Rubelle "Ruby" Johnson is the main protagonist and member of The Heroettes in the franchise with the same name.

She is voiced by (English) Laura Bailey, (Japanese) TBD, and (French) TBD.


She was born on

Alcohol abuse

Physical Appearance

She has brunette hair, wears a black jacket, red shirt, black pants, and black boots.

In the Franchise



"Uhh... Thanks for the candy... I guess"
―Hypothetical dialogue of Ruby reacting to candy if given in the Treat and Share


  • Ruby is based on Lana Loud, Chloe Price, Princess Daisy, Rainbow Dash, Gogo, Merida, Janna Ordonia, Lisa Simpson, Luna Loud, Donald Duck,
  • She is shown to dislike dresses and skirts due to her being a tomboy.
  • She is shown to be a lesbian due to her liking girls.
  • She has anger issues.
  • She has a terrible relationship with her father because of how
  • Ruby is shown to be a
  • In The Heroettes: Girl Power!, Ruby is
  • She is
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