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Sagwa's Animal Adventures is a Disney Plus original series released in January 1, 2021. It was created by Amy Tan and Tano Disney. Sagwa Miao went to see Rafiki and he can gave magical superpowers called talking to aninmals magic. Rafiki gave Sagwa some powers and now she can talk to animals. Sagwa and her family goes on a worldwide adventure to see some animals and crossover characters. Sagwa had a pet chimpanzee Chip. Sagwa met new friends Oliver from Oliver and Company, Kimba from Kimba the White Lion, Rita and Runt from Animaniacs, Dinah from Alice in Wonderland, and Ed, Double D, and Eddy from Ed, Edd n Eddy. Sagwa rides on a Deborah Time Machine from Back to the Future to go back in time to talk some dinosaurs, woolly mammoths, dodos and other prehistoric animals. Sagwa can also talk to Bigfoot, Yeti, Loch Ness Monster, unicorns, dragons, griffins, phoenix, jackalopes, Jersey Devil, Chupacabra, Mothman and other creatures. Join Sagwa, Fu-Fu, Dongwa, Sheegwa, Mama, Baba and friends to an incredible animal adventure. Special thanks to TanoCat, Amy Tan and NaturalWorldLover.


The series focuses around a Siamese family of documentary filmmakers known as the Miaos, famous for their televised wildlife studies. It primarily centers on the family's younger daughter Sagwa, and her secret gift of being able to communicate with animals, which was bestowed upon her magic by Rafiki from The Lion King. The gift enabled her to talk to the Miaos' pet chimpanzee Chip. Together, the pair frequently venture through the wilderness, befriending many species of wild animals along the way or realizing moral truths and lessons through either their experiences or a particular animal species's lifestyle, or simply assisting the creatures, by which they become acquainted, in their difficulties.


  • Holly Gauthier-Frankel as Sagwa Miao
  • Rick Jones as Fu-Fu
  • Ethan Pugiotto as Dongwa Miao
  • Markeda McKay as Sheegwa Miao
  • Ellen David as Mama Miao
  • Arthur Holden as Baba Miao
  • Tano Disney as Chip, a chimpanzee and Sagwa's pet and sidekick
  • Iain Artimage as Oliver
  • Steven Curtis Chapman as Thomas O'Malley
  • Kaitlyn Robrock as Duchess
  • Tara Strong as Marie
  • Cree Summer as Toulouse
  • Nika Futterman as Berlioz
  • Hynden Walch as Dinah
  • Tara Jayne Sands as Kimba
  • Kelly Sheridan as Kitty
  • Bernadette Peters as Rita
  • Frank Welker as Runt
  • Wyatt White as Shei-Hu
  • Krystal Meadows as Ping Wing
  • Kathy Tsoi as Hun Hun
  • Erik von Detten as Jet Jet
  • Michael Yarmush as Wing Wing
  • Terrence Scammell as Lik Lik
  • Kamiko Taka as Ling
  • Ian James Corlett as Wong Ton
  • Sonja Ball as Nai Nai
  • Neil Shee as Yeh Yeh
  • Daniel Brochu as Cha Siu
  • Max Charles as Kion
  • Diamond White as Fuli
  • Joshua Rush as Bunga
  • Dusan Brown as Beshte
  • Atticus Shaffer as Ono
  • Bryana Salaz as Anga
  • Landry Bender as Makini
  • Nathan Lane as Timon
  • Ernie Sabella as Pumbaa
  • Jeff Bennett as Zazu and Bobby
  • Khary Payton as Rafiki
  • Donald Glover as Simba
  • Gabrielle Union as Nala
  • Eden Riegel as Kiara
  • Maurice LaMarche as Squit
  • John Kassir as Pesto
  • Sherri Stoner as Slappy Squirrel
  • Antonio Raul Corbo as Skippy Squirrel
  • Julie Brown as Minerva Mink
  • Philip Lawrence as Sebastian
  • Jacob Tremblay as Flounder
  • Awkwafina as Scuttle
  • Matt Hill as Ed
  • Sam Vincent as Double D
  • Tony Sampson as Eddy
  • Erin Fitzgerald as Nazz
  • Kathleen Barr as Kevin
  • Peter Kelamis as Rolf

Theme Song

Sagwa, Oh Sagwa, Oh Sagwa, Oh Sagwa, Sagwa


Sagwa is a kitten

born in ancient China,

hopping always goes a little further

with agility among a thousand innovations.

