Rippen is the main antagonist of Multiverse X.


Rippen is an evil villain who wants to destroy Crossovia.


  • He kidnapped Esther Levinson and trapped her into the dark dimension after mistakening her for an evil ghost
  • He taped Louise Belcher's mouth and kept her in hostage
  • He tied up Kirby and Spyro into a chair
  • He kidnapped Cyro by grabbing her into the arms and trying to shot her with a gun


  • "Oh, really. I created several minions to do my bidding!"
  • "Jerk? I'm no jerk! I joined forces with my minions, now!"
  • "I hope you die from gunshot"
  • "Esther! You are scaring the children! Now, to the dark dimension of Hades! That's right! Hades! You are mine now, and I'm back. So, if you can't cross over, you are now belonging to the opposite to the Afterlife, the Eternal Hades!"
  • "As a punishment, time for the dark dimension!"
  • "I'm still here and I know everything!"


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