.

[Bluebell rubs Thippy's stomach from bottom to top using the rolling pin four times]

Thippy: [giggles] It's like rolling out bread dough.

[Afterwards, Thippy puts his shirt back on]

Thippy: When I go to bed for the night, mommy gives me one last belly rub and ending it with pressing it.

Lisa: Can we have our bellies rubbed?

Cody: Please?

Sarah: Please?

Thippy: What do you think, mommy?

Bluebell: Sure. Why not.

[Cody takes off his overalls and lifts up his shirt. Thippy uses the rolling pin to rub his stomach]

Cody: [giggles] A little more please.

[Lisa's turn. She lifts up her dress to expose her stomach. Thippy rubs her stomach]

Lisa: Ahhh. That feels good.

[Sarah's turn (dress lifted up)]

Sarah: [giggles] My belly is very special to me. [points to her middle] This is my favorite spot. Can you rub it from right to left?

Thippy: Of course.


[At the gym pool for Swim Day, Thippy rubs Jester's stomach with the rolling pin]

Jester: Wow. I feel like my belly is bread dough.


[Thippy tries to rub Jonah's middle but...]

Jonah: Umm. Did you see that little pierce? [points to his belly ring] You should not roll there because of it. You can roll my chest to my upper belly.


[interstitial segment...]

Sarah: We know Thippy loves belly rubs using a rolling pin. My friends Lisa and Cody both love to have their bellies rubbed.

[She, Lisa, Cody and Thippy lift up their clothes to expose their stomachs]

Sarah: Our bellies are shown. But right in the middle of ours is the navel, which you don't see on us critters. [points to middle] This is my favorite part. Its the only one you can kiss it or press it.

[Lisa and Thippy kiss Sarah's middle whom giggles]

Punt, Pass, and Kick

[While practicing for the competition, Cody throws a pass over to Sarah who ultimately runs out of the yard. Simon and his father, Theodore watch the action.]

Theodore: She's down to the 40, 35, 30,... 20!

Simon: She...could... go... all... the... WAY!!!

Alvin: [raises his left arm] TOUCHDOWN!!!

[Cody runs to Sarah]

Cody: Good run, Sarah! I thought you're going to run back to me. [looks at Simon] Oh, hi, Simon.

Simon: Hello, Cody. Man! That girl can run.

Theodore: Is your father home, Cody?

Alvin: [walks up to the fence] Hi, Theodore. Hi, Simon.

Theodore: Hello, Alvin.

Sarah: Hi, Simon. Hey, Mr. Tiger. Did you two use to play football?

Theodore: Matter of fact, I used to be Mr. Fox's teammate. I remember he used to be the quarterback until an accident forced him to retire from playing football.

Alvin: That I am. When I was your age, Cody, we played football in the yard every weekend. But unfortunately, one day, a runaway lawnmower ran me over and I lost my right arm. Therefore, I cannot play football anymore.

Cody: Man! That is horrible!


[On the day after the in-school competition]

Miss Love: Good morning, children.

Class: Good morning, Miss Love.

Miss Love: I'm glad we're back together again. Before we get started, Mr. Jester has a special announcement to make.

Jester: Good morning, class.

Class: Good morning, Mr. Jester!

Jester: I have the results from yesterday's competition. You all did a wonderful job punting, passing and kicking. But remember, only two of you kids will go to the regional competition in the Enchanted Valley and be one step closer to the finals in Nanami. Before we announce the winners, I would like to announce our third place winner. Our third place winner with 104 points is Carlos.

[The class applauds, Jester gives Carlos a bronze medal]

Jester: And now, our first winner. This first winner scored 44 points punting, 50 points in passing, and 28 points in kicking. With a score of 122 points, our second place winner is....Cody!

[The class applauds, Jester gives Cody a silver medal]

Simon: Way to go, Cody!

Jester: And I can't believe our first place winner was by this much points. This winner scored 40 points in punting, 54 points in passing and 33 points with a score of 127. By five points, our first place winner is...........Sarah!