Sagwa is here, after she is there,

she likes doing that.

Rises up, goes down

when playing with Fu-Fù.

Sagwa knows what it does

and famous will become

with loyalty and will

every knot will melt.

The Mandarin master SAGWA

it's silly but

she puts her hand in SAGWA

and he will change.




Season 1

  • S1:E1-King of the Felids-Sagwa went to cuddle with the lions (Kenya)
  • S1:E2-Can't Outstripe a Horse-Sagwa went to see some zebras (Kenya)
  • S1:E3-A Walking Neck-Sagwa went to see some giraffes (Kenya)
  • S1:E4-Red Sweaty Fatties-Sagwa went to see some hippos (Kenya)
  • S1:E5-Bigger Ears, Hotter Climate-Sagwa went to see some African bush elephants (Kenya)
  • S1:E6-Both Colors of Mouth Shape-Sagwa went to see some black and white rhinos (Kenya)
  • S1:E7-Running Bird Who Can't Fly-Sagwa went to see some ostriches (Namibia)
  • S1:E8-Rose Water Bird-Sagwa went to see some flamingos (Tunisia)
  • S1:E9-Speedy and Chao-Sagwa went to see some cheetahs and gazelles (Tanzania)
  • S1:E10-Cleaners and Watchers-Sagwa went to see some warthogs and meerkats (Botswana)
  • S1:E11-Dangerous Cattle-Sagwa went to see some cape buffalos, kudu and gemsbok (Botswana)
  • S1:E12-One Big Stripey Cat-Sagwa went to see a Bengal tiger (India)
  • S1:E13-Hairy Dude-Sagwa went to see some chimpanzees (Republic of Congo)
  • S1:E14-Small Ears, Pink Trunk-Sagwa went to see some Asian elephants (India)
  • S1:E15-Man of the Forest-Sagwa went to see some orangutans (Borneo)
  • S1:E16-Brown Fisher-Sagwa to see a Grizzly bear (Wyoming)
  • S1:E17-Bamboo Eater-Sagwa to see some giant pandas (China)
  • S1:E18-White Bear in Snow-Sagwa went to see some polar bears (Alaska)
  • S1:E19-Cracker Eating Monkey-Sagwa went to see some capuchin monkeys (Costa Rica)
  • S1:E20-Half Giraffe, Half Zebra-Sagwa went to see an okapi (Republic of Congo)
  • S1:E21-Camoflauged Cat-Sagwa went to see a black leopard (Kenya)
  • S1:E22-Masked Monkey-Sagwa went to see a red-billed hornbill and mandrills (Republic of Congo)
  • S1:E23-Scavengers in Spots-Sagwa went to see some hyenas (Kenya)
  • S1:E24-Rare Jungle Myth-Sagwa went to see the rare white Bengal tiger (India)

Season 2

  • S2:E1-Howl at the Pack-Sagwa went to see some wolves (Wyoming)
  • S2:E2-Antler or Moose-Sagwa went to see some moose (Alaska)
  • S2:E3-Trash Bandit-Sagwa went to see some raccoons (Maryland)
  • S2:E4-Spray Can-Sagwa went to see some skunks (Virginia)
  • S2:E5-Crocodile Rock-Sagwa went to see some Nile crocodiles (Tanzania)
  • S2:E6-See You Later, Alligator-Sagwa went to see some alligators (Florida)
  • S2:E7-Ape Wongo-Sagwa went to see some gorillas (Uganda)
  • S2:E8-Polly Wants a Cracker-Sagwa went to see some macaws (Brazil)
  • S2:E9-Slow Worker-Sagwa went to see some sloths (Brazil)
  • S2:E10-Bouncing Mother-Sagwa went to see some kangaroos (Australia)
  • S2:E11-Lazy Marsupial-Sagwa went to see some koalas (Australia)
  • S2:E12-Unique Beaver-Sagwa went to see some platypuses (Australia)
  • S2:E13-Digger of Anger-Sagwa went to see some badgers (England)
  • S2:E14-Wild Pig-Sagwa went to see some wild boars, pigs, and peccaries (Germany, Iowa, and Arizona)
  • S2:E15-Rabbit Habbit-Sagwa went to see some rabbits (Spain, Arizona, and Maine)
  • S2:E16-Fox Lox-Sagwa went to see some foxes (Pennsylvania, Lybia, Greenland, and Namibia)
  • S2:E17-Eagle by the Eye-Sagwa went to see some bald eagles (Alaska)
  • S2:E18-Tuxedos of the Coast-Sagwa went to see some penguins (Antarctica)
  • S2:E19-Tusk or Pusk-Sagwa went to see some walruses (Alaska)
  • S2:E20-Lemming by the Yelling-Sagwa went to see some lemmings (Norway)

