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Roblox: The Movie is a 2020 adventure computer animated film.Directed by Pete Doctor.The film is released by Walt Disney Motion Pictures.




Tom Holland as Tom/T_200 - Main protagonist,a lonely Roblox player who played Roblox for 3 years.

Kaitlyns Dias as Jane/MsQute - Deutragonist,Youtuber,Roblox pro,played Roblox for 6 years.

T. J. Miller as Frank/IMCOL - Secondary proragonist,new Roblox player,"Bacon Hair".

Adam Driver as Jasper/Trusmi - Main antagonist,Hacker,Scammer,want to destory players' friendship and get a lot of robux.

Chris Evans as David/builderman - Supporting character,creater and owner of Roblox.

Idris Elba as Telamon - Supporting character,one of the admins of Roblox,likes pranking people.

Michael Bird as Matt/ObliviousHD - Supporting character,Youtuber,based-off ObliviousHD in real life.

   Michael also voiced Dan/DanTDM - Minor character,Youtuber.

Alex Hirsch as TheBuildingMaster - Supporting character,developer and builder,OBC.

Elissa Knight as Roblots - Minor antagonist,hacker-bots created by Trusmi.Very cute but dangerous.

Spencer Fox as Denis,Alex,Corl,Sub and Sketch - Minor characters,Youtubers,known as The Pals.

Chris Hemsworth as erik.cassel - Minor character,appeared everytime when Tom was alone,almost die or sad.

Bill Hader as Mesh Fear - Cameo.

Chris Pratt as Tofuu, Poke, SeeDeng, Ant, Hyper, Dfield, and IIFnatik (hope i spelt it right ane used all the crew members)

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