Rotten Ralph Zero Is A 2023 Animated Action Adventure Anime Comedy Mystery Sci Fi Series Based On Both The Books And Original TV Series Created By Jack Gantos And Nicole Rubel It Was Annouced It Would Be A Revival And Reboot To The Original Series But With A Few Changes And Have The Same Cast From Horrid Henry And Possibly Have Robbie Williams As A Special Guest Star It Stars Lizzie Waterworth Santo Joanna Ruiz Emma Tate Tamsin Heatley Wayne Forester Sue Elliot Nichols Aidan Cook And Kimberly Walsh And Airs On CITV In The UK And Nickelodeon In The US


Ralph Lives Somewhere Else Not With Sarah Mom And Dad He Lives With His Father And His Two Little Brothers

Sarah Still Lives With Mom And Dad But She Does Not Act Like She Was In The Original Series She Is A Sly Con Artist And Her Sidekick Is Her Cousin Minnie And Surprisingly She Is Not A Baby Even Though She Looks Like One She Does Not Like Being Called Cute But Sarah Shockingly Learns That Minnie Actually Works For Tom

Brenda Buddy Percy And Linda Are Part Of Their Very Own Group Called The Star Patrol And Ralph And Sarah Decide To Join Them As New Members

Ralph And Sarah Are Not Friends Their Enemies But Happily On Season 2 They Start A Romantic Relationship

Tom Is An Evil Selfish Cruel Boy With A Scary Imagination And He Successfully Kidnaps Sarah But He's Defeated By Ralph After He Falls Off A Cliff That Leads To A Police Truck He Is Arrested Along With Minnie


Lizzie Waterworth Santo as Ralph

Joanna Ruiz as Sarah

Wayne Forester as Buddy

Sue Elliot Nichols as Brenda

Emma Tate as Percy

Tamsin Heatley as Linda

Aiden Cook as Tom

Kimberly Walsh as Minnie

Episode List

The Beginning


Enter Star Patrol

Blast Off (Feat.Robbie Williams)

Enter Tom

Mystery Of The Abandoned Hospital

The Search For Linda

Bongo Bob Here

Art Of Rits And Rots

Out Of The "Flying" Pan

The Forever Train

Melee Paws

Terror Of The Deep

Invasion Aftermath Of Doom

The Ambush Of Star Patrol

Through The Middle


The Key To Victory

Covert Ops

En Route Anomaly

Ralph The...Key?

A Cat In The Desert

Sarah And Brenda's Fight

Copperhead Chaos

Dangerous Skies

Frostbitten Fray

Blasting Through

Hidden Plans

Battle With Tom

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