[The class applauds, Sarah squeals and hugs Cody]

Sarah: YEAH! We're going to the Enchanted Valley!

Cody: I am so excited!

Jester: [laughs and gives Sarah a gold medal] Congratulations, Sarah and Cody. You will both be representing Chucklewood in the regional next week. But there are ten other contestants throughout the surrounding areas you will compete against you two. The winner of the regional goes to the national championship. Practice, practice, practice.


[After practicing, Sarah and Cody roll down the hill]

Sarah: We're so excited for this.

Cody: Me too.

Sarah: What would you do if I win the savings bond?

Cody: Maybe put it towards your future.

Sarah: That's a good idea. Save it for a rainy day.

[They rub stomachs at each other]


[After Denise kicks it fifty yards...]

Ian: Denise, kicks it. Gets the exact yardage needed to win!

[The crowd cheers]

Sarah: OH NO! I lost! I lost! [gets upset]

Ian: And the judge's arms are up and he's bringing out the chains.

Don: Sarah looking very upset. She thought she lost. But Cody tapped her on the shoulder as they look at the officials measuring the distance.

[The officials measure the distance]

Ian: Look at this.

Don: Uh-oh.

Ian: A link short? Inches short?

Don: Oh my goodness.

Sarah: Please be short. Please be short.

[The judges place a notecard on the bottom of the chain]

Ian: Can he put a card in between it?

[The referee marks it "Short"]

Judge: 49 feet, 11 inches!

Ian: Sarah wins it by one inch!

[Sarah squeals and hugs her mother]

Ian: How close can you get!?

Don: We've seen first downs marked short and by one inch.

Ian: So Sarah is going to the Mega Bowl and is guaranteed a $1,000 savings bond!


[On the day after the regional competition]

Miss Love: Glad to be back with you. Did you all had a wonderful weekend?

Class: Yes!

Miss Love: I think this is the time of day to make a very special announcement and news to tell you. On yesterday's Punt, Pass and Kick regional competition in the Enchanted Valley. Sarah got a score of 153 points. Cody scored 102. But a canary named Denise matched Sarah's score but watched what happened...?

[A replay of said scene is shown]

Miss Love: Sarah won the regional by one inch!

[The class gives Sarah a standing ovation]

Miss Love: Sarah will be leaving in a week to go to Nanami for the National Championship where she can win a $5,000 savings bond!


[At the beach in Nanami, Sarah practices with Dennis. Sarah then removes the sand off of her mother's stomach (bikini) and places the ball on it.]

Dennis: Sarah, did you place that ball on your mommy's belly?

[Suddenly, Bruce appears]

Bruce: A belly is not a tee.

Sarah: Hiya, Bruce!

Bruce: Put er there, Sarah. [high fives Sarah] Training for the championship?

Sarah: Yeah! I am so excited!

Bruce: You see the belly is not a tee. [shows Sarah a tee] This kicking tee is used for the kicking of the football. [puts the tee on the sand and places the ball on it] Now you kick it. [runs to the ocean]

[Sarah walks far away from the umbrella and kicks the ball landing it on the ocean]

Dennis: That was quite a kick.

Sarah: Can I please practice with Bruce, daddy? Please?

Dennis: Yeah.

Sarah: [rubs her father's stomach] Thank you, daddy!

Dennis: [laughs] You're making me lay down on the sand.

[Sarah then kisses her mother's stomach and walks to Bruce]


[Sarah punts the ball and it landed on the ocean but as she and Bruce attempt to get the ball, a big wave wipes them away]

Sarah and Bruce: HELP! HELP!

[Dennis wakes up and sees the action]

Dennis: Huh? [presses Stacy's stomach] Stacy?

Stacy: [wakes up] What?

Dennis: Sarah's being wiped out!

Stacy: Don't worry, Sarah! I'm on my way! [dives into the ocean and swims towards Sarah and Bruce. She then catches the two and swims back to shore. She then kisses Sarah's stomach and Sarah then wakes up]

Sarah: Mommy?