Season 3

  • S3:E1-Hoot Singers-Sagwa went to see some gibbons (Borneo)
  • S3:E2-Armored Charger-Sagwa went to see an Indian rhino (India)
  • S3:E3-Rampage in India-Sagwa went to see some water buffalos (India)
  • S3:E4-Alice the Camels-Sagwa went to see some camels (China and Saudi Arabia)
  • S3:E5-Twerking Monkey Dance-Sagwa went to see some baboons (Saudi Arabia)
  • S3:E6-To Migrate-Sagwa went to see some wildebeest (Tanzania)
  • S3:E7-Beyond the Sea-Sagwa went to see coral reef fish (Great Barrier Reef) plus a Finding Dory and The Little Mermaid crossover
  • S3:E8-Free Willy-Sagwa went to see some orcas (Antarctica)
  • S3:E9-Oldest Animal-Sagwa went to see some sea turtles and a Galapagos tortoise (Galapagos Islands)
  • S3:E10-Furrball-Sagwa went to see some red pandas (China)
  • S3:E11-Thanksgiving Wild Bird-Sagwa went to see some turkeys (Massachusetts) plus a Thanksgiving special
  • S3:E12-Lounging with Otters-Sagwa went to see some sea otters (California)
  • S3:E13-Dawn of the Mythical Creatures-Sagwa went to see a unicorn, dragons, gryphon, jackalope and other creatures (California)
  • S3:E14-Ice Age-Sagwa went to see some woolly mammoths, sabertooth cats, giant sloths, dodo birds, thylacines, quaggas and others (California)
  • S3:E15-Wayback in Time-Sagwa went to see some dinosaurs (Universal Studios, CA) plus a Jurassic World crossover
  • S3:E16-Large Neck Snake-Sagwa to to see some cobras and king cobras (India)
  • S3:E17-Spotty Hopper-Sagwa went to see some servals (Kenya)
  • S3:E18-Neck Fish Bird-Sagwa went to see some herons (Florida)
  • S3:E19-Mysteries of Hunters-Sagwa went to see some mongooses (Tanzania and India)
  • S3:E20-Cheese Trapped Mice-Sagwa went to see some mice and rats (New York)
  • S3:E21-Writers of Stories-Sagwa went to see some pigeons and doves (Brazil)
  • S3:E22-Sword Fishies-Sagwa went to see some swordfish, marlins and sailfish (Hawaii)
  • S3:E23-Snakes of the Sea-Sagwa went to see some eels (Caribbean Islands)
  • S3:E24-Good Meal Fish-Sagwa went to deep sea fish (Guam)
  • S3:E25-Spiky Anteaters of the Aussie Forest-Sagwa went to see some echidnas (Australia)
  • S3:E26-Blubber of Tusk-Sagwa went to see some elephant seals (South Georgia Islands)

Season 4

  • S4:E1-Spookiest Animals Unseen-Sagwa went to see a black cat, Bigfoot, Yeti, Loch Ness Monster and other cryptids (Transylvania) plus a Halloween special

