Sanjay Patel (Mainstream)
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Television programs Duo-Franchise
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Other names
Personality Formerly: Insecure, feminine, cowardly (at times), fearful, lovelorn, delusional, stressed
Current: Maturing, determined, brave, heroic, selfless, accepting, loyal, honorable
Briefly: Determined, twisted, treacherous, anti-villainous, selfish, murderous, destructive, obsessive, paranoid, evil, vengeful, violent, deluded
Appearance Same as Prime Sanjay Patel
Occupation Best Friend (formerly)
Myles Bot Ally (formerly)
Extremist (formerly; undone)
Alignment Good/Neutral, briefly Bad
Goal Various goals that somewhat intersect with the series and the subsequent arcs (formerly)
To stop Kenny, save the planet from certain doom and avoid intersecting with his love life (formerly)
To kill Zachary and the Myles Bots when he thinks Zachary is his arch-enemy in disguise while seemingly avenging Craig's "death" (formerly)
Allies Zachary Delightful, Black Ranger, Will Turner, Yondu Udonta, Creek, Ono, Spider-Man Noir
Enemies Zachary Delightful, Black Ranger, Captain Underpants, Will Turner, Yondu Udonta, Creek, Duo-Franchise Perry the Platypus, Stephanie Delightful, Pat, Lars of the Stars (all briefly)
Likes Action, snakes
Dislikes Losing his best friend, Zachary Delightful (formerly)
Powers and abilities Stuntman skills, cunning, serpent skills (briefly)
Weapons Dark Magic Wand (briefly)
Fate Goes through another dimension with the main cast (within skits)
Is one of the few characters not to appear in the finale song (Dino Charge)
Is separated from his parents briefly and joins Craig in rebuilding Lundgren which has been destroyed in the aftermath of the Pahkitew Civil War (In Too Deep)
Is exiled from town with Craig and are trapped in the woods but survive (C.T.S. Part 1)
Joins the main cast and eventually becomes an official Myles Bot though defected immediately afterwards (C.T.S. Part 1)
Loses Craig in a schoolyard bet with his arch-enemy Leslie Noodman causing Sanjay to mistakenly believe that Zachary is him in disguise only for the team to undo the events that led to his extremist actions (S.E. 3)

Mainstream Sanjay Patel (briefly known as Splitwand) is a supporting character-turned final secondary antagonist of the Duo-Franchise continuity and the senary villain in the Myles Bots film. He is a mainstream character and Mainstream Craig's former best friends as well as a survivor of the Earth's destruction caused by Tatsu. When Noodman takes away Sanjay's friend and things go out of hand over time, Sanjay thinks Zachary is another one of Noodman's lies, a false identity he created for himself to deceive him. He is currently deceased during the Myles Bots' successful attempts to clear their name while the tween serves as the key to unlocking the team's future.


He appeared as a recurring character at first but became a main character through the use of the series' circumstances and other events such as the crumbling of Homebase. By Rigby's death, he participates in a schoolyard game but things go awry thanks to Noodman's apparent manipulation and frequent accusations caused by Rigby's assassination and he can only weep discreetly as he loses his best friend and to a minor extent his "gas". Sanjay's adorkable personality then completely vanished and is replaced with a rage as hot as the corona of the sun changing his mind about Zachary Delightful (the main protagonist of the Duo-Franchise). Thanks to Noodman, Sanjay no longer believes Zachary is related to Leslie Noodman in any way; he believes Zachary is Noodman, just wearing a new form and pretending to be someone else in order to get rid of him and him alone. The fallen teen also accuses a huge majority of Zachary's adoptive children of being monsters in disguise that were created through Chemical X. With that thought in mind, plus his rage at the teenagers for threatening his life, he becomes a villain and he orders a manhunt on Zachary Delightful and his sons therefore he is no longer considered a hero to the date. However, it was scrapped by his apparent shock and dismay towards Speed Killman. Sanjay's own transformation and tragic events were completely negated no thanks to the Myles Bots and is immediately not a man of animosity for the teenagers after they reset his mind and personality through time travel and showing more focus to King River's psychotic attempts to kill them. Tragically, his life was taken after the events that led to his death in Grimminance's hands and thus his extremist acts were demolished though at a serious cost.


Zachary Delightful

He's the villain. I'm the hero.

At first, Sanjay thought of Zachary as just a student and hero who showed up occasionally and breifly assumed that he was related to his arch-enemy Leslie Noodman. As of the three part mid-summer special Change Struck, he now thinks "Zachary" is one of Noodman's lies, a false identity Noodman created for himself to deceive children namely Sanjay and his friends and the teenager outright denies other people's knowledge of Zachary as the hero. Fortunately, this animosity didn't last long when River's grudge led to Zachary being completely erased from his mind as a villain though at the cost of Sanjay's own life.

The Myles Bots

Black Ranger

Sanjay and Black Ranger interacted a little prior to the former's defection and thus wasn't surpised when Sanjay declares a bounty on his father's head later being all the more shocked when the kid turned out to have been killed after Black Ranger's attempts to undo the extremist persona of Sanjay have succeeded.

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