Robert Dev is the main antagonist of A Doll named Sapphire. He is played by Lin-Manuel Miranda.


Robert was born on January 12, 1974. He enjoys having to listen to his mother's stories of her life in

Following his mother's legacy

After his mother died from (TBD), he decided to create a

Physical Appearance

Robert has a dark hair, wears a black suit, watch, grey tie and brown shoes. When he turn into a giant, his skin went into a faded color, his hair turned blue and crystal-like, his clothes are now completely torn


He is selfish, mean, power-hungry, cruel, and aggressive. When he turns into a giant, he is now more eviller and powerful than before.

In the movie

When Hailey was walking to class, she saw Robert yelling the two students about running at the hallway. He then is seen in the office, telling his assistant about the doll that is brought to life. He is thinking about it. Robert


  • Robert is based on Whisp, Coco LaBouche, Mrs. Thompson (from Codename: Kids Next Door), and Phillium Benedict (from Recess: School's Out).
  • When he becomes a giant, he turns more eviler and powerful.
  • According to Sapphire, he is actually a crook monster who has been
  • Robert is shown has a crystal on his hand.
  • When Robert says that he wants to get
  • According to the crew, Robert is similar to Albert Wesker from Resident Evil and
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