Sarah's First Day of School

Stacy: [whispers] Hi. I'm Sarah's mother. Today is Sarah's first day of school. She is going there so she can be a smart girl. She is sleeping but I am about to wake her up. Now, you don't need an alarm clock or to open the shades to wake her up. Here's a fun way to wake her up. [goes to Sarah's bed and pulls the bed sheets away] See? I pulled the bed sheets away. Now, the next step is that I am gonna lift her pajamas up. [lifts up Sarah's pajamas to reveal her stomach] Did you see that? That's her belly. And now, here's what I'm gonna do to her. [rubs Sarah's stomach who she giggles] See? She really loves belly rubs. Her cousin and babysitters love to rub her belly. She calls it "The Lucky Belly."

[She continues rubbing until Sarah wakes up, stretches, yawns]

Sarah: [giggles] Good morning, Mommy! [lifts up her mother's pajamas and rubs her stomach]

Stacy: [giggles] Oh, Sarah. You love to rub my belly too!

Sarah: What are we gonna do today?

Stacy: Today, you're gonna learn the facts of life. Today is your first day of school.

Sarah: School? What's school?


[Bathing Sarah]

Stacy: Every morning, before she eats breakfast, I give her a bath.

[She puts Sarah in the tub and pours soap on her. Sarah then splashes herself in the tub.]

[Moments later...]

Stacy: Then, I rub her belly to dry her off. [does so] Then using a towel, I rub her belly until she is dried off. [places a towel on the floor, puts Sarah on it and rubs her who giggles] See? She is very ticklish.

[The scene changes to Sarah's room as Stacy picks out a dress]

Stacy: Then I pick a dress for her. [walks back to the bathroom] And I dress her up.

[She and Sarah walk out of the bathroom]

Dennis: Sarah, breakfast!

Stacy: And it's time for breakfast.

[During breakfast, Sarah looks at an apple and a granola bar]

Sarah: An apple and a granola bar?

Dennis: Yes, Sarah. These two foods will help you get smart. Grab some milk too.

[He accidentally spills milk on the table]

Dennis: Oh no! My suit!

Stacy: [laughs] Guess, you're too messy for work, Dennis.

Sarah: I'll clean up, Mom.

[She cleans up the milk with a towel. Just then, Stacy looks at her watch]

Stacy: Oh my! I gotta get to work! [grabs her bag] Bearbette and Frisky will be seeing you after school, Sarah. Have a good first day!

[She pats Sarah on the head, and Sarah lifts up her mother's shirt and presses her stomach]

Sarah: Good bye, Mommy. I love you!

[Stacy leaves]

Dennis: Well, let's get ready for school!

[Sarah brushes her teeth, cleans off her dress and grabs her book bag. Dennis washes his whiskers and grabs his archery gear.]

Sarah: I'm ready, Daddy. I'm ready for school!

Dennis: Let's go!


Dennis: Hello, Miss Love.

Miss Love: Hello, Dennis. This must be your daughter, Sarah.

Sarah: Hi, Miss Love. I got all of my information where I live.

Miss Love: That's important to know, Sarah. You should feel proud.

Dennis: Indeed. [looks at his watch] Well, I got to go to work at the archery club. I'll see you tonight, Sarah.

Sarah: Good bye, Daddy. [lifts up Dennis' suit and presses his stomach]

Dennis: [chuckles] Oh, Sarah. A nice press on the button. [whispering] She loves to press my belly. [leaves]


Miss Love: Welcome, class. Welcome to The Little Critter School. My name is Miss Love. I am your teacher. I would like to sing you a song about getting to know you each other. So find a place in the giant rug.

[The entire class sits down on the giant rug and Miss Love plays a song on the piano]

Miss Love: Gather round and sit right down.

Doesn't matter who you're next too.

We're a lot the same but with different names.

And there's so many things that we're gonna do.

You might feel a little bit shy.

But we all feel the way sometimes.

It's a new adventure.

It's a brand new day.

Anything can happen when we laugh and we play.

Welcome to this brand new day.

Sarah: Sarah.

Cody: Cody.

Carlos: Carlos.

Brock: Brock.

Ed: Ed.

Susan: Susan.

Lisa: Lisa.

Julie: Julie.

Anne: Anne.

Marie: Marie.

Miss Love: It's a new adventure.

It's a brand new day.

Anything can happen when we laugh and we play.

Welcome to this brand new day.

[not singing] I'm sure you'll be the best of friends. Brock, what name does your letter begin with?

Brock: B.

Miss Love: Can anybody tells me what letter comes before B?

Anne: A.

Miss Love: A as in Anne.



Miss Love: It's time to go outside to the playground. Let's all lineup to the back door.


Miss Love: [looks at the clock] It looks like we're getting ready to go home. I discovered that each of you is different in your own special way. How about we sing that special song one more time. And this time, I will let you class sing along. Ready?

[Miss Love and class sing said song]

[The clock chimes three]

Miss Love: You always make each day a special day. By just like being you. There's only one person in the whole world like you. And people can like you exactly as you are. We are gonna have a great school year! I'll see you tomorrow.

[The class lines up and leaves the school]

Class: Goodbye, Miss Love! See you tomorrow!

[As Sarah went outside, she sees Bearbette and Frisky (in their shirts over swimwear) who were awaiting her]

Sarah: [gasps] Bearbette! Frisky! [runs up to them and lifts up Bearbette and Frisky's shirts rubbing their stomachs]

Frisky: [giggles] Sarah! How was your first day of school?

Sarah: It was an adventure!

Bearbette: You liked it!

Sarah: Yes! I can't wait to go back! I can't wait to tell Mommy and Daddy.

[As they approaches Sarah's cave, Sarah ran inside.]

Bearbette: I guess Sarah wants an after-school belly rub, Frisk.

Frisky: [taking off her shirt] Unless, she wants to play in the sprinkler.

[Bearbette takes off her shirt then turns the sprinkler on just as Sarah (now in her bikini) went back outside]

Bearbette: There's the belly!

Frisky: Complete with that famous spot!

Sarah: Let's play!

[Bearbette, Frisky and Sarah rub stomachs at each other. They played in the sprinkler. Moments later, Bearbette takes the hose off and squirts Sarah's middle. She snatches the hose and fills up the inflatable pool. Afterwards, the three jumped into the pool splashing at each other. Frisky dunks Sarah. Just as Bearbette attempts to dunk Frisky...]

Frisky: Umm... Bearbette, I think we're getting too old for those games.

Bearbette: Unless Sarah dunks us.

[Sarah appears and dunks the girl cubs]

Sarah: Gotcha!

[Bearbette then grabs Sarah by the waist and spins her around forming a whirlpool causing it to overflow]

Sarah: I'm getting dizzy!

[Suddenly the pool overflows and the three fall to the ground. Frisky notices mud on Sarah's stomach]

Frisky: [sighs] That was quite a ride.

[She then rubs Sarah, removing the dirt. Just then, Stacy and Dennis return home. Stacy sees a dirtied Sarah.]

Stacy: Oh my! Sarah. You had too much fun with the girls after-school. I think you need another bath.


[Sarah jumps on her mother's lap and her mother rubs Sarah]

Stacy: [giggles] So, Sarah, how was it?


Sarah: Then, Bearbette and Frisky took me home and we rubbed bellies and played together.


[While tucking Sarah in...]

Stacy: Usually, moms kiss their children in the cheeks when going to bed. But for Sarah, I kiss her belly. [lifts up Sarah's pajamas and kisses Sarah's stomach] See? [points to her middle] That's the Sarah spot. When I kiss the spot, it really tickles her.

Sarah: Goodnight, Mommy. [kisses her mother's stomach, then goes to sleep]

Stacy: [giggles then whispers] Good night, Sarah. [to the viewers] She loves to kiss my belly too. [forms a heart with her hands and places it on her stomach, then yawns as she puts her pajamas down] Well, I better go to bed too. And you better too. Cause [sings] there's a smile on Sarah's face, tomorrow she's going to school. She'll know it's such a happy place, yes, she's ready for school.

Alphabet Day

Miss Love: Is everybody ready for Alphabet Day?

Class: Yes.

Miss Love: Today, we are going to learn the alphabet from A to Z. Before we begin, let's all sing The Alphabet Song. Ready?

Miss Love and Class: [singing] A, B, C, D, E, F, G.

H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P.

Q, R, S, T, U V.

W, X, Y, and Z.

Now I've sung my ABC's.

Next time won't you sing with me?

Miss Love: That is very good children. On your area is a card containing a letter of the alphabet. We are going to think of words that begin with that letter of the alphabet. You folks at home can help out too. Now, who has the first letter of the alphabet?

[Cody raises his card showing "A"]


Stacy: Before I kiss Sarah good night. Why don't you at home sing The Alphabet Song? Ready?

[Stacy lifts up Sarah's pajamas and with the help of Dennis, she traces Sarah's stomach with the letters of the alphabet. Sarah giggles with each letter sung. As Stacy finishes the song, she kisses Sarah's middle]

Swim Day

[The class sees Miss Love emerging from the bathroom in a blue bathrobe]

Carlos: Miss Love?

Ed: Did she go swimming? Did she take a bath?

Miss Love: Good morning, children. Glad to be back together again. [takes off her bathrobe to reveal her maillot] Do you know what this I'm wearing?

[Brock raises his hand]

Brock: Your underwear?

Miss Love: Nope.

[Susan raises her hand]

Susan: A bathing suit.

Miss Love: Yes, Susan. This is my bathing suit. Every weekend, I go to the gym to swim in their pool. This gives me very good exercise and to keep me in shape. Tomorrow in gym class, we will be going to the swimming pool for our first Swim Day.

Class: Swim Day?

Miss Love: That's right. Once a month, we will be having swimming lessons with Mr. Jester. Plus, he will be providing you some fun swimming related activities. And then later on, it's a free recreational swim. Please be sure to bring your bathing suit and a towel for each Swim Day. Boys, you will wear swimming trunks of any color you wish. Girls, we know bathing suits of yours come in one or two pieces. [points to her maillot again] But, this is the appropriate bathing suit for you. This is called a maillot. Maillots cover up my belly. But when you wear a two-piece bathing suit, called a bikini, [points to her stomach] your belly is visible. The reason I want you to wear a mailliot is I do not want to see boys staring at or making jokes about your bellies.

[Sarah raises her hand]

Miss Love: Yes, Sarah.

Sarah: You mean I have to wear a bathing suit that covers up my belly?

Miss Love: Yes, Sarah. If you want to wear a two piece bathing suit, you can do that outside of school. For school, a one piece bathing suit. So that's what you have to bring for tomorrow. Boys, swimming trunks. Girls, one piece bathing suit. I'll remind you the day before each Swim Day.


[Sarah's Cave]

Sarah: Mommy, tomorrow is our first Swim Day.

Stacy: Wow! Looks like you're getting ready for lessons with the class.

Sarah: Miss Love said I have to wear a one piece bathing suit for swim day called a mal...mal.

Stacy: Maillot?

Sarah: Yes. She doesn't want to see boys staring at a girls' belly. Even mine.

Stacy: That's what my students at work do. They wear maillots. But in recreational swim time, girls can wear one or two piece bathing suits. Come to my room.