Jack Skellington guest stars

  • S4:E2-Young Mrs. Sagwa-Sagwa went to see some horses, cows, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, ducks, donkeys, a border collie and a Siamese Cat (Kern County Fair, CA)
  • S4:E3-Bottle Shaped Divers-Sagwa went to see some dolphins (Florida)
  • S4:E4-Seals and Lions-Sagwa went to see some sea lions (California)
  • S4:E5-Jaws:Terror at Sea-Sagwa went to see some sharks (Australia)
  • S4:E6-Cephalopods-Sagwa went to see some octopuses and squids (California)
  • S4:E7-Terrors of the Ice Sea-Sagwa went to see some narwhals and beluga whales (Nunavut)
  • S4:S8-Finding Destiny-Sagwa went to see some whale sharks (Australia)
  • S4:E9-Loony Birds-Sagwa went to see some loons (British Colombia)
  • S4:E10-Snow Cat of Himalaya-Sagwa went to see some snow leopards (Nepal)
  • S4:E11-Half Rhinoceros, Half Horse-Sagwa went to see some tapirs (Sumatra and Brazil)
  • S4:E12-Lions of the Mountains-Sagwa went to see some cougars (California)
  • S4:E13-Furry Bear in Black-Sagwa went to see some black bears (Maine)
  • S4:E14-Spotted Terror-Sagwa went to see some jaguars (Brazil)
  • S4:E15-Neck and Spitter-Sagwa went to see some llamas, alpacas, guanacos and vicunas (Peru)
  • S4:E16-Range of the Buffalo-Sagwa went to see some bison (Wyoming)
  • S4:E17-Leading Primates-Sagwa went to see some lemurs (Madagascar)
  • S4:E18-Armored Pillow, Sloth Arms-Sagwa went to see some armadillos (Texas and Brazil)
  • S4:E19-Tangos of Alaska's Islands-Sagwa went to see some puffins (Scotland)
  • S4:E20-The Sticky Lizard-Rama-Sagwa went to see some geckos (Burma and Madagascar)
  • S4:E21-A White Mustelid-Sagwa went to see some ermines and minks (Britsh Colombia)
  • S4:E22-Wild Dogs of Asia-Sagwa went to see some dholes (India)
  • S4:E23-Case of the Curious Canines-Sagwa went to see some dog breeds (California)
  • S4:E24-Sagwa's Real Family-Sagwa went to see some cat breeds (California)

Season 5

  • S5:51-Acorn Rodents-Sagwa went to see some squirrels and chipmunks (Virginia)
  • S5:52-Great Eyes of Sight-Sagwa went to see some owls (Maine)
  • S5:E3-Hangers-Sagwa went to see some possums (Louisiana)
  • S5:E4-Spikes and Quills-Sagwa went to see some porcupines (Maine and Namibia)
  • S5:E5-Antlers-Sagwa went to see some deer, elk, and caribou (Virginia, Wyoming, and Yukon)
  • S5:E6-Spanish Cat-Sagwa went to see an Iberian lynx (Spain)
  • S5:E7-Snow Felids-Sagwa went to see some bobcats and lynxes (Alberta)
  • S5:E8-I Want Ants!-Sagwa went to see some anteaters (Brazil)
  • S5:E9-Big Snake of Horror-Sagwa went to see some anacondas (Brazil)
  • S5:E10-Cool Bird-Sagwa went to see a harpy eagle (Panama)
  • S5:E11-Big Rodent-Sagwa went to see some capybaras (Brazil)
  • S5:E12-Island Swimmers-Sagwa went to see some iguanas (Panama)
  • S5:E13-Quacking with the Drakes-Sagwa went to see some ducks (England)
  • S5:E14-Gaggles and Geese-Sagwa went to see some geese (Minnesota)
  • S5:E15-A Creepy Lemur-Sagwa went to see some aye-ayes (Madagascar)
  • S5:E16-Shelled Grossness-Sagwa went to see some snails and slugs (France)
  • S5:E17-Bill with a Shoe-Sagwa went to see some shoebills (Tanzania)
  • S5:E18-Fancy in Blue-Sagwa went to see some peacocks (India)
  • S5:E19-The Modern Dinosaur-Sagwa wen to see some Komodo dragons (Komodo Island)
  • S5:E20-Pack Hunters-Sagwa went to see some African wild dogs (Botswana)
  • S5:E21-Dimwit Dog-Sagwa went to see some jackals (Namibia)
  • S5:E22-Rosette Cat-Sagwa went to see some leopards (Kenya and Russia)
  • S5:E23-Dogs of Ethiopia-Sagwa went to see an Ethiopian Wolf (Ethiopia)
  • S5:E24-Enemies of the Arctic-Sagwa went to see some Arctic wolves and muskoxen (Greenland)
  • S5:E25-Buttered Carnivore-Sagwa went to see some binturongs (Borneo)
  • S5:E26-Sonoran Antelope-Sagwa went to see some pronghorns (Wyoming)
  • S5:E27-Flying Scavengers-Sagwa went to see some vultures (Namibia)
  • S5:E28-Endangered Cutie-Sagwa went to see some chinchillas (Chile)
  • S5:E29-Human Characteristic Ape-Sagwa went to see some bonobos (Republic of Congo)
  • S5:E30-Climbers of the Himalayas-Sagwa went to see some yaks (Tibet)

Season 6

  • S6:E1-Amazing Amphibians-Sagwa went to see some frogs, toads, salamanders, and newts (Louisiana and Mexico)

