Robotica 2100 is a cyberpunk video game series being develoeped by Nintendo EAD from 1998 til 2012, and Retro Studios since 2016, and is published by Nintendo, being released since July 3rd, 1998, being created by Yoshio Sakamoto.


Set in an cyberpunk city of Neo Robotica in the year 2100, a Famboo police officer and his beautiful Face Paint pal must save not only their city, but also the world at times from the hands of the evil.


The gameplay for the main series is the combination between platforming, puzzle and shooter. Every game also contains car chase levels, with the exception of Robotica: Age of Dinosaurs. (W.I.P)



  • Nelson M. Fambooson (voiced by Clancy Brown until 2005 and Troy Baker since 2008) - a strict and serious, but kind-hearted and badass Famboo who is the police officer of Neo Robotica, as well as the big hero of his town.
  • Alexis Dawns (voiced by Tress MacNeille until 2005 and Tara Strong since 2008) - a ditzy, but brave Face Paint who is Nelson's partner, being raised by an owl. She and Nelson have a father-daugther like relationship.


  • Chief Nexus (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson until 2003, Phil LaMarr only in 2005 and Khary Payton since 2008) - a Wango who is the chief of the police. He doesn't really stand Alexis, but just lets her be with Nelson anyway.
  • Nina Fambooson (voiced by Nancy Cartwright) - a Famboo who is Nelson's wife.
    • Charleston "Charlie" Fambooson (voiced by TBD) - a young Famboo, being Nelson and Nina's son.
    • [daughter]
  • Assistant Officier Drake (voiced by TBD until 2005, Joe Alaskey until his death and Matthew Mercer since 2020) - TBD.
  • Penelope Dawns (voiced by TBD) - Alexis' older sister who gets really annoyed by her and often yells at her whenever she accidentally does something stupid, although she does secretly care for her.
  • Mayor Phantius (voiced by Sam Vincent) - a human who is the mayor of New Robotica.
  • Flight (voiced by Charles Martinet) - a giant owl who is Alexis's deceased adopted father, appearing as a spirit. He has raised Alexis since she was a baby after a pack of criminals killed her parnets, and found her after defeating those.
  • The Fixer (voiced by Townsend Coleman) - a reptilan alien from his home planet, moving to Neo Robotica. He fixes all the stuff that is broken, especially the Morphx and weapons.
  • Laygan Dawkins (voiced by TBD) - a teenage Face Paint girl who is a huge fan of Nelson, often stalking him and even have tons of collections based of him.
  • Professor Spiky (voiced by TBD from 2000 til 2008, and TBD since 2012) - a porcupine professor inventor who invented many awesome stuff, notable being the Morphx.
  • [Alexis's best friend, female]
  • [Winona here or make her TV show or comic exclusive?]
  • [put Al here or make him only in the TV show?]
  • Johnny Lavrus-07 (voiced by Quinton Flynn) - a robot who is an ex-con agent, getting back in gear to team with Robotica.
  • Re;Play (voiced by Max Mittelman) - TBD.


  • Nasty Ed (voiced by Michael Dorn) - a Snapperclaw who is the usual criminal of Neo Robotica. He is the main antagonist of the first game.
  • Mean O' Snap (voiced by TBD) - a dumb Snapperclaw who wants to join Nasty Ed, yet he refuses to let him.
  • Madame Lotusa (voiced by TBD) - a mean chicken lady who wants to take over the Lost World to herself. She is the main antagonist of the sequel.
  • Mammoth Lanson (voiced by Tim Curry) - an anthropomorphic cold hearted mammoth who wants to turn all cyberpunk city to ice age. He is the main antagonist of the third game.
  • [Criminal group that killed Alexis's family]
  • Flame (voiced by TBD) - a firey prisoner who is very childish.
  • Daxon (voiced by Mako) - a TBD who controls the elements for evil purposes, and the main antagonist of the fourth game.
  • Bionic Overlord Operation (B.O.O.) (voiced by TBD) - an evil Al with a purpose of destroying the world and the main antagonist of the fifth game.
  • [wizard hired by B.O.O. that gave Nelson an ability to turn into TBD]
  • [Unleashed main antagonist]
  • Lord Primal (voiced by Michael Ironside) - a corrupted and cold hearted Apatosaurus who leads the dinosaur pack and the main antagonist of the seventh game.
  • Electro-Raptor (voiced by TBD) - a electricity-velociraptor who wants to destroy all the worlds using his electricity, and the main antagonist of the eighth game.
  • Endgame (voiced by TBD) - a TBD who is the main antagonist of the ninth game.
  • Ma Chaos (voiced by Susanne Blakeslee) - a chaotic mob boss who has secretly took over Robotica after Nelson and Alexis left it a while back during the events of Dawn of Endgame. She is the main antagonist of the tenth game.


  1. Robotica 2100 (1998)
  2. Robotica 2100: Lost Worlds (2000)
  3. Robotica 2100: Eternal Winter (2003) (last game to be rated T)
  4. Robotica 2100: Elemental Madness (2005) (first game to be rated E10+)
  5. Robotica 2100: Splited (2008)
  6. Robotica Unleashed (2012) (final game to be made by Nintendo EAD)
  7. Robotica: Age of Dinosaurs (2016) (first game to be made by Retro Studios)
  8. Robotica 2100: Mirror Rift (2020)
  9. Robotica: Dawn of Endgame (2021)
  10. Robotica: Takeover (2022)


  1. Paper Robotica (2003)
  2. [sequel to Paper Robotica] (2006)
  3. Alexis (2019)
  4. [do a video game that is a tie-in to the movie?]

Crossover games

  • Nelson has appeared in Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but not in the original Super Smash Bros. and Super Smash Bros. For Wii U and 3DS. Alexis has also been added as a playable character in Ultimate.


  • In 2002, Nintendo released the Robotica 2100 Duology game for the GameCube, porting the first two games over to that console.

Other media

Television series

See Robotica 2100: The Chronicles of Nelson and Alexis.

Comic book series

See Robotica 2100 (comic book series).

The original run lasted from 2002 til 2006, and the comics ended up getting revived, running since 2019. Both comics are being handled by IDW Publishing with license from Nintendo.


Theatrical film

See Robotica.

In 2019, Paramount Pictures (under Paramount Animation) expressed interest in doing a CG animated film adaptation of the game series, and Liam Neeson expressed interested in voicing Nelson. Later, it was confirmed with Gary Trousdale directing, aimed for its May TBDth, 2021 release date, with Neeson voicing Nelson, and Emilia Jones being confirmed to voice Alexis. It was confirmed that Johnny Depp would be getting a role of Nasty Ed.


Robotica 2100 received critical acclaim from critics. It is being considered as one of the beloved Nintendo franchises, following the footsteps of Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid and Kirby.

Additionally, many fans consider TBD to be the best entry in the series.


See Robotica 2100/Tropes.

Spin-off franchise

See Paper Robotica.



  • The first three games are rated T for Teen, while the remainder will be rated E10+.
  • The tone for the game series is darker, similar to The Legend of Zelda.
  • This is one of the few Nintendo series to not have a main antagonist of the whole franchise, as each game features a new main antagonist.
  • Mako and Joe Alaskey are currently the only actors that ever voiced in the series to die.
  • Easter Egg:
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