Rush Hour 4


Chief Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan)

Detective James Carter (Chris Tucker)

Sgt. Sophia Bennett

Dr. Nigel Stratford (Alfred Molina)

Deputy Chief Charles Palma (Kevin James)

Yuri Vladislav

The President of The United States

First Lady

Senator Leonard

Commander Brad Kent (Freddie Prize Jr.)

Fiona Leonard (Beyonce Knowles)


When Senator Leonard is killed by a Chinese dart while visiting Los Vegas, LVPD Deputy Chief Palma hires Carter and Sophia to investigate. Palma also summons Chief Inspector Lee from Hong Kong to Los Vegas since rumors are that Senator Leonard's killer is Chinese. But Palma secretly plotted to solve the investigation in secret so he can get nominated to senator. The suspects are Yuri Vladislav the Russian mob boss, Swat Commander Brad Kent, and Senator Leonard's daughter Fiona Leonard.