[In Stacy and Dennis' bedroom, Stacy wears her bikini]

Stacy: See? I am wearing my two piece bathing suit. This is called a bikini.

Sarah: Bikini?

Stacy: Yes. It reveals my entire belly. [points to her middle] Sarah spot, too. Why don't you put your bikini on?

[Sarah runs to her room and changes into her bikini. She then presses her mother's middle.]

Stacy: [giggles] Now we both wear bikinis. [presses Sarah's middle]

Sarah: [giggles] It's my lucky spot.

Stacy: Now, I'll be back in just a second.

[She changes into her maillot]

Sarah: What happened to your belly, Mommy?

Stacy: I am wearing my maillot which is a one piece bathing suit. I wear this as my swimsuit for work. [shows Sarah a maillot] Why don't you try this one on?

Sarah: But how would someone be able to press my lucky spot?

Stacy: Come on, Sarah. Try it on.

Sarah: [sighs] Okay.

[She changes into the maillot]

Sarah: How do I look?

Stacy: Not bad.

[Sarah tries to press her mother's stomach]

Stacy: When your wear a one piece bathing suit, your belly is covered up.


[Deep End Test]

Jester: Okay, kids. Now I am gonna see who is able to jump into the deep end of the pool.

Class: The deep end!?

Jester: Right. The deep end of the pool is 12-foot long. Chucklewood Lake's depth is about 4-8 feet tall. Rivers can have a deep end of 12-25 foot long. 

Class: Whoa!

Jester: ...


[Lisa performs her deep end test.]

Jester: Ready...set...go!

[Lisa jumps into the water. She swims two widths of the pool in deep water. Just then she floats back up and deep breathes.]

Jester: Lisa!?

Lisa: Help! Help!

[Jester jumps into the water and rescues Lisa]

Jester: What happened?

Lisa: I can't breathe underwater any longer.

Jester: Well, we are gonna have to get you lessons on swimming underwater next time.

[As the class walks back to the school]

Sarah: Oh, Lisa. Over the weekend, my mom will teach you how to swim in very deep water. She is a swimming coach, you know.

Lisa: Oh, really!

Sarah: Care to come over on Saturday? 

Lisa: Yes.


[Aquatic Center]

[In the warm pool, Stacy and Sarah teach Lisa (maillot).]

Sarah: Okay, Lisa. Remember what Jester said the other day? [moves her arms in the air] See that's the proper move to swim.

[Stacy jumps into the pool and swims underneath]

Sarah: Look what mom's doing.


[Three weeks later]

[Recreational swim time, Sarah trains Lisa (bikini) swimming in deep water]

Lisa: I did it!

Sarah: Good! Think you can manage to swim in 12-foot water alone tomorrow?

Lisa: I am!

[She rubs Sarah's stomach and Sarah giggles]

[The next day, Lisa (maillot) performs her deep-end test. She swims two widths of the pool in deep water.]

Stacy: Step one complete.

[Lisa floats on her back, supporting her body at the surface, for 30 seconds]

Stacy: Good! One more to go.

[Lisa then keeps her head on the surface for 30 seconds]

Sarah: Yeah!


Stacy: You passed the test!

Lisa: I did it! I did it!

[The shot changes to Lisa and Sarah (both in their bikinis) hugging each other]

Sarah: I know you can do it! I know you can do it! [rubs Lisa's stomach]

Lisa: Yes! Yes! [rubs Sarah's stomach]

Sarah: [giggles] Come on, Lisa! Let's go have fun. [kisses Lisa's middle]

Lisa: [giggles] I didn't know you kiss bellies.

Stacy: [pointing to Sarah's middle] This little round spot on her. It's her favorite part of the body. That's the Sarah spot. Can you kiss it?

Lisa: Sure!

[She kisses Sarah's middle and Sarah giggles excitedly. The two girls jump into the pool and splash and laugh at each other]

The Doctor Will See You Now

[Jester takes off his shirt]

Jester: [points to his chest] This is my chest where inside it is lungs which can help me breathe. Below it is where food goes after we eat swallow it. You can see a little circle in the middle of it. [points to his stomach] This is called my stomach. What is another name for a stomach?

[Sarah raises her hand]

Jester: Sarah?

Sarah: The belly!

Jester: Yes! Stomachs are also called bellies or tummies. [points to his middle] And that little circle on it is my bellybutton or navel for short.

[Sarah rubs her stomach]


[Critter Hospital]

[Dr. Sparkle puts her stethoscope on Sarah's heart. She hears a thumping sound.]

Dr. Sparkle: Heart is beating perfectly. [puts her stethoscope on Sarah's middle]

Sarah: [giggling] That tickles. I love my belly spot. It's my favorite part of the body.

Dr. Sparkle: [rubs Sarah's stomach as Sarah giggles] And you're very ticklish.


[In an interstitial segment...]

Sarah: [bikini] Let's review the parts of my body. [points to her head] This is my head which has my eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Below my head is my chest. Below it is my belly. [points to her middle] This little circle is the bellybutton, which you don't see on us critters very often. I call this on mine, "The Sarah Spot." [points to her knees] These are my knees and my feet to help me walk. And I have two arms with paws and my shoulders. Here's a fun song where you touch your body from top to bottom.

[She performs Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes]

Sarah: Head, shoulders, knees and toes.

Knees and toes.

Head, shoulders, knees and toes.

Knees and toes.

Eyes and ears and mouth and nose.

Head, shoulders, knees and toes.

Knees and toes.

Let's do it again.

[She repeats the song one more time]

I'll Be Back Soon

[The class prepares to do a puppet show on The Little Red Hen, Miss Love, Cody, Carlos, Susan and Brock get under the puppet stage as they perform]

Miss Love: I'm the Little Red Hen. And this is my little baby chick.

Cody: How do you do. Mommy, I want something to eat.

Miss Love: Oh my. We better look for some food.

[The Little Red Hen and her son sniff and see a stalk of wheat. Meanwhile, a pig (Carlos), dog (Susan), and goat (Brock) appear]

Cody: Mommy! Look what I found. A stalk of wheat.

Carlos: What's going on?

Brock: What is it?

Miss Love: This is a stalk of wheat. These grains are seed we can plant them to grow more wheat.

Cody: Goodie.

Miss Love: Who will help me plant this wheat?

Carlos: Not I. [ducks down]

Susan: Woof! Woof! No. [ducks down]

Brock: Not me. [bleats then ducks down]

[Suddenly, Miss Love's critter phone rings]

Miss Love: The telephone. Who can be ringing in at this time of day!? [leaves the puppet stage and heads into her bedroom and answers it] Hello? Hi. What!? I thought the meeting is scheduled for this evening. I don't know that I can. I am 90 minutes into the school day and I don't know if I can. Maybe I call my colleague and see if he can come over to watch the class. Thanks for letting me know. Bye-bye. [hangs up] Oh no! I have a meeting in an hour. I gotta call Mr. Mabor. [dials Mr. Mabor]

Mr. Mabor: Hello?

Miss Love: Mr. Mabor. It's Miss Love.

Mr. Mabor: Hi. What's up?

Miss Love: Can you come to my house to spend the rest of the school day with the class. My women's group meeting was originally scheduled for this evening was pushed to this afternoon.

Mr. Mabor: Why?

Miss Love: One of my members had to take her son home from school 'cause he twisted his ankle. Her husband works the night shift, doesn't start work till 4:00 p.m..

Mr. Mabor: I am on my way now. I'll see you in a bit.

Miss Love: Thank you, Mr. Mabor. Bye-bye. [hangs up, then returns to the living room] Class, we are going to have to pause our puppet show for a little bit. Because, I have been summoned to go to a meeting with a group of mine. It cannot be postponed or rescheduled. Who would like to take over for me as The Little Red Hen?

[Sarah, Lisa and Anne raise her hands]


[The Three Little Pigs]

Mr. Mabor: So the second little pig ran into the forest. The third little pig built his house strong then safe.

Sarah: Well, that's that. This house is made off of bricks.

Mr. Mabor: The third little pig invite the two other pigs into the house. But just then, the Big Bad Wolf came a knocking on the door.

Brock: [Wolf] Little pig, little pig, let me come in!

Sarah, Susan and Lisa: Not by the hare of our chinny, chin, chin.

Brock: I will huff and i'll puff and I'll blow your house down!

Mr. Mabor: So he huffed and he puffed, and a huffed and he puffed, and he huffed and he puffed, and he huffed--

[His critter phone rings and he holds up his paw. Brock continues to huff and puff, but Susan stops him. Mr. Mabor answers his phone.]


The Slumber Party

[Sarah approaches Lisa's burrow. As she rang the doorbell, she saw not only Lisa but also her teenage babysitter, Emily.]

Sarah: Hi, Lisa.

Lisa: Hi, Sarah.

Sarah: Who's this?

Lisa: This is my babysitter, Emily.


[A montage is shown as all the girls throw popcorn, squirt water at Sarah and Lisa's stomachs, pillow fighting, etc.,]

Emily: QUIET!!!

[Everything comes to a halt. Lisa's parents and Jonesy arrive at the last second.]

[The critters' mothers take their daughters home. Bearbette and Frisky take Sarah home.]

Bearbette: We are so angry at you, Sarah.

Frisky: We are disappointed too.

[At Sarah's cave]

Bearbette: Go to bed. You're being grounded.

[Sarah goes to bed. Bearbette and Frisky sit in the dining room table.]

Frisky: That's bad.

Bearbette: You should have seen the place. Popcorn, juice, gum everywhere. Furniture damaged—it's an absolute disgrace. Everything I said is privilege and responsibility.

Frisky: Sarah does have to share the blame.

Bearbette: Here's what Sarah is grounded: No belly rubs or kisses for a week. No leaving the cave except for school.

Frisky: We were supposed to show her the hot tub that we bought.

Bearbette: We can do that another time.

Frisky: How would her folks know about it?

[The next morning, Bearbette and Frisky wake up sleeping in Stacy and Dennis' bedroom as the phone rang]

Bearbette: [yawns and answers it] Hello?

Lisa: Is Sarah there?

Bearbette: One moment please. [to Frisky] Brew some coffee, Frisk. I'm giving the phone to Sarah.

[She runs to Sarah's room, removes the blankets, then taps Sarah's head]

Bearbette: Sarah?

Sarah: [yawns] Yes, Bearbette?

Bearbette: [gives phone to Sarah] Telephone.

Sarah: Hello?

Lisa: Hi, Sarah.

Sarah: Hi, Lisa.

Lisa: I am real sorry of all of this nonsense we had.

Sarah: Well, that's okay.

Lisa: Instead of being grounded, I had to clean up all that mess. And I know one person won't be enough. Can you come over to my house to help me?

Sarah: Oh, sure.


[Sarah and Lisa finish cleaning up]

Lisa: Hey! We did a good job. We should do this a clean up party.

Sarah: Well, I don't want to hear the word, "party" another time.

[She lifts up Lisa's pajamas and kisses her middle.]

Lisa: [giggles] That tickles!

[She lifts up Sarah's pajamas and kisses her middle. The two girls then rub stomaches and giggle at each other.]

Emily: I've never ever got my belly kissed before.

Sarah: [pointing to her middle] That's the Sarah spot.

Lisa: [pointing to her middle] And that's the Lisa spot.

