Ruby Gloom is an American 2D animated film about a little girl with the same name. It is the prequel to the 2006 Canadian animated series.


Ruby Gloom is the most cheerful girl in Gloomsville, who lives in a mansion all by herself. But everything changes when she meets her new set of friends and allows them to live with her.


  • Sarah Gadon as Ruby Gloom, a little girl who always looking for "the bright side"
  • Stacey DePass as Iris, a fun-loving, adventure-seeking cyclops
  • Emily Hampshire as Misery, a constantly grieving banshee-like girl born into a family cursed with bad luck
  • Scott McCord as Skull Boy, a Jack of All Trade skeleton trying figure out his own family and has a crush on Ruby
  • David Berni and Jeremy Harris as Frank and Len, two-headed conjoined twins with a passion for rock music
  • Adrian Truss as Poe, a well-groomed crow who is direct descendant of Edger Allen Poe's pet budgie
  • Peter Keleghan as Scaredy Bat, a little cowardly bat
  • Barbara Mamabolo as Boo Boo, a cute little ghost who wants to be scary
  • Al Pacino (filling in for the role, after the death of Harvey Atkin) and Ron Rubin as Mr. White and Mr. White, two high ranking ghosts that Boo Boo tries to impress
  • Derek McGrath as Mr. Mummbles, a mad scientist neighbor who want to create fun rides
  • Eric Bauza as Mr. D, a sinister demon who has his own plan for Gloomsville
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