Ideas for Samurai Pizza Cats episodes.

Season 2 (1991-1992) (Japan), (1991) (United States))

Under Construction

  1. Little Tokyo is Under Attack!: A mysterious scientist and main antagonist of the season, Dr. Purple, wants to be a ruler and replace with his own town but, The Pizza Cats saves the Little Tokyo and defeated Dr. Purple and his army.
  2. Pizza Cats vs. Hamburger Dogs: The Pizza Cats meet the Hamburger Dogs, a Dog version of Pizza Cats. So, Emperor Fred says that Pizza Cats will challenge the Hamburger Dogs. After challenging, the Pizza Cats win.
  3. Big Cheese's back: when big cheese returns to Little Tokyo to exact his revenge on the Pizza Cats, he allies himself with Dr. Purple to do it and together they create a robot not even the pizza cats could'nt defeat.
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