[Meanwhile, Bearbette and Frisky arrive]

Bearbette: Well, guess we'll take Sarah to our cave.

Frisky: We will show her that thing.


[Bearbette and Frisky's cave]

[Bearbette and Frisky [wearing their bathrobes] show Sarah [wearing her towel] emerge from the cave and walk to their hot tub]

Sarah: Whoa! Is that a swimming pool?

Bearbette: Nope. This is a hot tub. It's a tub where we use to relax our bodies. It has these holes called jets which can be used to massage with water.

Frisky: The water is hot. You can be in the hot tub in the fall or winter.

Sarah: Wow. I can go swimming in that.

Frisky: You don't swim in a hot tub, Sarah. You relax.

Bearbette: Here, let us demonstrate. 

[Frisky turns on the hot tub]

Frisky: This hot tub has colored lights so you can change the water to either blue, green, red or white.

Sarah: Like blueberry juice?

Bearbette: [giggles] It does not turn into juice!

[Frisky touches the water (now warmed up)]

Frisky: The water is warmed up. Let's all go in.

[She and Bearbette remove their bathrobes to reveal their bikinis. Sarah takes off her towel to reveal her bikini as the three go into the hot tub.]


[Sarah leans on the front of the tub as the jets massage her stomach]

Sarah: [giggles] The jets are tickling my belly!

Bearbette: That's the wrong way to sit in the hot tub. Turn around.

[Sarah turns around and sits correctly]

Frisky: See? The jets are massaging your entire back.

[Sarah sighs; A few minutes later, Bearbette turns the hot tub lights in rainbow mode, which cycles between blue, green, red and white.]

Sarah: Look! The water is changing colors!

Frisky: Yes, Sarah. Imagine the water is rainbow.

[They watch the water continue changing colors]

Bearbette: [whispering] Frisky, let's see if we can find the Sarah spot.

[Frisky puts her arm in the tub and tries to find Sarah's stomach. Sarah shakes.]

Frisky: I can feel her legs.

Bearbette: Let me try.

[She puts her arm in the tub and just as she finds Sarah's stomach, she rubs it and Sarah giggles. Bearbette then presses her middle.]

Sarah: I'm getting ticklish with all of those bubbles!

[The jets massage Sarah's waist and Bearbette's paw rubbing Sarah's middle. Sarah continues giggling. Then, Frisky rubs Sarah's stomach.]



Stacy: Mother nature has painted the leaves red, yellow and gold. [points to the calendar] Being this is the 27th day of October. It's almost Halloween which falls on the 31st of that month. And today, I am taking Sarah to find the perfect costume. First thing I need to do is wake her up. [walks to Sarah's bedroom, Sarah's stomach is exposed.] See that? That's Sarah's belly. Even though I have the heat on in the cave, I lifted her pajamas up so I can press the Sarah button to wake her up.

[She presses Sarah's middle and rubs her stomach, Sarah giggles]

Sarah: Good morning, Mommy!

Stacy: You see? I rub her belly. Rain, shine, hot or cold. She's very ticklish. [rubs Sarah's stomach with her left paw] Did you see the Sarah spot jiggle? It always does that when I rub her belly. Does it do that to yours? [points to Sarah's middle with her right paw] That's her favorite place on her body. [presses the middle]

Sarah: [giggles] You need to kiss it, Mommy.

Stacy: Maybe later.

Sarah: What are we doing today?

Stacy: We're taking you Halloween costume shopping today.


[Lisa's burrow]

[Sarah (dressed up as a superheroine) walks past the burrow where Lisa awaits (dressed up as a cowgirl)]

Lisa: Howdy, Sarah! [looks at her costume] WHOA!!! What you supposed to be?

Sarah: I'm Su.....pervixen!

Lisa: I'm a cowgirl! Yee-Haw!

Sarah: Are you ready for the Halloween Party at the school coming up?

Lisa: I am sure am. Wonder what Cody is wearing?

[Suddenly, Cody runs into the scene.]

Cody: There's no need to fear! SuperCody's here!

Sarah: Cody!

Lisa: Howdy, Cody!


[Little Critter School]

Miss Love: [dressed as ...] Good evening, boys and ghouls! Happy Halloween! All of you are dressed up in a costume. We're gonna have lots of fun tonight. First thing's first, we are going to have a costume contest. Each of you will take a stroll around the backyard which I will be judging your by costume. The best costume wins a giant candy bar.


Miss Love: I think the best costume in my opinion is a tie between Sarah and Cody.

[Applause; Sarah and Cody hi-five each other as Miss Love gives the two each a candy bar.]

Miss Love: Now, you have your bags ready 'cause later tonight, we go Trick-Or-Treating. There are some treats like popcorn balls, candy bars and even apples.

[Suddenly, a critter dressed up as a detective appears in a shadow. Dragnet theme plays.]

Critter: Do I hear apples?

Miss Love: Uhh...yeah.

[The critter exposes himself as Jonah who flashes his badge]

Jonah: Det. Jonah at your service. Some skeletons stole some apples from the store and put them in the gym pool. My partner, Jester happened to catch the thieves.

[The class reacts]

Jonah: He wants you and the kids to come to the gym. He will teach you a fun way to grab some apples.

[Dragnet theme plays as Jonah leaves]

Brock: Where are we going?

Miss Love: You heard him. The gym.


Jester: [dressed up as a detective] Hello, my costumed critters.

Class: Good evening, Mr. Jester. Happy Halloween!

Jester: I've caught thieves who stole apples and put them in the pool. And tonight, we're are going to bob for apples in the pool.

Class: Bobbing for apples!?

[Gym Pool]

Jester: Here's how you do it. I have put in lots of apples. You put your head in the pool, and using only your mouth, you grab an apple. Make sure you don't fall into the pool. I don't want you to get your costumes wet for trick-or-treating. [demonstrates] Easy, isn't it? Now who would like to go first?

[Ed raises his hand]

Jester: Okay, Ed.

[Ed slowly puts his head in the pool and picks out an apple]

Jester: Very good, Ed! Who's next?

[Susan puts her head in the pool and tries to find an apple. She nearly falls in but manages to get an apple]

Jester: WHOA! That was close!

[Carlos puts his in and grabs one. Carlos coughs.]

Jester: Oh my! Carlos, are you all right?

Carlos: [breathes] I think I lost my breath.

Jester: Well, please make sure you don't hold your breath long.

[A brief montage is shown as the rest of the class bobs for apple]

Jester: Miss Love, are you gonna bob for one?

Miss Love: [maillot] I think I'm getting too old for this. I remember bobbing for apples in the creek when I was your age. I fell in but I managed to get an apple.

Sarah: You did?

Miss Love: Mmm-hmm.

Lisa: Can you give it a try?

Miss Love: I will.

[Miss Love puts her head in the pool. As she continues to lean forward and grabs an apple with her mouth, she suddenly falls in to the pool. The class reacts. Miss Love swims to the edge of the pool, gets out and Jester hands her a towel.]

Miss Love: [laughs] Guess I'm too old for this.

[The scene changes to the class lineup with apples in their bags.]

Miss Love: [costume on] Okay, class. Now that you have completed your bobbing for apples. I have arranged a Haunted Hayride to the library. LeMar will be telling you a spooky story when we get there.

[Along the Hayride, the tractor goes past through various spooks and tombstones. The class reacts to this. Among the spooks include a skeleton version of Crush with his belly spot pushed by a sword, Delilah Denara and Zak Vaderman. Later, the class approaches the library (decorated as a Haunted House). LeMar (dressed up as fortune teller) awaits them.]

LeMar: [sinister laughs] Good evening, boys and ghouls. Welcome to the House of Hutton. You wonder what the future holds? You have come to the right place. Let's fire up the crystal ball.

[He waves his paws at a Crystal Ball and intimates an engine revving]

Ed: Oooooh!

LeMar: Ooooh! You ghosts and goblins are going to be thrilled and scared while I tell you a story about Ichabod Crane, in Washington Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.


[LeMar hands each class a piece of candy]

LeMar: One piece of candy for each of you. A good way to start your trick-or-treating in Chucklewood. Happy Halloween!

Miss Love: Happy Halloween, LeMar. [to the class] Now, it's time for the moment you've been waiting for...

Class: Trick-Or-Treat!

Miss Love: Yes. Each of you has a flashlight and bring home lots of treats and candy. Don't forget to shout "Trick-Or-Treat!"

[A montage is shown as the class goes trick-or-treating]

[Later, at Sarah's cave]

Sarah: Trick-Or-Treat!

[Dennis (dressed as an astronaut) approaches her but instead of treats, he rubs Sarah's stomach]

Dennis: That's one small step for dad. One giant belly rub for mankind.

Sarah: [giggles] Daddy. I'm in my costume. The belly isn't visible.

Dennis: How's my little superheroine?

Sarah: Super...vixen! Lots of treats and candy all on Halloween night.

Dennis: is gonna tuck you in and give you an after trick or treat belly rub.

[Sarah's bedroom, Stacy tucks her in and looks at her belly.]

Stacy: Looks, like your belly is gonna get real big when you eat all that Halloween candy.

Sarah: [giggles] The Sarah Spot jiggles like gelatin.

[Stacy rubs Sarah's stomach. Forms a heart with her paws on Sarah's middle and kisses it.]



[Skipper and Bluebell enter Sarah's bedroom and slowly take off the bed sheets and lift up her pajamas.]

Skipper: There's that belly. It still looks the same.

Bluebell: Should we use the pin?

Skipper: Yeah. [points to the middle] Start at the button going from bottom to top.

Bluebell: Press it first then I'll do the rest.

[Skipper softly touches Sarah's middle. Then, using a rolling pin, Bluebell rubs Sarah's stomach bottom to top then backwards. Sarah giggles and wakes up and surprisingly sees Skipper and Bluebell]

Sarah: [gasps] Skipper! Bluebell! [hugs them] It's you! What a surprise! What are you doing here?

Bluebell: Sorry that we surprised you.

Skipper: Your mom asks us to surprise you.

Bluebell: We got a surprise for you.

[She lifts up her shirt to expose her stomach]

Sarah: What is it? What it is?

Bluebell: Rub my belly first.

[Sarah gets out of bed, Bluebell lies down and Sarah rubs Bluebell's stomach who giggles together. Sarah then kisses Bluebell's middle.]

Bluebell: [giggles] You kissed my belly, Sarah! That tickles! You love to kiss bellies.

Sarah: [giggles then points to her middle] That's my favorite place on the belly. Can you kiss it?

[Bluebell kisses Sarah's middle]

Skipper: Come with us, Sarah.


Bluebell: [To Sarah] This is our son, Thippy. [To Thippy] Thippy, this is Sarah.

Thippy: Uhh...hello.

Sarah: Hi.

Skipper: Thippy will be starting school tomorrow and we feel like we give him a tour of the forest.

Sarah: Yeah! I can show you my two best friends here.

Thippy: That's a great idea.

Stacy: Wait a minute, Sarah! Eat your breakfast first. The most important meal of the day.


[Sarah shows Thippy Chucklewood]

Sarah: And this cave here is where my big cousin, Rusty lives. [shows Thippy another cave] Near this cave is where my babysitters, Bearbette and Frisky live.

Thippy: Who are they?

Sarah: A bear and a vixen. Frisky is Rusty's girlfriend.

