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Robotland is a upcoming 2020 American science fiction film directed by Rob Letterman, Wes Ball, and Gareth Edwards, written by Ken Nolan, and Josh Singer. The film stars Nolan North, Chloe Grace Moretz, and John Cena, the film follows a teenage girl named Jenny Wood, a girl who lives in a future city in year 2065 with robots, she has a dad named Scott Wood, he is the chief of police, but a few days later she met a small robot named SG-C713, but jenny called him CHIP, Jenny's dad thinks that robots are dangerous so scott wants jenny to be safe, but sense scott saw CHIP scott wants chip to be killed, so jenny & chip must stay together and fight this evil villain, the film will be released in July 10, 2020.

Rotten Tomatoes: 65%

Audience Score: 70%

Genre: Adventure Film, Comedy, Drama, Action Film, Science fiction film, Buddy film, Fantasy, Thriller

Filming Location: Vancouver, Canada, England, London, Georgia, Columbia, Alabama

Budget: 179 million USD

Box Office: 500 million USD

Running Time: 2h 40m


The film is about a teenage girl named Jenny Wood, a girl who lives in a future city in year 2065 with robots, jenny loves to create inventions, she creates suits, weapons, nanobots, and more, and she is the robot fighting champion ever, she has a dad named Scott Wood, he is the chief of police, and people considered him the best police chief ever, she has a mom named Wendy Jackson, she works at a hospital, and she has a young little brother named Andrew Wood, who is taller than jenny, but a few days later, she found a robot named SG-C713 in the forest, but jenny called him CHIP, chip said that he came from a corporation company called Tech Corp, a company where you get to see incredible robots, the founder of tech corp is Damien Grayson, but his real name is TECHKOR, a artificial hacker, he creates these incredible robots made by him, and damien is artificial intelligence, he has a artificial form that can hack into machines, computers, and more, and he can control every technology around the world. Damien does not have no need for chip anymore, so jenny wants to keep chip forever. Scott & Wendy thinks that robots are dangerous, and wants jenny to stay away from them, but since jenny's parents saw chip, they want chip to be destroyed, and damien wants to hunt down jenny & chip, so it's up to jenny and chip to stop this madness before chip gets destroyed, but jenny has a friend named Donnie Red, to help jenny stop this madness.


  1. Nolan North As CHIP/SG-C713
  2. Chloe Grace Moretz As Jenny Wood
  3. Raegan Revord As Young Jenny Wood
  4. Cameron Boyce As Donnie Red (Jenny's Friend)
  5. August Maturo As Young Donnie Red
    August Maturo Premiere Weinstein Company Leap PAr3XxaShzFl
  6. John Cena As Scott Wood (Jenny's Dad)
  7. Alexa Bliss As Wendy Jackson (Jenny's Mom)
  8. Jacob Hopkins As Andrew Wood (Jenny's Young Brother)
  9. David Cross As TECHKOR/Damian Grayson (Founder Of The Tech Corp, The Main Villain, Artificial)
  10. Andrew Stanton As ZX-35C19/Bulk
    Robot 3 01.jpg56024506-f140-4d20-bbe1-b437b2fbffcdOriginal
  11. John DiMaggio As XR-1/Rick
  12. Dee Bradley Baker As CK-9X6W6/Rigged
  13. Nolan North As CHIP 2.0/SGX-96U3X (Built By Jenny)
    Robot Secondary Image.jpg30bb2eed-cc9b-4331-974c-8729414d4b03Original
  14. Yuri Lowenthal As 9X2-4R1/Willy
  15. Frank Welker As DXX-456SX5/Zod
  16. Fred Tatasciore As GX-999ZX/Val
  17. Vic Mignogna As K9X-999X1/Roger
  18. Tobin Bell As XX9-23MZ1/Chain
    Robot fspb100 3d model c4d max obj fbx ma lwo 3ds 3dm stl 137484
  19. Dave Bautista As BIG-BOT/MX9-41DX1
  20. Owen Wilson As GXX-L1M931/Mark
  21. Nolan North As CHIP 3.0/SGXXXX-94RY1
    3D-model-robot-rigged D
  22. TBA



Trailer Music

  1. Of Monsters And Men - Crystals (First Trailer)
  2. - Geekin' (Second Trailer)
  3. Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Thrid Trailer)
  4. Daft Punk - Around The World (Fourth Trailer)
  5. X-Ray Dog - Leap Of Faith (Final Trailer)
  6. Aloe Blacc - Make Way (Opening Theme)
  7. OneRepublic - Counting Stars (Ending Credits Theme)
  8. TBA


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