Kermit the Frog guest stars

  • S6:E2-A Heroic Carnivore-Sagwa went to see some wolverines (Montana)
  • S6:E3-Prehistory is Real-Sagwa went to see the Javan rhino (Java)
  • S6:E4-Endangered is Forever-Sagwa went to see the Sumatran rhino (Sumatra)
  • S6:E5-The Living Dinosaur-Sagwa went to see some cassowaries (Papua New Guinea)
  • S6:E6-Tropic Birds-Sagwa went to see some toucans (Brazil)
  • S6:E7-Native Endangered Bird-Sagwa went to see some condors (California and Peru)
  • S6:E8-Looney Tunes Predators-Sagwa went to see some coyotes and roadrunners (Arizona)
  • S6:E9-Back to Dam Work-Sagwa went to see some beavers (Quebec)
  • S6:E10-Birds in the USA-Sagwa went to see some eagles, falcons, hawks, and ospreys (Alaska)
  • S6:E11-Fluked Mammals-Sagwa went to see some manatees and dugongs (Florida and Australia)
  • S6:E12-Little Felids-Sagwa went to see some wildcats, ocelots, margays, fishing cats, and other felids (Germany, Costa Rica, and India)
  • S6:E13-A Nosey Monkey-Sagwa went to see some proboscis monkeys (Borneo)
  • S6:E14-Violent Pet-Sagwa went to see some honey badgers (Botswana)
  • S6:E15-An Ursid Picnic-Sagwa went to see some species of bears (Alaska, China, Peru, and India)
  • S6:E16-Sagwa's Japan Vacation-Sagwa went to see some macaques, serows, and cranes (Japan)
  • S6:E17-Clouded Cat-Sagwa went to see the clouded leopard (India)
  • S6:E18-Wild Wools-Sagwa went to see some species of goats and sheep (Switzerland, Pakistan, and Wyoming)
  • S6:E19-Baboons of Ethiopia-Sagwa went to see some geladas (Ethiopia)
  • S6:E20-Hunters of Australia-Sagwa went to see some dingos (Australia)
  • S6:E21-Flying Squirrels of the Southeast-Sagwa went to see some sugar gliders (Australia)
  • S6:E22-Peanut Butter and Jelly-Sagwa went to see some jellyfish (Florida)
  • S6:E23-Sagwa's Alaskan Board-Sagwa went to see some arctic wolves, muskoxen, caribou, puffins, arctic foxes, snowshoe hares, and other arctic animals (Alaska, Greenland, and Scotland)
  • S6:E24-Sagwa Irwin-Sagwa went to see some saltwater crocodiles, wombats, kookaburras, dingoes, and emus (Australia)

Season 7

  • S7:E1-Sagwa's Merry Animals Celebration-Sagwa celebrates with the animals in Christmas (Disneyland, CA) plus a Christmas special

Santa Claus guest stars

  • S7:E2-Rowdy Marsupial-Sagwa went to see some Tasmanian devils (Tasmania)
  • S7:E3-Asian Unicorn-Sagwa went to see the saola (Vietnam)
  • S7:E4-Northern Bird-Sagwa went to see some kiwis (New Zealand)
  • S7:E5-Cat Pouncer-Sagwa went to see some caracals (Namibia)
  • S7:E6-Sniffers of Sandoom-Sagwa went to see some aardvarks (Ethiopia)
  • S7:E7-Scaly Anteater-Sagwa went to see some pangolins (Namibia and China)
  • S7:E8-Rodent Race-Sagwa went to see some squirrels, mice, rats, beavers, porcupines, and capybaras (Virginia, Quebec, Maine, and Brazil)
  • S7:E9-Faces of the Amazon-Sagwa went to the Amazon rainforest (Brazil) plus an Amazon special