[They approach Lisa's burrow who was stretching]

Lisa: Hi, Sarah.

Sarah: Lisa, this is Thippy. He will be starting school tomorrow and I was showing him the forest. [to Thippy] Thippy, this is one of my best friends, Lisa.

Thippy: Hi, Lisa.

Lisa: Hi, Thippy. May I join you two?

Sarah: Yes!


[Cody's Cave]

[They see Cody swinging on a rope swing]

Sarah: And this my boyfriend, Cody.


[As Thippy shows Lisa, Sarah and Cody his swimming hole]

Thippy: This is my swimming hole. Not only I used it to go swimming with Mommy and Daddy, I get a bath there in the warm weather months.

Cody: Wow! I've never seen anything like this before.

Sarah: How did you bathe in the hole?

Thippy: Come with me.

[He walks back to the burrow where his mother (bikini) picks him up and rides on her back]

Bluebell: It's bath time, Thippy.

Thippy: Whether I do, I get a bunny-back ride on Mommy's back to the hole.

[As they reach the swimming hole again, Bluebell drops Thippy with his shirt sliding off into the hole. Thippy splashes her mother.]

Bluebell: [laughs] Oh, Thip! I gotta clean you first.

[After Thippy gets cleaned]

Thippy: After my bath, Mommy rubs my belly. But instead of using her hands, she uses a rolling pin.

[Bluebell rubs Thippy's stomach from bottom to top using the rolling pin four times]

Thippy: [giggles] It's like rolling out bread dough.

[Afterwards, Thippy puts his shirt back on]

Thippy: When I go to bed for the night, Mommy gives me one last belly rub and ending it with pressing it.

Lisa: Can we have our bellies rubbed?

Cody: Please?

Sarah: Please?

Thippy: What do you think, Mommy?

Bluebell: Sure. Why not.

[Cody takes off his overalls and lifts up his shirt. Thippy uses the rolling pin to rub his stomach]

Cody: [giggles] A little more please.

[Lisa's turn. She lifts up her dress to expose her stomach. Thippy rubs her stomach]

Lisa: Ahhh. That feels good.

[Sarah's turn (dress lifted up)]

Sarah: [giggles] My belly is very special to me. [points to her middle] This is my favorite spot. Can you rub it from right to left?

Thippy: Of course.

[He rubs Sarah's stomach]

Bluebell: [pointing to Sarah's middle] Can you kiss right here?

Thippy: Of course.

[He kisses Sarah's middle and she giggles]

Bluebell: She kissed my belly when I woke her up. [points to her middle] Right here, it really tickles me.

Sarah: I love my belly!

[She kisses Lisa's middle]

Lisa: [giggles] Sarah and I usually rub bellies at each other outside of school. Thippy, can you bring your rolling pin to Show and Tell on Wednesday?

Thippy: Yes.

Cody: It's also Swim Day.

Thippy: Swim Day?

Lisa: Each month, we go swimming with the class at Jester's gym. You are not going to see me and Sarah's bellies there.

Sarah: Right, Lisa. We will be wearing bathing suits that cover up my belly. Maybe you can rub Jester and Jonah's bellies there.

Thippy: Okay!


[Show and Tell]

Miss Love: Thippy, what did you bring today?

Thippy: [shows rolling pin] Well, Miss Love. This is my rolling pin. We know we use rolling pins to roll out bread dough but my mom uses it to rub my belly after my bath. [demonstrates] See?

Miss Love: It looks like you're massaging your belly.

Thippy: Yep. If I lift my shirt up, [lifts up his shirt and points to his middle and point it to the top of his stomach] you can start right in the middle going all the way to the top. And what's this little round spot in the middle of my belly called?

[Julie raises her hand]

Julie: The bellybutton!

Thippy: Right! This past weekend, I demonstrated the rolling pin with Sarah, Lisa and Cody. They all love their bellies rubbed.

Miss Love: Thank you, Thippy for bringing your rolling pin. Right now, it's time to put on your bathing suits. Its time to head over to the gym for...

Class: Swim Day!


[At the gym pool for Swim Day, Thippy rubs Jester's stomach with the rolling pin]

Jester: Wow. I feel like my belly is bread dough.


[Thippy tries to rub Jonah's middle but...]

Jonah: Umm. Did you see that little ring? [points to his belly ring]

Thippy: What's that?

Jonah: This is a belly ring. It's a piece of jewelry that is pierced on my belly. You should not roll there because of it. You can roll my chest to my upper belly.


[Interstitial segment...]

Sarah: We know Thippy loves belly rubs using a rolling pin. My friends Lisa and Cody both love to have their bellies rubbed with their hands.

[She, Lisa, Cody and Thippy show their stomachs]

Sarah: See? Our bellies are shown. Right in the middle of ours is a circle called the bellybutton, which you don't usually see on us critters. [points to middle] That's my favorite part of the belly. Its the only one you can kiss it or press it.

[Lisa and Thippy kiss Sarah's middle and she giggles]

Sarah: That tickles me. That's the Sarah spot. I love to rub and kiss bellies. I am really a playful and ticklish girl.

[She, Lisa, Cody and Thippy rub stomaches at each other]

A Christmas Sarah

[Sarah's Bedroom]

Stacy: 'Twas the Day Before Christmas, when all through the cave. Not a critter was sleeping, we thought it was Sarah. [walks to Sarah's bed with snow on her paw] Hi. It's snowing outside in Chucklewood. And today, it's the Little Critter School's Christmas Party. And today, I am going to wake Sarah up in a very special way. Normally, I would rub her belly. But today, it's more than just a belly rub.

[Dennis pulls the bed sheets off.]

Stacy: See what Daddy did? He pulled the bed sheets off. You can see Sarah's belly. Look what I have on my paw. [shows the viewers snow] It's snow. And I am about to put snow onto Sarah's favorite place on her belly: The Sarah Spot.

[She puts snow on Sarah's middle. Moments later, Sarah giggles and wakes up.]

Sarah: [giggles] Do you kiss my belly spot, Mommy?

[Stacy rubs Sarah's stomach who giggles excitedly]

Dennis: We figured we covered up your belly spot with snow.

Sarah: That tickles! Can I do that on yours mommy?

Stacy: Maybe later. Let's get dressed.



Jester: Are you ready to do some reindeer training?

Class: Yes!

Jester: You are going to be reindeer in training, preparing to take the toys to all of the children on Christmas. You must go through training to make sure you are fit enough for the job. Jonah and I have set up five different stations. [shows the class the first station] Our first station is Rooftop Balance. We know reindeer must stand on the rooftop so Santa can come down the chimney. You will go across the balance beam pretending it is the rooftop of a house with your paws and feet. Just like Jonah is doing.

[Jonah gets off the balance beam and shows the class the next station]

Jonah: Next, you'll go to the tree wave. Now I've made trees from cones. You will gallop in and out of the trees.

[Jester demonstrates and moves to the next station ]

Jester: We know reindeer fly in the sky. So this next station, we will train you to fly over the clouds by practicing the loco motor skill of leaping over the hurdles.

[Jonah demonstrates, then moves to the next station]

Jonah: As reindeer pulls Santa sleigh, they need to be strong enough for the sleigh can go faster. One of you will pretend to be the toy on the sled and sits cross-legged, holding a rope. Your partner must use the rope to SLOWLY pull the sled to the opposite side of the gym. [demonstrates with Jester] After you do this, you will switch jobs.

Jester: And a reminder: If you pull too fast or too hard, the sled may tip over and the toys will fall off and go to the wrong houses. We don't want that to happen. [walks to the final station] And finally, the most important step in Santa's delivery!

Class: The chimney!

Jester: Yea! One of you will stand around the "chimney" and toss deck rings or bean bags underhand into the chimney. [demonstrates] After you toss them in the chimney, your partner will retrieve the items and will switch jobs.

Jonah: We are going to split you up into twos. It takes two to make a team you know. When me or Jester blow my whistle, it's time to change stations.

[A montage is shown as the class performs said activities]

[Moments later...]

Jonah: You kids sure are reindeer. Pretty soon, you'll be hitched up to Santa's sleigh.

Jester: You'll be ready for Christmas as you know it.

Miss Love: You bet, Jester. And now, it's time for a special Christmas story time with LeMar. We will be heading over in a sleigh ride together with you.

[The class cheers]

Ed: [looks at Miss Love] Umm, do look at yourself, Miss Love.

Miss Love: [she looks around and notices she is in her maillot] Oh no!

[She runs inside the locker room]

Jonah: She was in the hot tub while we did the reindeer games.

[Miss Love returns now in her dress plus her jacket]

Miss Love: There. That's better.

[The class heads to the library in a sleigh ride as Sleigh Ride plays]


LeMar: Hello, class.

Class: Hello, LeMar.

LeMar: You kids excited for Santa Claus?

Class: Yes.

LeMar: As you go to bed on the night of Christmas Eve, always jump in bed and cover up your head. 'Cause Santa will be coming down the chimney. He sees when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake. But have you ever been visited by Christmas ghosts?

[The class nods]

LeMar: Charles Dickens, a well-known 19th century author wrote a Christmas novel about an elderly miser called Ebenezer Scrooge who is visited by the ghost of his partner, Jacob Marley and three spirits of the past, present and future. It's A Christmas Carol.



[Sarah prepares to throw a snowball at Lisa]

Sarah: Watch this! [throws a snowball at Lisa] Direct hit!

Lisa: [laughing] Sarah!

[She throws a snowball at Sarah. Just then, Mr. Mabor blows his whistle.]

Miss Love: Class! We should not throw snowballs at each other. This is for the safety of our students.

Mr. Mabor: In other words, no snowball fighting please.

[The class groans]

[Suddenly, Drew appears with his fire truck and Santa's sleigh]

Drew: Hello, class! Merry Christmas!

Class: Hello, Firefighter Drew.

Drew: Are you all excited for Santa Claus?

Class: Yes.

Drew: Well, I will be heading up to the North Pole to deliver Santa's sleigh and he will be flying here from the North Pole. But we are about to play a little game involving the sleigh. You see the sleigh on my truck? Now, I have brought lots of presents from the mall. The question for today is "How many presents can Santa's sleigh hold in preparation for the long ride around the world?" Here's what we are going to do. Each of you will take a turn taking a present and put in on the sleigh until it is completely full. The more presents on the sleigh, the more Santa will deliver. Are you ready?

Class: Yes!


Miss Love: You know, how many reindeer are on Santa's sleigh team?

[Julie raises her hand]

Miss Love: Julie?

Julie: Eight.

Miss Love: Well. [goes inside the puppet stage] You know, Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen. Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen. [singing] But do you recall, the most famous reindeer of all?

[Sings Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer as performs the puppet show]

[After she finished, a knock is heard on the door]

Miss Love: Oh! There's somebody at the door. [walks to the window] Hey! You better you watch out, you better not cry! [opens the door to reveal...]

Class: Santa!

Santa: Merry Christmas, everybody! Ho-Ho-Ho!


Miss Love: Before we start heading home for the holidays, I would like to sing one of the most beloved Christmas carols of all time. It's a song which you can give a series of increasingly numerous gifts given on each of the twelve days of Christmas.

[singing] On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:

A partridge in a pear tree.