Stacy: Sarah, you're alive! [kisses Sarah's stomach again and Sarah then rubs her mother's stomach]

Bruce: We've had a big survival for a wipeout!

Sarah: I think I am ready for tomorrow!

Stacy: Speaking of tomorrow, we better head back to the hotel. The sun is starting to set.

Bruce: I'll be watching you on TV, Sarah!

[Sarah kisses her mother's stomach]


[At the National Championship, Sarah's turn]

Joe: Last one on deck is Sarah, vixen from Chucklewood born in Silver Creek Valley. Reached the championship by one inch in the northern regionals. She needs to beat 142 to win.

[Sarah punts the ball]

Joe: Low snap, punts it!

[The officials measure the distance...]

Joe: 65 feet!

[Sarah throws the ball]

Joe: 27 feet, giving her a score of 92. $5,000 is riding on this punt.

Troy: If Sarah makes the kick and gets at least 41 feet, she'll make history as being the first vixen in four decades to win this competition and Chucklewood's first ever Punt, Pass and Kick winner.

Joe: We spoke to her folks prior to the contest and she spent half a week practicing on the beach.

Troy: Yeah, Bruce of the Orcas is watching this from upstairs along with Sarah's folks. Bruce is an old friend of Sarah.

[As the officials set the tee up and blows the whistle]

Joe: For $5,000,....

[Sarah runs and kicks the ball getting enough yards to win]

Joe: 41.....

Troy: It's close!

[Officials measure it]


[Sarah squeals and celebrates with her family]


[At Sarah's cave, Bearbette and Frisky are about to give Sarah a surprise.]

Bearbette: Sarah, do me a favor. Change into your pajamas please.

Sarah: What!? It's not bedtime yet!

Frisky: Come on, Sarah.

Sarah: [sighs] Okay!

[She runs into her bedroom and changes into her pajamas]

Frisky: What are we gonna do?

Bearbette: Something we have never done on her belly before.

[Sarah returns]

Sarah: I am back.

Bearbette: Lay down on the couch.

[Sarah lays down on the couch. Frisky then lifts up Sarah's pajamas to expose her stomach. She softly presses it which Sarah giggles]

Frisky: Ready?

Bearbette: Ready.

[Bearbette and Frisky alternate kissing Sarah's middle 100 times who giggles excitedly]

Sarah: [giggles] Why are you giving me kisses on my belly for?

[After Frisky gives the 100th belly kiss]

Frisky: In honor of the 100th Day of School, we gave you 100 belly kisses.

[She goes into the bathroom and grabs a can of shaving cream. She draws "100" on Sarah's stomach.]

Frisky: Can you read what's on your belly?

Sarah: [giggles] 100. Can you and Bearbette lay down?

[Bearbette and Frisky lay down. Sarah then lift up their shirts to expose their stomachs. She then draws "100" with shaving cream on both of their stomachs.]


Dennis: Sarah, what did you do to my shaving cream?

When I Grow Up

Miss Love: Hello, kids. We are in the month of March, three-quarters into the school year and it's almost time to plan our field trips. And I am going to need your help. I want you to send me places that we would want to go. We've already been to the farm, the fire house and the doctor's office. We want to go to places that you have been on your class field trips. Anywhere! Enter online at and follow the simple directions. In the month of May, we will draw five places at random and if we go to your location on air, you will get a Sarah plush-toy. [shows said toy] You can rub Sarah's lucky belly right at the comfort of your home just like you saw at the opening of the show. [points to the middle stomach] Oh and don't forget to kiss that lucky spot. So once again, go to and give us your places where we want to go and you could rub Sarah's belly at home. All entries must be received by Friday, April 17th. Lots of time to think about. Many will enter, five will win. Oh, and ask a grown-up's permission before going online.




Stranger Trouble

[At the phone center in the mall, Thippy runs over to the the checkout counter, where he interrupts his parents]

Clerk: So that [the phone and the plan] would be $563.43. Would that be check or charge?