The cast of Rio and Kuzco the Llama guest stars

  • S7:E10-March's Mammal-Sagwa went to see some groundhogs (Virginia) plus a Groundhog Day special
  • S7:E11-Animals in Love-Sagwa went to see some hyacinth macaws and lovebirds (Brazil and Kenya)
  • S7:E12-Pitcher Kings-Sagwa went to see some crabs, lobsters, and shrimp (Maryland)
  • S7:E13-Singers of the Soul Sea-Sagwa went to see some humpback whales and blue whales (Antarctica)
  • S7:E14-The Real Moby-Sagwa went to see some sperm whales (Antarctica)
  • S7:E15-A Snakey Situation-Sagwa went to see some snakes (Brazil, Borneo, India, Arizona, and Florida)
  • S7:E16-Endangered Pet-Sagwa went to see some ferrets and prairie dogs (Wyoming)
  • S7:E17-Chatter Bird-Sagwa went to see some parrots and macaws (Brazil, Australia, and Papua New Guinea)
  • S7:E18-Queens of the Flowers-Sagwa went to see some butterflies and moths (Maine, Virginia, Brazil, and Vietnam)
  • S7:E19-Boundin Antelope-Sagwa went to see some antelope (Kenya, Tanzania, India, Republic of Congo, Mongolia, and Namibia)
  • S7:E20-Monkey Business-Sagwa went to see some monkeys, apes, and lemurs (Republic of Congo, Costa Rica, Madagascar, China, Japan, and Borneo)

Season 8

  • S8:E1-Changer of Camoflauge-Sagwa went to see some chameleons (Madagascar, Yemen, and Tanzania)
  • S8:E2-Red-Eyed Ratite-Sagwa went to see some emus (Australia)
  • S8:E3-Singers of North America-Sagwa went to see some blue jays and bluebirds (Maryland)
  • S8:E4-Birdfast is Almost Ready-Sagwa went to see some chickens, pheasants, and guineafowl (Italy, China, Kenya, and India)
  • S8:E5-Bird Fisher-Sagwa went to see some pelicans (California and Kenya)
  • S8:E6-Tree Builder-Sagwa went to see some woodpeckers (Washington)
  • S8:E7-Mammals at Night-Sagwa went to see some bats (Brazil, Massachusetts, India, and Germany)
  • S8:E8-Bird of Halloween-Sagwa went to see some ravens and crows (Alaska and Maine)
  • S8:E9-Arachnids: Poison of Horror-Sagwa went to see some spiders, tarantulas, and scorpions (Texas, Mexico, and Senegal)
  • S8:E10-Glowing Bug-Sagwa went to see some fireflies (Virginia)
  • S8:E11-Make Me Some Honey-Sagwa went to see some honey bees (Spain)
  • S8:E12-Sagwa Hums with Birds-Sagwa went to see some hummingbirds (Virginia)
  • S8:E13-The Only Male Pregnant Animal-Sagwa went to see some seahorses and sea dragons (Australia)
  • S8:E14-Bovine Roundup-Sagwa went to see some cows, bison, buffalos, anoas, bantengs, and kouprey (Germany, Wyoming, India, and Java)
  • S8:E15-Amazing Equids-Sagwa went to see some horses, donkeys, and zebras (Nevada, Mongolia, Arizona, and Kenya)
  • S8:E16-Hamster Harmony-Sagwa went to see some hamsters (Romania)
  • S8:E17-Almost Extinct Pet-Sagwa went to see some guinea pigs (Peru)
  • S8:E18-A Working Lunch-Sagwa went to see some ants (Texas)
  • S8:E19-Noisy Chinese Monkeys-Sagwa went to see some golden snub-nosed monkeys (China)
  • S8:E20-Slippery Pinnipeds-Sagwa went to see some seals, sea lions, and walruses (California, Scotland, Alaksa, Greenland, and South Georgia)

Season 9

  • S9:E1-Chinese New Year-Sagwa celebrates the Chinese New Years (China) plus a New Years special
  • S9:E2-Kings of the Sky-Sagwa went to see some falcons (England)
  • S9:E3-Elders in Shells-Sagwa went to see some turtles and tortoises (Galapagos Islands, Hawaii, and Florida)
  • S9:E4-Pool Party Mammals-Sagwa went to see some otters (Wyoming, California, Brazil, and Vietnam)
  • S9:E5-Flat Sharks-Sagwa went to see some rays and sawfishes (Hawaii)
  • S9:E6-St. Patrick's Day-Sagwa celebrates St. Patrick's Day (Ireland)
  • S9:E7-Easter-Sagwa celebrates Easter (Virginia)
  • S9:E8-Diggers-Sagwa went to see some moles and earthworms (Maine)
  • S9:E9-Albino Bear-Sagwa went to see the Kermode bear (British Colombia)
  • S9:E10-Underwater Sea Stars-Sagwa went to see some starfish and sea urchins (California)
  • S9:E11-Sagwa's B-Day-Sagwa celebrates her birthday at Disneyland (Anaheim, California)
  • S9:E12-The Globe Travel of Sagwa-Sagwa went out for a worldwide animal adventure (Worldwide) plus a worldwide special


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