[not singing] Now, when I sing "On the first, second, or third day of Christmas my true love gave to me." I would like one of you sing a special gift. Each of you has a card on your area. When we get to the day, you can raise your card up and sing the gift. Simple. Let's see if you do it. Ready?

[singing] On the first day of Christmas, my friends gave to me:

A partridge in a pear tree.

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

Sarah: Two turtle-doves.

Miss Love: And a partridge in a pear tree.

On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me.

Cody: Three French hens.

Sarah: Two turtle doves.

Miss Love: And a partridge in a pear tree.

On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me.

Lisa: Four calling birds.

Cody: Three French hens.

Sarah: Two turtle doves.

Miss Love: And a partridge in a pear tree.

On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me.

Ed: Five golden rings.

Lisa: Four calling birds.

Cody: Three French hens.

Sarah: Two turtle doves.

Miss Love: And a partridge in a pear tree.


Miss Love: On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me.

Thippy: Twelve drummers drummin'.

Carlos: Eleven pipers pipin'

Susan: Ten lords-a-leapin'.

Anne and Marie: Nine ladies dancing.

Marie: Eight lords-a-leapin'

Julie: Seven swans-a-swimmin'

Brock: Six geese-a-laying.

Ed: Five golden rings.

Lisa: Four calling birds.

Cody: Three French hens.

Sarah: Two turtle doves.

Miss Love: And a partridge in a pear tree.

All: And a partridge in a pear tree!

Miss Love: That was wonderful singing, children. [looks at the clock] And just getting ready for the final bell. Before we enjoy the holidays, Santa has informed me that: Chucklewood is inviting your friends and families over for our Chucklewood Christmas Jamboree tomorrow night! There's going to be caroling, hot chocolate, and of course, Santa will be here too! It's going to be lots of fun. So please join Chucklewood tomorrow night, Christmas Eve, for our Christmas Jamboree!

[The bell rings]

Miss Love: I am looking forward to seeing you again on January 4th. From me to all of you, a Very Merry Christmas!


Punt, Pass, and Kick

[While practicing for the competition, Cody throws a pass over to Sarah who ultimately runs out of the yard. Simon and his father, Theodore watch the action.]

Theodore: She's down to the 40, 35, 30,... 20!

Simon: She...could... go... all... the... WAY!!!

Alvin: [raises his left arm] TOUCHDOWN!!!

[Cody runs to Sarah]

Cody: Good run, Sarah! I thought you're going to run back to me. [looks at Simon] Oh, hi, Simon.

Simon: Hello, Cody. Man! That girl can run.

Theodore: Is your father home, Cody?

Alvin: [walks up to the fence] Hi, Theodore. Hi, Simon.

Theodore: Hello, Alvin.

Sarah: Hi, Simon. Hey, Mr. Tiger. Did you two use to play football?

Theodore: Matter of fact, I used to be Mr. Fox's teammate. I remember he used to be the quarterback until an accident forced him to retire from playing football.

Alvin: That I am. When I was your age, Cody, we played football in the yard every weekend. But unfortunately, one day, a runaway lawnmower ran me over and I lost my right arm. Therefore, I cannot play football anymore.

Cody: Man! That is horrible!


[On the day after the in-school competition]

Miss Love: Good morning, children.

Class: Good morning, Miss Love.

Miss Love: I'm glad we're back together again. Before we get started, Mr. Jester has a special announcement to make.

Jester: Good morning, class.

Class: Good morning, Mr. Jester!

Jester: I have the results from yesterday's competition. You all did a wonderful job punting, passing and kicking. But remember, only two of you kids will go to the regional competition in the Enchanted Valley and be one step closer to the finals in Nanami. Before we announce the winners, I would like to announce our third place winner. Our third place winner with 104 points is Carlos.

[The class applauds, Jester gives Carlos a bronze medal]

Jester: And now, our first winner. This first winner scored 44 points punting, 50 points in passing, and 28 points in kicking. With a score of 122 points, our second place winner is....Cody!

[The class applauds, Jester gives Cody a silver medal]

Simon: Way to go, Cody!

Jester: And I can't believe our first place winner was by this much points. This winner scored 40 points in punting, 54 points in passing and 33 points with a score of 127. By five points, our first place winner is...........Sarah!

[The class applauds, Sarah squeals and hugs Cody]

Sarah: YEAH! We're going to the Enchanted Valley!

Cody: I am so excited!

Jester: [laughs and gives Sarah a gold medal] Congratulations, Sarah and Cody. You will both be representing Chucklewood in the regional next week. But there are ten other contestants throughout the surrounding areas you will compete against you two. The winner of the regional goes to the national championship. Practice, practice, practice.


[After practicing, Sarah and Cody roll down the hill]

Sarah: We're so excited for this.

Cody: Me too.

Sarah: What would you do if I win the savings bond?

Cody: Maybe put it towards your future.

Sarah: That's a good idea. Save it for a rainy day.

[She lifts up Cody's shirt and presses his stomach. Cody giggles.]

Sarah: Now, it's my turn.

[Cody lifts up Sarah's dress and presses her middle]

Sarah: You're supposed to kiss it! Kiss right here!

[She and Cody rub stomachs at each other]


[After Denise kicks it fifty yards...]

Ian: Denise, kicks it. Gets the exact yardage needed to win!

[The crowd cheers]

Sarah: OH NO! I lost! I lost! [gets upset]

Ian: And the judge's arms are up and he's bringing out the chains.

Don: Sarah looking very upset. She thought she lost. But Cody tapped her on the shoulder as they look at the officials measuring the distance.

[The officials measure the distance]

Ian: Look at this.

Don: Uh-oh.

Ian: A link short? Inches short?

Don: Oh my goodness.

Sarah: Please be short. Please be short.

[The judges place a notecard on the bottom of the chain]

Ian: Can he put a card in between it?

[The referee marks it "Short"]

Judge: 49 feet, 11 inches!

Ian: Sarah wins it by one inch!

[Sarah squeals and hugs her mother]

Ian: How close can you get!?

Don: We've seen first downs marked short and by one inch.

Ian: So Sarah is going to the Mega Bowl and is guaranteed a $1,000 savings bond!


[On the day after the regional competition]

Miss Love: Glad to be back with you. Did you all had a wonderful weekend?

Class: Yes!

Miss Love: I think this is the time of day to make a very special announcement and news to tell you. On yesterday's Punt, Pass and Kick regional competition in the Enchanted Valley. Sarah got a score of 153 points. Cody scored 102. But a canary named Denise matched Sarah's score but watched what happened...?

[A replay of said scene is shown]

Miss Love: Sarah won the regional by one inch!

[The class gives Sarah a standing ovation]

Miss Love: Sarah will be leaving in a week to go to Nanami for the National Championship where she can win a $5,000 savings bond!


[At the beach in Nanami, Sarah practices with Dennis. Sarah then removes the sand off of her mother's stomach (bikini) and places the ball on her middle.]

Dennis: Sarah, did you place that ball on your Mommy's belly?

[Suddenly, Bruce appears]

Bruce: A belly is not a tee.

Sarah: Hiya, Bruce!

Bruce: Put er there, Sarah. [high fives Sarah] Training for the championship?

Sarah: Yeah! I am so excited!

Bruce: You see the belly is not a tee. [shows Sarah a tee] This kicking tee is used for the kicking of the football. [puts the tee on the sand and places the ball on it] Now you kick it. [runs to the ocean]

[Sarah walks far away from the umbrella and kicks the ball landing it on the ocean]

Dennis: That was quite a kick.

Sarah: Can I please practice with Bruce, Daddy? Please?

Dennis: Yeah.

Sarah: [rubs her father's stomach] Thank you, Daddy!

Dennis: [laughs] You're making me lay down on the sand.

[Sarah then kisses her mother's stomach and walks to Bruce]


[Sarah punts the ball and it landed on the ocean but as she and Bruce attempt to get the ball, a big wave wipes them away]

Sarah and Bruce: HELP! HELP!

[Dennis wakes up and sees the action]

Dennis: Huh? [presses Stacy's stomach] Stacy?

Stacy: [wakes up] What?

Dennis: Sarah's being wiped out!

Stacy: Don't worry, Sarah! I'm on my way! [dives into the ocean and swims towards Sarah and Bruce. She then catches the two and swims back to shore. She then kisses Sarah's stomach and Sarah then wakes up]

Sarah: Mommy?

Stacy: Sarah, you're alive! [kisses Sarah's stomach again and Sarah then rubs her mother's stomach]

Bruce: We've had a big survival for a wipeout!

Sarah: I think I am ready for tomorrow!

Stacy: Speaking of tomorrow, we better head back to the hotel. The sun is starting to set.

Bruce: I'll be watching you on TV, Sarah!

[Sarah kisses her mother's stomach]


[At the National Championship, Sarah's turn]

Joe: Last one on deck is Sarah, vixen from Chucklewood born in Silver Creek Valley. Reached the championship by one inch in the northern regionals. She needs to beat 142 to win.

[Sarah punts the ball]

Joe: Low snap, punts it!

[The officials measure the distance...]

Joe: 65 feet!

[Sarah throws the ball]

Joe: 27 feet, giving her a score of 92. $5,000 is riding on this punt.

Troy: If Sarah makes the kick and gets at least 41 feet, she'll make history as being the first vixen in four decades to win this competition and Chucklewood's first ever Punt, Pass and Kick winner.

Joe: We spoke to her folks prior to the contest and she spent half a week practicing on the beach.

Troy: Yeah, Bruce of the Orcas is watching this from upstairs along with Sarah's folks. Bruce is an old friend of Sarah.

[As the officials set the tee up and blows the whistle]

Joe: For $5,000,....

[Sarah runs and kicks the ball getting enough yards to win]

Joe: 41.....

Troy: It's close!

[Officials measure it]


[Sarah squeals and celebrates with her family]

The Snowfall

[Snow Resort]

[Stacy and Dennis shows Sarah a chair lift]

Sarah: What's that?

Dennis: This is a ski chair lift, we're going to go way up on the hill to where we will be sliding down the hill.

Stacy: It is faster than walking up.


[Dennis pushes the snow tube and Sarah slides down the hill. Dennis skis down the hill. Stacy begins to slide down the slope when suddenly, she wiped out.]

Sarah: [giggles] That was fun!

Dennis: Let’s do it again.

[Suddenly, they see a rescue team going up the hill and they hear Stacy groaning]

Dennis: Oh no!

Sarah: Mommy!

[They follow the rescue team to Stacy]

Stacy: [groaning] Oh dear! My ankle!

Dennis: Looks like you’ve twisted your ankle.

Stacy: Yes.

Sarah: Oh my! What happened, Mommy?

Stacy: I was skiing down the slopes and I wiped out.

Dennis: Oh dear.

[Hotel Room]

[A medic bandages Stacy’s ankle and gives her crutches]

Medic: Looks like you’re going to be laid up for awhile.


Sarah: What are we gonna do without mommy, daddy?

Dennis: How about skating. Ice skating to be exact.

Sarah: ...


[Interstitial segment]

Sarah: Putting snow on my belly makes me giggle and shiver. It's a fun way to wake up a critter during the winter. And I am about to do that on mommy. [walks to her mother's bed] First, you pull the bed sheets off. Then you lift the pajamas up until the belly is revealed. [lifts up her mother's pajamas showing only her middle] And finally, you put snow or an ice cube on that little round circle on the belly.

