S Club Forever (TV series)
Genre: Comedy

Action/ Adventure

Format: Animated Series
Created By: Simon Fuller

Duane Capizzi
Kim Fuller

Executive Producers: Simon Fuller
Kim Fuller

Duane Capizzi
Jeff Kline

Voices of: Rachel Stevens
Jo O'Meara
Hannah Spearitt
Tina Barrett
Bradley Mcintosh
Paul Cattermole

Jon Lee

Original Channel Kids WB and Cartoon Network (US)

YTV (Canada)

CBBC, reruns on either Fox Kids/ Jetix or Toon Disney (UK)

Developed by Adelaide Productions

19 Entertainment

Columbia Tristar Television

Opening Theme S Club Party (Series 1)

Reach (Series 2)

You (Series 3)

It's Alright (Series 4)

S Club Forever (also known as S Club: The Series) was an animated television series produced by 19 Entertainment and featuring a fictionalized version of the British pop band of the same name. It aired from 2003 to 2006 on Kids WB and Cartoon Network in the United States, YTV in Canada, CBBC and reruns on either Toon Disney or Fox kids/ Jetix in the UK and Nickelodeon in Austrailia.


The TV series takes place after the feature movie Seeing Double. Like the predeccesors all the seven members will portray overexagerated versions of themeslves. Unlike The previous S Club 7 TV series, S Club 7 Forever moves into a realm of an Action/Adventure tv series and features more reoccuring celebrity guest stars (Mostly those involved with 19 Entertainment) such as David Beckham and Victoria Beckham voicing exagerated versions of themselves. Jeff Matsuda is the chief character designer for the show and also directs the ending. S Club 7 Forever has the same animation style and Story Boarding as Jackie Chan Adventures and The Batman.


It takes place after their feature movie Seeing Double.


Main Characters

Rachel Stevens-

Ratzilla- Every time Rachel is refrained from having a bath for long enough or falls in to mud, or anything dirty. She undergoes a radical personality change and becomes her alter ego Ratzilla (Rachel Stevens real life nickname) which is a normally dormant persona. Ratzilla has an energetically maniac personality that still is conscientious to a degree and also moves and fights with a monkey-like style, using her feet as dexterously as her hands, and often hangs from the walls and ceilings. Everytime Ratzilla is forced to have a bath or drops into a soapy bath. she reverts to her normal self.

Jo O'Meara-

Bradley Mcintosh-

Tina Barrett-

Jon Lee-

Hannah Spearitt-

Paul Cattermole-

Dean Strickland-

Recuring Supporting Characters

David Beckham-

Victoria Beckham-

Emma Bunton-

Melanie Chisolm-

Melanie Blatt-

Geri Halliwell-

Indiana Juan- A parody of Indiana Jones. he is a charming Hispanic Archeologist who occasionally helps the S Club in their adventures.

Will Young-

Gareth Gates-

Kelly Clarkson-

Annie Lennox-


General Bung Sing Yang- An evil Dictator of the fictional Oriental country called Kungodia.

Danny Parsons- S Club 7's former manager, before losing them at the end of Miami 7. from then Parsons lost his job and became homeless. Danny Parsons is recruited by General Bund Sing Yang, who shares with Danny Parsons his hatred with pop music and S Club 7. Danny Parsons forms his own gang and helps the Dictator to catch all the seven Crystal stars.


Main cast

Voice Actor Role
Rachel Stevens Herself
Jo O'Meara Herself
Hannah Spearitt Herself
Tina Barrett Herself
Bradley Mcintosh Himself
Paul Cattermole Himself
Jon Lee Himself
Barry Williams Dean Strickland
George Takei General Bung Sing Yang
Gary Whelan Danny Parsons

Recurring Guest Stars

Voice Actor Role
David Beckham Himself
Victoria Beckham Herself
Emma Bunton Herself
Geri Halliwell Herself
Melanie Blatt Herself
Melanie Chisholm Herself
Will Young Himself Moe Town
Ricky Martin Indiana Juan
Kelly Clarkson Herself
Gareth Gates Himself
Annie Lennox Herself


Voice Actor Role
George Takei General Bung Sing Yang
Gary Whelan Danny Parsons
Keone Young Hong Fau
Tara Strong
Clancy Brown Gord
Wayne Knight


  • Michael Goguen - Supervising producer
  • Kim Fuller - Producer
  • Simon Fuller - Executive Producer
  • Jeff Kline- Executive Producer
  • Gayla Aspinall- Producer
  • Duane Capizzi - Executive Producer
  • John Agoglia - Producer
  • Kimberly A. Smith - Associate Producer
  • Paul Alexander - Associate Producer
  • Aaron Sandler - Associate Producer
  • Alan Barnette -Co Producer
  • Brandon Vietti - Director
  • Seung Eun Kim - Director
  • Jeff Matsuda - Cheif Character Designer and Art Director
  • Jose lopez- Character Designer
  • Nollan Obena -Background Designer
  • Paul Hardcastle - Music score


Series 1

Danny's Revenge-

Enter Ratzilla-

International Broadcast

  • United States of America United States:
    • Kids WB
    • Cartoon Network
    • Jetix/ Toon Disney (2006-2008)
  • 23x15px Canada
    • YTV


Rachel 2

Rachel Stevens S Club 7 Forever Promo

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