SCP Foundation is an American horror-anthology television series based on the homonymous website, being created by TBD. It is produced by CBS Television Studios and it airs on Showtime since TBD 2019.


Set in the highly secured and dangerous SCP Foundation, scientists attempt to experiment with monsters and beings known as SCPs.


There is no main character yet several actors appear with some reprising their roles in other episodes while others are just guest roles.

  • David Tennant as Agent 0435, a mysterious agent of the SCP Foundation and the head of security, being one of the closest things to a main character.


These are all of the SCPs that appear.

  • SCP-2008 - a mysterious entity who kills people who insults Rachel Jackson.
  • SCP-3636 - the "world's best jukebox" which can make events mentioned by songs real.
  • SCP-0008 - a virus that is considered by many to be the zombie virus.
  • SCP-500 - a collection of red pills that can cure any disease.
  • SCP-3008 - an IKEA store who is infinite and is a pocket dimension.
  • SCP-3008-2 - IKEA employees in this pocket dimension who are hostile during the night.
  • SCP-1609 - a mulch which used to be a chair that is extremely hostile towards people it finds dangerous.
  • SCP-2521 - a creature that removes all mentions of its name.
  • SCP-173 - a statue that must be looked directly at, if not, the person looking gets killed by it.
  • SCP-055 - a merely indescribable creature.
  • SCP-2768 - a white non-aging baby-like humanoid.
  • SCP-2768-2 - a group of white humanoids who hate each other but want to protect SCP-2768.
  • SCP-4059 - a literal town inhabited by goat-like creatures.
  • SCP-4059-2 - bloodthirsty goat-like monsters.
  • SCP-288 - a wedding ring and wedding band that force it's wearers to act like the stereotypical husband and wife.
  • SCP-3284-J - a race of SCPs who are metallic sharks that live in extreme temperatures.
  • SCP-682 - a vicious and dangerous reptilian creature. Note: He is played by Javier Botet.
  • SCP-106 - a dangerous old man-like SCP who is capable of causing any form of matter to corrode. Note: He is played by Troy James.
  • SCP-049 - a charismatic plague doctor who can turn people into mindless creatures. Note: He is played by Cory Michael Smith.
  • SCP-010 - a group of two collars capable to control minds.
  • SCP-4766 - a chest who forces people to believe that it has captured their son.
  • SCP-395 - a fetus that can telekinetically control women to breastfeed it as it slowly kills them.
  • SCP-029 - an Indian woman whose skin is primarily shadowy type of black and is murderous and can convert men to kill for her calling herself the Daughter of Darkness. Note: She is played by TBD.
  • SCP-035 - a mask that takes control of anyone who wears it and is intelligent, charismatic and sadistic all rolled in one.
  • SCP-053 - a little girl that makes everyone want to kill her. Note: She is played by TBD.


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  • The humanoid SCPs are played by actors.
  • Most of the members of the SCP Foundation are written to act like normal humans sometimes as some members' curiosity sets off the plots of the episodes.
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