[She puts snow on her mother's middle. Just then, Stacy giggles and wakes up and sees snow on her stomach.]

Stacy: [giggles] Sarah!

Sarah: Good morning, mommy.


[At Sarah's cave, Bearbette and Frisky are about to give Sarah a surprise.]

Bearbette: Sarah, do me a favor. Change into your pajamas please.

Sarah: What!? It's not bedtime yet!

Frisky: Come on, Sarah.

Sarah: [sighs] Okay!

[She runs into her bedroom and changes into her pajamas]

Frisky: What are we gonna do?

Bearbette: Something we have never done on her belly before.

[Sarah returns]

Sarah: I am back.

Bearbette: Lay down on the couch.

[Sarah lays down on the couch. Frisky then lifts up Sarah's pajamas to expose her stomach. She softly presses it which Sarah giggles]

Frisky: Ready?

Bearbette: Ready.

[Bearbette and Frisky alternate kissing Sarah's middle 100 times who giggles excitedly]

Sarah: [giggles] Why are you giving me kisses on my belly for?

[After Frisky gives the 100th belly kiss]

Frisky: In honor of the 100th Day of School, we gave you 100 belly kisses.

[She goes into the bathroom and grabs a can of shaving cream. She draws "100" on Sarah's stomach.]

Frisky: Can you read what's on your belly?

Sarah: [giggles] 100. Can you and Bearbette lay down?

[Bearbette and Frisky lay down. Sarah then lift up their shirts to expose their stomachs. She then draws "100" with shaving cream on both of their stomachs.]


Dennis: Sarah, what did you do to my shaving cream?

When I Grow Up

Miss Love: Hello, kids. We are in the month of March, three-quarters into the school year and it's almost time to plan our field trips. And I am going to need your help. I want you to send me places that we would want to go. We've already been to the farm, the fire house and the doctor's office. We want to go to places that you have been on your class field trips. Anywhere! Enter online at and follow the simple directions. In the month of May, we will draw five places at random and if we go to your location on air, you will get a Sarah plush-toy. [shows said toy] You can rub Sarah's belly right at the comfort of your home just like you saw. [points to the middle] Oh and don't forget to kiss that little circle on her. So once again, go to and give us your places where we want to go and you could rub Sarah's belly at home. All entries must be received by April 17th. Lots of time to think about. Many will enter, five will win. Oh, and ask a grown-up's permission before going online.




Stranger Trouble

[Critter Mall]

[At the phone store, Thippy runs over to the the checkout counter, where he interrupts his parents]

Clerk: So that [the phone and the plan] would be $563.43. Would that be check or charge?

Bluebell: That would be charge. [takes out her credit card from her purse]

Thippy: Mommy! Daddy! Look it! Look it!

Bluebell: Not now, Thippy.

Thippy: Sarah and Lisa talked to strangers.

Skipper: WHAT!? Bluebell, wait here. I'll be right back.

[He and Thippy run over to the girls]

Sarah: What is your favorite flavor?

Man: Chocolate and Vanilla mixed together.

Lisa: Mmmm. That's delicious!

[Suddenly, the girls' tails got pulled by Skipper and Thippy]

Thippy: Lisa, Sarah, stop doing that!

Lisa: Stop what?

Thippy: Talking to strangers. It's not a good idea.

Sarah: What's the big deal? Why shouldn't we talk to strangers?

Lisa: Is there harm?

Skipper: Come with me to the food court. We'll have a talk about this.

[At the food court...]

Skipper: So Thip, you saw the girls talking to strangers.

Thippy: Yes.

Skipper: The reason you kids shouldn't talk to strangers is really dangerous. I happen to know a song I use to sing when I was a very young critter around your age. This is very good advice for all of you.

[sings The Stranger Song from Barney and Friends]

Never talk to strangers.

It's very good advice.

People just can't tell if they're good or bad.

Even through they may seem nice.

Even through they may seem nice.

Don't get in their car.

Don't take anything from them.

Just turn around and walk away.

Go back and tell a grown-up, now.

Go back and tell a grown-up, now.

[not singing] Does that make sense?

Sarah: Yes, sir.

Bluebell: [food bags in her hand] It's very dangerous to talk to strangers. If you do, many things can happen.


[While a clip from Miss Love's Book of Fairy Tales: Little Red Riding Hood is shown]

Miss Love: Earlier this season, the class presented their own version of Little Red Riding Hood. This talks about not talking about strangers. Remember the song Skipper sang to Sarah and Lisa after talking to a strangers? Let me sing you about it again. And this time, I'll let the adults sing along.

[sings The Stranger Song from Barney and Friends]

Never talk to strangers.

It's very good advice. (Mr. Mabor: That's right.)

People just can't tell if they're good or bad. (Stacy: How?)

Even through they may seem nice. (Dennis: So nice.)

Even through they may seem nice.

Don't get in their car. (Bearbette and Frisky: No way!)

Don't take anything from them. (LeMar: N-O!)

Just turn around and walk away. (Drew: Yes, ma'am!)

Go back and tell a grown-up, now. (Theodore: Yeah!)

Go back and tell a grown-up, now.

Never talk to strangers.

It's very good advice. (Jester: Uh-huh.)

People just can't tell if they're good or bad.

Even through they may seem nice. (Skipper: So nice.)

Even through they may seem nice.

Don't get in their car. (Bluebell: No! No!)

Don't take anything from them. (Alvin: No ma'am!)

Just turn around and walk away. (Theodore: Yes, ma'am!)

Go back and tell a grown-up, now. (Drew and LeMar: Oh, yeah!)

Go back and tell a grown-up, now.

Don't get in their car. (Skipper and Bluebell: No! No!)

Don't take anything from them. (Alvin and Theodore: No ma'am!)

Just turn around and walk away. (Stacy and Dennis: Yes, ma'am!)

Go back and tell a grown-up, now. (Jester and Jonah: That's right.)

Go back and tell a grown-up, now.


[In Cody's room, Sarah and Cody play Memory Match]

Cody: [turns a card] Cloth button.

Sarah: Looks like a bellybutton, or the Sarah spot.

Cody: [turns another card] Cloth button. That's a match! [takes two matched cards]

Sarah: [turns a card] Horse. [turns another card] Cat.

Cody: No match. My turn. [turns a card] Cat. I think I remember where a cat...

[Footsteps are approaching]

Sarah: What's that? An earthquake?!

Cody: Worse. It's poppa! Climbing the stairs.

Sarah: Stomping along the hall.

[Pounding is heard on the door, the door opens to reveal Alvin]

Cody: Pop?

[Alvin growls at the couple, he then walks around Cody's messy room. He goes inside the closet and sees cobwebs everywhere. He then looks at Cody's model airplane, which is covered in cobwebs]

Alvin: Pretty nice collection of cobwebs and spiders you got here.

Cody: They are. They eaten the ants they come in for food crumbs.

Alvin: Pretty clever. Isn't it hard to get around in this mess?

Sarah: Not really. [ballets around the floor]

Alvin: And where do you do you lay your clothes.

Cody: I hang them around the room.

Alvin: Impressive. This is the most impressive mess I have ever seen! The disgusting mess is known to critters! I demand the number one messy room in all of Chucklewood! I am not gonna take it any longer! I've had it! No more Mr. Nice Guy! [he slams his foot down and stomps on a bottle of toothpaste]

Sarah: YUCK!

Cody: You really had the perfect right to put your foot down in my toothpaste.

Alvin: THAT DOES IT!!! You two have made a mess! If you two want to go out for dinner tonight. I want this room to be cleaned up in exactly twenty minutes!

Sarah and Cody: Twenty minutes!?


[While mowing the lawn, Alvin's watch beeps]

Alvin: 20 Minutes. Time's up.

[He marches to the room and sees Sarah and Cody cleaned up the room]

Sarah and Cody: Ta-da!

Alvin: I can see the floor.

Cody: Yeah, I can get around without a Pogo-stick.

Alvin: With the floor clean, you can actually open the closet.

Cody: No, pop! Don't open the....

[Alvin opens the door and things fall on him]

Cody: ...door.

Alvin: Come to the living room you two! We're gonna have a talk.

[Living Room]

Alvin: Do you see the mess you made in the closet, Cody? I can injure myself. And you two made a mess in the closet. [grabs a storage box] Here's a very good way to organize better. These are storage bins.

Sarah: Storage bins?

Alvin: These will help you organize your things better and you'll have less clutter.

Cody: Okay. Shall we clean up the closet?

Sarah: Of course.

Alvin: I'll be back in an hour to see how you're doing. Right now, pop is gonna mow the lawn some more.


Stop, Look, and Listen

Roger: Okay, Julie. Now go across the street to the post office and mail that letter. You think you can do it?

Julie: Yes, Pop.

[Julie walks across the street and puts the letter in the slot. She then runs across the street when just then a car approaches her and quickly finishes crossing.]

Roger: JULIE! [grabs her by the collar] Did you know what you've done!? You've almost got yourself hit by that car!

Julie: But running across the street is fun.

Roger: It's not fun to cross the street like that! You can get hurt!


[Antonia sees her son on cement]

Antonia: OH NO! ED! [runs near her] Ed, how did you get in here?

Ed: I was wandering on the streets! And I landed in this sticky stuff. I am stuck!

Antonia: I've got to get some help! [runs around the street] HELP!!! MY SON IS STUCK!!! HELP!!!



Anne: Oh boy!

Marie: The supermarket!

Olivia: I got the shopping list right here, girls!

Anne: Is there milk?

Olivia: Yes.

Marie: Cookies.

Olivia: Ummm. Nope. No cookies.

Anne and Marie: But we really want cookies!

Olivia: No cookies on the list.

[As the three enter the supermarket...]

Olivia: Remember, we are buying groceries. That's all. So no asking for toys or treats. Is that understood?

[She looks around]

Olivia: Huh? [looks around again] Uh-oh.

[She sees the twins look at a giant cookie display]

Anne: Wow! Cookies!

Marie: There's sugar, chocolate, vanilla.

Anne: And even lemon.

[Olivia clears her throat]

Marie: I want a sugar cookie!

Anne: I want a chocolate cookie!

Olivia: No. We are here to buy groceries only! No treats!

[The twins then follow Olivia around the store. While Olivia is at the Dairy department, the twins sees a display of giant balls]

Anne: [grabs a ball and bounces it] WOW! Neat!

Marie: [does the same thing] Whoa! Bounce! Bounce! Bounce!

[The twins bounce the balls and Olivia stops them]

Anne and Marie: Can we have a ball?

Olivia: Now listen, girls. It's not your birthday. It's not Christmas. Now put these balls back!

[At the checkout counter, the twins see a display of rubber ducks. The sign display says $1.]

Anne: Look! We need a new rubber duck.

Marie: They have very different colors.

Anne: There's red, yellow, orange, blue, green. The colors of the rainbow.

[Anne grabs a orange one, Marie grabs a green one. They are stopped by their mother.]

Olivia: Now hold on you two. We didn't come here to buy toys.

Anne: But that's when we are getting to buy groceries. We're finished now.

Marie: And look at those rubber ducks. [squeezes a duck]

Anne and Marie: Please? Please? Please?