Bluebell: That would be charge. [takes out her credit card from her purse]

Thippy: Mommy! Daddy! Look it! Look it!

Bluebell: Not now, Thippy.

Thippy: Sarah and Lisa talked to strangers.

Skipper: WHAT!? Bluebell, wait here. I'll be right back.

[He and Thippy run over to the girls]

Sarah: What is your favorite flavor?

Man: Chocolate and Vanilla mixed together.

Lisa: Mmmm. That's delicious!

[Suddenly, the girls' tails got pulled by Skipper and Thippy]

Thippy: Lisa, Sarah, stop doing that!

Lisa: Stop what?

Thippy: Talking to strangers. It's not a good idea.

Sarah: What's the big deal? Why shouldn't we talk to strangers?

Lisa: Is there harm?

Skipper: Come with me to the food court. We'll have a talk about this.

[At the food court...]

Skipper: So Thip, you saw the girls talking to strangers.

Thippy: Yes.

Skipper: The reason you kids shouldn't talk to strangers is really dangerous. I happen to know a song I use to sing when I was a very young critter around your age. This is very good advice for all of you.

[sings The Stranger Song from Barney and Friends]

Never talk to strangers.

It's very good advice.

People just can't tell if they're good or bad.

Even through they may seem nice.

Even through they may seem nice.

Don't get in their car.

Don't take anything from them.

Just turn around and walk away.

Go back and tell a grown-up, now.

Go back and tell a grown-up, now.

[not singing] Does that make sense?

Sarah: Yes, sir.

Bluebell: [food bags in her hand] It's very dangerous to talk to a strangers. If you do, many things can happen.


[While a clip from I'll Be Back Soon is shown]

Miss Love: Earlier this season, the class presented a puppet show of Little Red Riding Hood. This talks about not talking about strangers. Remember the song Skipper sang to Sarah and Lisa after talking to a strangers? Let me sing you about it again. And this time, I'll let the adults sing along.

[sings The Stranger Song from Barney and Friends]

Never talk to strangers.

It's very good advice. (Mr. Mabor: That's right.)

People just can't tell if they're good or bad. (Stacy: How?)

Even through they may seem nice. (Dennis: So nice.)

Even through they may seem nice.

Don't get in their car. (Bearbette and Frisky: No way!)

Don't take anything from them. (LeMar: N-O!)

Just turn around and walk away. (Drew: Yes, ma'am!)

Go back and tell a grown-up, now. (Theodore: Yeah!)

Go back and tell a grown-up, now.

Never talk to strangers.

It's very good advice. (Jester: Uh-huh.)

People just can't tell if they're good or bad.

Even through they may seem nice. (Skipper: So nice.)

Even through they may seem nice.

Don't get in their car. (Bluebell: No! No!)

Don't take anything from them. (Alvin: No ma'am!)

Just turn around and walk away. (Theodore: Yes, sir!)

Go back and tell a grown-up, now. (Drew and LeMar: Oh, yeah!)

Go back and tell a grown-up, now.

Don't get in their car. (Skipper and Bluebell: No! No!)

Don't take anything from them. (Alvin and Theodore: No ma'am!)

Just turn around and walk away. (Stacy and Dennis: Yes, ma'am!)

Go back and tell a grown-up, now. (Jester and Jonah: That's right.)

Go back and tell a grown-up, now.


[In Cody's room, Sarah and Cody play Memory Match]

Sarah: [turns a card] Horse. [turns another card] Cat.

Cody: No match. My turn. [turns a card] Cat. I think I remember where a cat...

[Footsteps are approaching]

Sarah: What's that? An earthquake?!

Cody: Worse. It's poppa! Climbing the stairs.

Sarah: Stomping along the hall.

[Pounding is heard on the door, the door opens to reveal Alvin]

Cody: Pop?

[Alvin growls at the couple, he then walks around Cody's messy room. He goes inside the closet and sees cobwebs everywhere. He then looks at Cody's model airplane, which is covered in cobwebs]

Alvin: Pretty nice collection of cobwebs and spiders you got here.

