Ryan & Beth
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Created by

Xavier Shaquille

Developed by

Rachel Ramras
Hugh Davidson

Written by

Hugh Davidson

Voices of

Eden Sher
Josh Peck


Adam Berry

Country of

United States



No. of seasons


No. of episodes

117 (List of episodes)



Xavier Shaquille
Hugh Davidson

Running time

22 minutes (11 minutes per segment)


Paramount Animation


Paramount Television Studios



Disney Channel (2023)
Disney XD (2024 ‒ 2027)
Paramount Kids (2027)

Picture format

720p (HDTV)

Original release

April 23, 2023 ‒ November 28, 2027

Ryan & Beth is a 2023 animated television series created by Xavier Shaquille and developed by The Looney Tunes Show's former writers Hugh Davidson and Rachel Ramras.

The first season officially premieres on Disney Channel on April 23, 2023. The series moves to Disney XD for its second season on October 2 that same year, until moving to Paramount Kids for its fifth and final season on July 25, 2027 through November 28, 2027. The series is produced by Paramount Television Animation; being the first ever Paramount property in collaboration with Disney since Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

A feature film, entitled Ryan & Beth's Last Stand, released June 27, 2025, during production of the third season.


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The series centers around the titular characters Ryan Ferd and Beth Percy living in the former's house as roommates, and going about their lives outside their house either socializing with their neighbors and friends or go around special places in the town of Delmar.


Original concept

Creator Xavier Shaquille originally had this as a spin-off of his scrapped franchise Ferret. But on December 28, 2018, he'd decided to have the show separate from his franchise.

Before doing so, he had the idea before bringing it out. The universe was originally to be in Beth's dreams/thoughts/imagination, which was in a dream Shaquille had. That idea however was dropped.

He was to have the "actual" human characters appear in the series, such as Mable, who is the owner of Ryan and Beth who was to be a mother figure and a guardian to them. However, the human characters from the reality universe were dropped out of the series.

One of Shaquille's inspirations of having the characters human was looking at "Garfield the Human" art by VampireMeerkat.[1][2][3]


The first season is animated by Rough Draft Korea, followed by the following seasons animated by Sugarcube.


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Season Episodes First aired Last aired Network
1 19 April 23, 2023 September 10, 2023 Disney Channel
2 20 October 2, 2023 May 20, 2024 Disney XD
3 26 December 22, 2025 September 21, 2026 Disney XD
4 26 December 21, 2026 March 22, 2027 Disney XD
5 26 July 25, 2027 November 28, 2027 Paramount Kids

Ryan & Beth's first episode is premiered on April 23, 2023 on Disney Channel, followed by airing on Disney XD on October 2, for its second season.

In other countries, it airs a week after its release in the United States on April 30 on Teletoon in Canada. In Ireland, it airs on May 16; and on May 30 in the Untied Kingdom.

Paramount Kids airs re-runs of the show on September 16, 2023 until broadcasting the show's fifth season on July 25, 2027.



CD cover for "Music From Ryan & Beth".

The series' music is composed by Adam Berry, whom Shaquille has known for composing Buzz Lightyear of Star Command and Kim Possible. Additional music is by Andy Sturmer.


This is a list of music shorts played during commercial breaks on Disney Channel. The line of shorts concluded on September 20, 2026.



Performed by

Original airdate

1 "Friends with Benefits" Eden Sher & Josh Peck April 23, 2023
Beth sings about her relationship with Ryan. During the song she tries to convince Ryan to sing.
Note: This song is heard on the show's end credits.
2 "Two Different People" Josh Peck & Olivia Olson July 23, 2023
This duet song is about Ryan singing about how different he is from Eve, despite his infatuation.
3 "Barber Shop Solo" Tara Strong October 15, 2023
This song has Maria singing about her life at her salon Brush 'n' Groom.
4 "My Secret Crush" Eden Sher January 14, 2024
Beth sings about her actual feelings about Ryan.
5 "Ferd Family Tree" John Goodman & Josh Peck May 26, 2024
Tedd tells Ryan about his family history.
6 "Tough Job" John DiMaggio September 8, 2024
In prison, Kyle talks about his days running his towing service, along with his annoyance when he was antagonized by Ryan.
7 "What Are Friends For?" Eden Sher & Tara Strong January 5, 2025
Beth sings about how grateful it is to have Maria to talk about her problems.
8 "I Hate My Dad" Olivia Olson May 25, 2025
Eve has written a song about how she despises her father.
9 "Two Lives" Tom Kane September 7, 2025
Petirage sings about working as the strict teacher at school and living his normal life out of school.
10 "Proud of Who I Am" Eden Sher January 4, 2026
Beth sings about how she doesn't care about how other people think about her.
11 "My Sweet Neighborhood" Cristina Pucelli May, 17, 2026
Roseanne sings about how she adores the suburbs and the antics (mostly by Beth and sometimes Ryan) going on.
12 "My Family" Eden Sher September 20, 2026
Beth sings about her family members.

Merchandise and other media

The series has a short lived toy line of figurines that are made as collectibles with various designs, consisting of Ryan; Beth; Eve; Maria; Kyle; Petirage; Roseanne; and Oscar.

Feature film

Main article: Ryan & Beth's Last Stand

A theatrical film adaptation was in mind by creator Xavier Shaquille, being titled Ryan & Beth's Last Stand, set for a release on June 27, 2025; with Paramount Pictures and Paramount Animation producing. The film would be directed by series writer and co-developer Hugh Davidson and written by Shaquille and Davidson, with the voice cast reprising their roles; with Jon Favreau and Amy Adams as the film's cast.

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