[Olivia pauses for a few seconds and takes out $2 from her purse]

Anne and Marie: Thanks, Mama.

[Platypus Mound]

[In the living room, Olivia talks to the twins]

Olivia: Girls, let me tell you something. There are more important things in this world than getting as many treats in this world as you can get this hand on. Greedy young critters who can only think of themselves can never really be happy. Do you know why?

Anne and Marie: No.

Olivia: Because you cannot have everything you want in life all the time. Do you understand?

[Anne and Marie think for a few seconds]

Anne and Marie: Yes.

Olivia: And furthermore, it's good to think about other sometimes instead of just yourselves.

Anne: Okay.

Marie: We will.

[Archery club, Sarah and Dennis walk past a lake]

Sarah: Look, Daddy! A lake.

Dennis: Yes, Sarah, a lake.

Sarah: Can I go swimming there? Can I? Can I? Can I?

Dennis: No, Sarah. That lake is used for fishing only.

Sarah: WHAT!? I want to go swimming there!

[Dennis drags Sarah]

Dennis: Come on, Sarah! Enough!

[In the clubhouse, after shooting his last bow, Dennis takes off all the arrows off the target and puts his archery gear away. He then turns around only to find Sarah gone]

Dennis: Sarah?

[He looks around]

Dennis: Sarah? [starts walking] That girl is gonna get grounded.

[He walks down past the archery room and sees Sarah splashing herself at the lake laughing. Dennis pulls Sarah away.]

Dennis: I thought I told you to never play in that lake!

Sarah: Cause the fishes were fun.

Dennis: Well, young lady. When we get home, we're gonna have a serious talk.

[Sarah's Cave]

Dennis: Greedy young critters like you can't get things what they wanted like for instance, you wanted to swim in the lake. But that lake is off limits to swimming. Only for fishing. Do you understand?

Sarah: Yes, sir.

Dennis: The places you can swim are the swimming pool, Chucklewood Lake and Thippy's swimming hole. The places you cannot swim are places that are marked for fishing only or dangerous areas like fast rivers. Now go to your room.


[The next morning, Sarah sees her mother in her bikini packing up]

Sarah: Good morning, Mommy!

Stacy: Good morning, Sarah!

Sarah: Hey, why are in your bathing suit?

Stacy: I am going to the beach to train rookie lifeguards.

Sarah: Can I go to the beach with you? Can I? Can I?

Stacy: No, Sarah. This is a Mommy-only trip.

Sarah: No!? I want to go the beach! PLEASE!

Stacy: Sarah, the answer is "No!"

Sarah: But I really-really want to go to the beach! [pounds on the floor and throws a tantrum] I want to go to the beach! PLEASE!

Stacy: Sarah! Sarah! Stop it!

[Her calls for attention ignore Sarah as she continues to pound the floor]


Stacy: [slaps her daughter in the back] SARAH!

[Sarah gets up and looks at her mother]

Sarah: Yes, Mommy?

Stacy: Listen, I am going to the beach. But it is not a family vacation like we usually do. It's a business trip. A Mommy-only trip. Business trips are not for little girls or boys. It's for grown-ups alone and they cannot take young critters with them.

Sarah: I didn't know that.

Stacy: We'll go to the beach together another time. Look, I spoke to Frisky. She'll be here in a moment. You and her are gonna have lots of fun together.

Sarah: Yes, Mom.

Stacy: [looks at her watch] Oh! I best be off. Look, Frisky will be here momentarily.

[She lifts up Sarah's pajamas and kisses her middle and Sarah giggles. Sarah then rubs her mother's middle with her nose and kisses it]

Stacy: [giggles] Have a good day! I'll see you later!


Sarah: Hi, Frisky.

Frisky: Hi, Sarah. How are you?

Sarah: Very sad.

Frisky: Oh, I see.

Sarah: Mommy had to go on a business trip to the beach. I wanted to go but she said “no.”

Frisky: There are some things that you can't get what you always want. So calm down for a few minutes and you'll feel better.

Sarah: Okay.

[Sarah goes to her bedroom and lays down. A few minutes later, Frisky enters the room.]

Frisky: Are you okay, Sarah?

Sarah: Yes.

Frisky: So what do you want to do today?

Sarah: Can we go to the lake?

[Frisky pauses for a few seconds and lifts up Sarah's pajamas and kisses her middle. Sarah giggles and she lifts up Frisky's shirt and kisses her middle.]

Sarah: I'll take that as a yes!

[At the lake, Sarah and Frisky rub stomachs at each other.]

Frisky: Oooh. My belly needed a massage.

Sarah: And now you're gonna go in the water! [pushes Frisky in the back into the lake]

Frisky: What!?

[Sarah giggles and Frisky presses Sarah's stomach and dunks her into the lake. The two then splash at each other.]


Miss Love: We are getting closer and closer to our field trip episodes. And I have received over a million ideas for possible suggestions for our field trips and we want to thank you for taking part in this contest. Later on, we will be announcing the five winners who will each receive a Sarah plush toy. [shows said toy] You will have the chance to rub Sarah's belly at the comfort of your home and don't forget to press that little round spot. That's the Sarah spot. So keep watching the show to see if you're one of the lucky viewers who will a plush.

[The real Sarah appears]

Sarah: Hey, Miss Love. That plush looks like me!

Miss Love: Yes!

[She lifts up Sarah's dress and presses her middle who giggles]

Sarah: You need to rub my belly first before you can kiss the Sarah spot.

Miss Love: Okay!

[She rubs Sarah's stomach]


The Restaurant

Miss Love: Do you know what a restaurant is?

[The class silently pauses]

Miss Love: A restaurant is a place where people buy their breakfast, lunch or dinner. Have you ever been in a restaurant?

[The class nods their heads]

Miss Love: Today, I will take you to a restaurant where I often go for lunch while you play in the playground. And they make very good food. The staff there is very friendly.


Water, Water, Everywhere

[As the class sits on the rug, Miss Love (maillot) enters]

Miss Love: Good morning!

Class: Good morning!

[Ed mistakes Miss Love's swimsuit for her undergarments]

Ed: Miss Love, where are your clothes?

Miss Love: [chuckles] Ed, this is not my underwear. It's my swimsuit.

Ed: Did you went for a swim in the morning in the river?

Miss Love: No, Ed. It's too cold to swim in the river at this time of the year. The reason I'm wearing my swimsuit is that on Friday, we are going to the water park.

Class: A water park?

Miss Love: It's a theme park that has all water activities. We will be going there to learn about the science, engineering and mathematics of running a water park. Afterwards, we will be having lots of fun by spending a day there. We will be going swimming, riding water slides and there's even a lazy river.

Anne: Lazy River?

Julie: You mean you relax on a river?

Miss Love: Yes. Unlike our river in Chucklewood, the lazy river is a pool where it drifts very slowly and it loops around the park. You can be either in or out of a tube. Keep in mind, the dress code for Swim Day is enforced for this field trip. That means girls, one piece bathing suits only!

[As she walks to her bedroom, Sarah raises her hand]

Sarah: Miss Love?

Miss Love: Sarah?

Sarah: Is the water temperature warm?

Miss Love: Of course, Sarah. If you swim in Chucklewood Lake, the water temperature is cold. You can be a critter-cicle. But in the water park, it's always warm. The same temperature as the gym pool.

[She goes into her bedroom to change her clothes]

Lisa: When I went swimming with Sarah at her mother's work, the temperature is very warm.


[Miss Love relaxes on the Lazy River]

Brock: Look! There's Miss Love.

Susan: She's relaxing.

Julie: Let's give her a big surprise.

Thippy: How?

Sarah: Should we press her belly?

Lisa: How about we tip her raft over?

Ed: Yes. Let's tip her!

[The six swim to Miss Love's raft. As they approach the waterfall, they tip her over.]

Miss Love: [laughs] Kids!

[She and the class splash at each other.]


Safety Rules!

[Cold Open]

[Original Broadcast]

Sully: Hey, everybody! Don't touch that remote. Do not attempt to go outside!

Burble: Miss Love has invited us over to the school today. We're gonna teach you something very important today. Afterwards, we have a special message for you. Enjoy the show!

[Burble lifts up Kitty's shirt and presses her stomach]

Kitty: Burble, does my belly look like Sarah's?

[They all laugh]



Sully: Hey, everybody! Miss Love has invited us over to the school today.

Burble: We're gonna teach you something very important today.

Kitty: So do not go outside, turn off the TV, nor change the channel. This is something very important!

[Burble lifts up Kitty's shirt and presses her stomach]

Kitty: Burble, does my belly look like Sarah's?

[They all laugh]


Miss Love: I hope you all had a good weekend. Today, we have six very special guests who are going to teach you all about safety. [shows pictures of guests] This is Sully the sea lion. Kitty the cat. Burble the polar bear. Squeeky the mouse. Gabriela the hummingbird. And Burt the turtle. Together, these six are known as the Danger Rangers.

Class: Danger Rangers?

Miss Love: Yes.

Lisa: Are they superheroes who can help save the day?

Miss Love: Yes, Lisa. They teach children about safety through examples. And I have invited them over to the school today.

[The doorbell rings]

Miss Love: Oh. That could be them right now. [walks up to the window] It's them! [opens the door]

Sully: Yo! Miss Love!

Miss Love: Sully!

[The rest of the Danger Rangers enter]



Sully: I'm Sully, the team captain of the Danger Rangers. This pink cat is Kitty. She is the brains of the group.

Kitty: Thank you, Sully. To my right is the practical joker of the group, Burble.

Burble: The biggest of the group. This little guy next to me is Squeeky.

Squeeky: I'm working here! I am also the loudest of the group. The red bird on my right is the Head Safety Trainer of the group, Gabriela.

Gabriela: You can sometimes call me, GB. And last but certainly not least, a turtle. The personal safety expert of the group, Burt.

Burt: Safety is our number one concern.

Gabriela: We are glad to meet you.

Sully: So, why are we called Danger Rangers?

Burble: 'Cause we teach children around the world about safety through examples, such as environmental hazards and unsafe places.

Kitty: Today, we will teaching you some of the safety tips you learned throughout your time at school.

Squeeky: Cause remember...

All: Safety Rules!



Burble: You know, one day, me and Kitty went to get some ice cream. But then, we saw a kid walking down the street and talking to a man. The man was feeding pigeons. And then, Kitty witnessed this in event and she said to me that he is talking to a stranger.

Kitty: We know strangers are dangerous people who may seem nice or someone you do not know.

[A clip from Stranger Trouble is shown]

Kitty: In this example, Sarah and Lisa talked to a man about his favorite flavors of ice cream. Thippy pulled their tails away and talked to a stranger.

Sully: Sometimes strangers may ask you to take you out to ice cream, movie or make some money. If you ever see a stranger, observe the following rules:

Squeeky: 1. Don't get into a vehicle. 2. Don't take anything from them. Whether it's their keys, cell phone or toys. 3. Don't talk to a stranger. If you're able to obey those rules, tell a grown up right away.

Kitty: Strangers are not good people. Even though they may seem nice.



Sully: Do you know what this is?

[Carlos raises his hand]

Carlos: A watch?

Sully: Well, it's not actually a watch. This is a SAVO watch.