Cody: They are. They eaten the ants they come in for food crumbs.

Alvin: Pretty clever. Isn't it hard to get around in this mess?

Sarah: Not really. [ballets around the floor]

Alvin: And where do you do you lay your clothes.

Cody: I hang them around the room.

Alvin: Impressive. This is the most impressive mess I have ever seen! The disgusting mess is known to critters! I demand the number one messy room in all of Chucklewood! I am not gonna take it any longer! I've had it! No more Mr. Nice Guy! [he slams his foot down and stomps on a bottle of toothpaste]

Sarah: YUCK!

Cody: You really had the perfect right to put your foot down in my toothpaste.

Alvin: THAT DOES IT!!! You two have made a mess! If you two want to go out for dinner tonight. I want this room to be cleaned up in exactly twenty minutes!

Sarah and Cody: Twenty minutes!?


[While mowing the lawn, Alvin's watch beeps]

Alvin: 20 Minutes. Time's up.

[He marches to the room and sees Sarah and Cody cleaned up the room]

Sarah and Cody: Ta-da!

Alvin: I can see the floor.

Cody: Yeah, I can get around without a Pogo-stick.

Alvin: With the floor clean, you can actually open the closet.

Cody: No, pop! Don't open the....

[Alvin opens the door and things fall on him]

Cody: ...door.

Alvin: Come to the living room you two! We're gonna have a talk.



[At the archery club, Sarah and Dennis walk past a lake]

Sarah: Look, daddy! A lake.

Dennis: Yes, Sarah, a lake.

Sarah: Can I go swimming there? Can I? Can I? Can I?

Dennis: No, Sarah. That lake is used for fishing only.

Sarah: WHAT!? I want to go swimming there!

[Dennis drags Sarah]

Dennis: Come on, Sarah! Enough!

[After Dennis shoots his last bow, he takes off all the arrows off the target and puts his archery gear away. He then turns around only to find Sarah gone]

Dennis: Sarah?

[He looks around]

Dennis: Sarah? [starts walking] That girl is gonna get grounded.

[He walks down past the archery room and sees Sarah splashing herself at the lake laughing. Dennis pulls Sarah away.]

Dennis: I thought I told you to never play in that lake!

Sarah: Cause the fishes were fun.

Dennis: Well, young lady. When we get home, we're gonna have a serious talk.

[At the cave]

Dennis: Greedy young critters like you can't get things what they wanted like for instance, you wanted to swim in the lake. But that lake is off limits to swimming. Only for fishing. Do you understand?

Sarah: Yes, sir.

Dennis: The places you can swim are the swimming pool, Chucklewood Lake, Thippy's swimming hole. The places you cannot swim are places that are marked for fishing only or dangerous areas. Now go to your room.


[The next morning, Sarah sees her mother in her bikini]

Sarah: Good morning, mommy!

Stacy: Good morning, Sarah!

Sarah: Hey, why are in your bathing suit?

Stacy: I am going to the beach for lifeguard training.

Sarah: Can I go to the beach with you? Can I? Can I?

Stacy: No, Sarah. No, no, no. This is a mommy-only trip.

Sarah: No, mommy! I want to go the beach! PLEASE!

Stacy: Sarah, the answer is "No!"

Sarah: But I really-really want to go to the beach. [pounds on the floor]

Stacy: Sarah! Sarah! [stops her daughter] Stop it. Stop it. Listen, I am going on a business trip. Business trips are not for little girls or boys. It's for grown-ups alone. Look, I spoke to Frisky. She will be here in a moment. You and her are gonna have lots of fun together.

Sarah: Yes, Mom.

Stacy: [looks at her watch] Oh! I best be off. Look, Frisky will be here momentarily.

[She lifts up Sarah's shirt and kisses her middle and Sarah giggles. Sarah then rubs her mother's middle with her nose and kisses it]

Stacy: [giggles] Have a good day! I'll see you later!

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