Kitty: The Safety Alert Vectometer. This watch is what we use to communicate with each other. It looks like a watch in that it is worn on the wrist, but it acts as a walkie-talkie, as when one Ranger uses it, whomever he or she calls, or whoever is calling him or her is displayed on live video on it. 

Gabriela: This watch can be used to check the time and weather just like a real watch.

Burble: Whenever a Danger Alert happens, SAVO will beep and he will announce "Danger Alert! Danger Alert!"


[Road Safety]

Kitty: Have you kids have trouble crossing the street?

[Ed raises his hand]

Ed: I had. I was wandering off the street and fell into cement.

[Clips from Stop, Look and Listen are shown]

Julie: And I was nearly got hit by a car.

[Back to the classroom]

Sully: You should never cross into the street when cars are zooming by.

Squeeky: You got to look both ways and listen.

[Burble demonstrates]

Gabriela: This is the correct procedure to cross the street. Especially when you're riding a bike or skateboard. Always look out for cars, buses, trucks and moving vehicles.

[Viewer Viewer shows a traffic light]

Kitty: This is a traffic light. This is a signal to indicate cars when to stop and when to move.

[The traffic light shows green]

Burt: The green light means you can go ahead.

[The traffic light turns yellow]

Burt: Whenever the light goes from green to yellow, it tells you to be prepared to stop. The red light will soon appear.

[The traffic light turns red]

Burt: And the light is red. Red means stop. You do not move at all.

Sully: It's important that you obey the lights when you're walking, driving or riding.

Burble: In some cases, instead of traffic lights you might see a stop sign. [shows class said sign] Unlike a traffic light, when you see this stop sign. You might stop and look both ways. When the road is clear, you can go.

Kitty: So let's review: Green means go, yellow means get ready, red mean stop! Can you try it?

Class: Green means go, yellow means get ready, red means stop!

Kitty: One more time.

Class: Green means go, yellow means get ready, red means stop!

Kitty: Very good. Let's review.

[The Danger Rangers sing the first verse of Use That Crosswalk]

Burble: Do you all ride bikes?


[Clips from Wild Wheels are shown]

Burble: A long time ago...


[During recess time on the playground, Anne and Marie climb the monkey bars but they fall down. Simon spins the Merry-Go-Round very fast causing Susan to get off and fall down. Ed slides down the slide but collides Julie. Meanwhile, inside the school, as the Danger Rangers were just finishing eating lunch with Miss Love. They hear screaming.]

Miss Love: [gasps] Oh no! The class!

[Sully and Burble look outside the window and saw the Merry-Go-Round continues spinning, Ed still collided with Julie and a fallen down Anne and Marie]

Burble: I think we better teach the class an important song about playground safety.

[Miss Love and the Danger Rangers head outside]

Kitty: Class, what's going on?

Julie: Ed, collided me when I was sliding down.

Burble: Hmm. [walks to Susan] Susan, what went wrong?

Susan: Simon spun the Merry-Go-Round too fast and I fell off.

Squeeky: [walks to Anne and Marie both are crying] Fallen off the jungle gym?

Anne: Yes.

Sully: I guess there is a major problem with playground safety.

Miss Love: Luckily, there is no trace of damage.

[Gabriela bandages Anne and Marie, the class gathers around the sandbox]

Kitty: You see just what happened earlier. There is a lot of major accidents that happened. Whether you're playing on a playground at school or in the park, always observe these major rules.

[The Danger Rangers perform When You're Coming Down That Slide]

Burt: The better you follow the rules, the safer you'll play.

Gabriela: And you'll have less injuries.

Sully: Let's go back into the school.


[Water Safety]

Sully: You kids all have swim days with Mr. Jester.

Class: Yes!

Sully: Who in the class are good swimmers?

[Most of the class raises their hands]

Burble: Sometimes weak or non-swimmers always wear life jackets. Usually, you wear a life jacket when you're riding on a boat. In most cases, you wear one to go swimming.

[Viewer Viewer shows a picture of Alisha (a yellow bear cub wearing a pink bikini)]

Gabriela: This is Alisha. She didn't know how to swim at first. Though she knew certain water safety rules.

[Clips from the Danger Rangers episode Wet and Wild are shown]

Squeeky: She used to be frightened by my loud introduction. But then I gave her swimming lessons. Matter of fact, here is a quick refresher on how to swim and pool safety.

[He and the rest of the rangers perform a medley of Learn to Swim and You Got To Think Of Everyone Else]

Kitty: We know your swimming pool at the gym is indoors but when you go outside to go swimming, riding a bike or laying down in the sun on hot summer days. It would be wise to wear these things and protect your eyes. What are they called?

[Sarah raises her hand]

Kitty: Sarah?

Sarah: Sunglasses!

Kitty: Of course!

Burble: And in addition, what type of cream you need to wear when you're going out in the sun?

[Lisa raises her hand]

Burble: Lisa?

Lisa: Suntan Lotion!

Burt: Yes!

Gabriela: Suntan Lotion. Also called sunblock. [shows class a bottle of suntan lotion] You need to wear this throughout your body and your face to stay protected. Always reapply after every two hours of outdoor exposure.

Burble: And always drink lots of water to keep yourself cool.

Sully: The safer you follow these rules, the more you will be protected from the sun.



Burt: Have you kids ever dialed wrong numbers sometimes?

[The class reacts]

Burt: You know you have numbers to call your friends, grandmas, grandpas or cousins. But, the most important number to call in case of an emergency is 9-1-1.

Kitty: 9-1-1.

Gabriela: If there is an big emergency going on like a fire, earthquake or a major injury always go to a neighbors house or use your cell phone if needed and call 9-1-1.

Burble: 9-1-1 is not a number for fun. It's only for an emergency.

[The Danger Rangers sing 911]

[Burble demonstrates a smoke detector]

Burble: Do you know what this is?

[Marie raises her hand]

Marie: A smoke detector?

Burble: Yes, a smoke detector. Sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night and the smoke detector goes off. [demonstrates the smoke detector beeping, Sarah, Cody and Lisa cover their ears] Loud isn't it? Well, when you hear that loud noise. It indicates there's smoke coming from here.

Kitty: And what does smoke come from?

[Cody raises his hand]

Cody: Fire.

Kitty: Yes. Fire is another part of an emergency disaster.


Burt: If you see matches on a table, do not touch! If you see candles burning, don't touch! Never play with matches.

Squeeky: Fire is very dangerous.


Burble: Emergencies can be when a fire breaks out or a big storm causes flooding.

Kitty: Like a thunderstorm or hurricane.

Gabriela: Emergencies can be earthquakes or tornadoes or any problem the causes you to create a safety plan.

[Sully shows the class an emergency kit]

Sully: And you can't have an emergency without this! An emergency kit! This kit includes a flashlight, a radio, a blanket and a first-aid kit.

Kitty: But that's not all, you need to have food and water. And extra batteries, just in case they died.

Sully: Always remember to check every six months to make sure everything stays good!

Burble: It's very important to have a kit like that. You will never know what an emergency would happen.

Sully: Let's go to the Do and Learn Center. We are about to play a safety game so you can be Danger Ranger Ready!

[The class heads to the Do and Learn center.]



Sully: I can see it's almost time to us to go.

Kitty: And for you, going home.

[The Danger Rangers theme begins playing]

Burt: I know that each of you will be Danger Ready for challenges that lie ahead.

Kitty: Remember: [singing] With all the things that can hurt you, on whom can you depend?

Sully: A street, a pool, a dangerous tool or riding home on your bike.

Squeeky: It's up to you. What do you do? Who you gonna be like?

All Danger Rangers: Like the Danger Rangers.

Gabriela: Of course we are!

Burt: It's nothing more to being cool...

Gabriela: than being safe 'cause...

All Danger Rangers: SAFETY RULES!

[During the credits...]

Sully: Hey, Junior Danger Rangers! For more safety tips and to watch episodes of our show, visit our YouTube channel by clicking on the link at

Burt: Download an activity guide for parents and teachers discussing the topics taught on today's show and more!

[Original Broadcast]

Gabriela: And here's something special for you...

Burble: We will be starring in the first of a new direct-to-video series starring Buttons and Rusty very soon!

Squeeky: That takes place when they were young!

Kitty: Stay tuned!

All Rangers: This has been a Chucklewood Production! Safety rules!


Kitty: This program is a co-production of Chucklewood Productions and Mighty Kids Media which are solely responsible for its content. And is made possible in part by the National Science Foundation: Where Discoveries Begin.

Burble: And by the American Red Cross: Helping People to Save Lives around the world.

Sully: Series funding for Sarah's School Days is provided by The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations...

Squeeky: The Carnegie Corporation of New York.

Gabriela: These other funders.

Burt: The Corporation for Public Broadcasting. And contributions to your PBS station from Viewers Like You.

All Rangers: Safety rules!

The Picnic

Miss Love: Have you kids ever heard about rabbits being punished by good people?


Miss Love: Well, this is a story about a bunny who harassed a field of critters. In which the rabbit is punished by a good fairy.

[She takes two puppets with a rabbit on her left hand and a fairy on her right hand]

[singing] Little Bunny Foo Foo

Hopping through the forest,

Scooping up the critters,

[bops Cody's head] and bopping them on the head.

[not singing] Down came the Good Fairy, and she said...

[showing the fairy puppet] Little Bunny Foo Foo,

I don't want to see you,

Scooping up the critters

and bopping them on the head.

[not singing] I'll give you three chances, If you don't behave, I'm gonna turn you into a goon!


Miss Love: And the moral of this story is "Hare today, goon tomorrow."


Singer: Let's go party down the beach all day!

[A horn honks]

Miss Love: I wonder who what might be?

[She walks outside and sees LeMar (wearing Hawaiian swimming trunks) in the back of the limo in a pool]

Miss Love: LeMar, what are you doing here?

LeMar: Need a lift?

Miss Love: LeMar, I'm so glad you're here. Our picnic is ruined.

LeMar: Well, I know a perfect place to make it up. Load up the class, please!

[His driver, Patrick, a weasel opens up the doors and the class goes inside the limo. The limo drives off to the beach. There, Sarah and Cody splash at each other. Lisa and Thippy chase each other. Susan and Brock build sandcastles. Anne and Marie bury each other on the sand.]

Miss Love: A picnic at the beach isn't exactly what I have planned.


Looking Ahead

Stacy: Today is Sarah's last day of school. After all those days of learning, she is starting to grow older. What shall I do to wake her up? [lifts up Sarah's pajamas] There's her belly. [points to her middle] Would I kiss that spot? [kisses Sarah's middle, Sarah softly giggles] Well, she giggled but she is not waking up. Maybe I'll press her belly. That's her wake up button. [rubs Sarah's stomach as she wakes up]

Sarah: [giggles] Last day of school! Last day of school!

[She presses her mother's middle]


Miss Love: Ed, what's your favorite memory?

Ed: I remember pulling you into the pool for our final swim day?

[A flashback sequence is shown]

Ed: [VO] And we all splashed you.

Miss Love: [VO] That reminds me of when we went to the water park when you interrupted my relaxation by tipping me over!

Carlos: I remember one day at the end of gym class, when we're getting ready to leave to head to the library, you were in your underwear.

[A clip from (....) is shown]

Miss Love: [laughs] I was in the hot tub and then after gym class, I came out and witnessed I'm in my undergarments.


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